40 thoughts on “Another, Lesson in Parking along the Streetcar Line”

  1. This is in Canada. So the tow truck will wait until the tram hs passed to repark the car properly and within the white line.

  2. I suggest putting a rather beefy bumper on the streetcar so it can just plow parked cars driven by idiots out of its way. if you cannot comprehend the rules of your town nor the ample signage then you are too inept to drive a vehicle

  3. Bad street design my ass. Lines are there for a reason, to show you where not to fucking go over. Would you go over the line in a two lane road? Well, would you?

  4. So much has changed since this was shot. Look up 3800 SW Bond St., at the intersection with Lane St., you'll see the spot this car was parked. The warehouse the streetcar goes by is gone, and there's a building in front of the OHSU building now.

  5. Another solution. Monorail. Little interference with things on the ground. Cheaper. Nothing can get in it's way. Tracks can't get out of alignment because there is only one.

  6. Однако прошу заметить машину явно не увезли, а просто переставили … возможно будет штраф, но хищения авто с целью получения выкупа должностным лицом, как это делают в России явно не нет …

  7. tow truck comes, removes car.. tow truck could have just moved car. However no $$ in that. You mess up you gotta pay. Maybe move the car inside the line, issue a fine, leave car there. Save the environment. And hassle for driver, who has caused hassle for tram (Streetcar named desire)
    Makes sense… yes and no

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