Annoying Orange Plays – Hello Neighbor #2

(8 bit music) – Aye yo, it’s A to the O back again with another gaming video. We’re playing some more “Hello, Neighbor”. “Press E to activate.” Ooo, okay. What do I do now? Oh! What an enlightening situation. (laughs) “Press F to pick up”. Okay! So obviously they did
some updating to the game, now there’s all kinds of new stuff. Oh yeah! Oh, drop it like it’s locked! Yo, drop it like it’s locked! (laughs) Press– oh! So that’s how you throw stuff. Nice! You better hope I don’t find any turds cuz I’m gonna to be throwin’ em at ya! Whoa, they changed his house.
His house is way bigger now. Crazy! I don’t see him anywhere. Can I not hit this? What’s goin’ on? I can’t get in here either. Uh oh. They changed the game! Oh yeah, it looks like
they changed that too! Man, they changed everything. Okay, maybe if there’s a
way in around the back here. Okay, no, that’s all boarded up. Oh! No, no, no, no, no. Does he not see me? Excuse me Doctor Butt Toucher? Maybe he wants this hat. Here you go, bub! (laughs) I threw the flashlight and the hat, sorry. Okay, what is goin’ on? Okay, well, apparently he’s not movin’. Which is good because if he’s not moving that means he’s not
trying to grab my behind. (laughs) Let me in the house! Nope, that didn’t– (laughs) What? I was just trying
to take out the trash! Oh, it’s telling me to pick this up. Okay. Now what do I do? Oh, I have to bring this inside. Oh, it’s cause I just moved
into the neighborhood. That’s what’s going on. I’m unpacking. Okay, now it
all makes so much more sense. Okay, grab my box of burping kazoos. Definitely need those.
Those are very important. Okay, go away floating words,
I don’t want you anymore. And here’s my box of monkey nipples. (laughs) What? I collect them. Don’t make this weird, guys! (laughs) And my subscription to Fruit Butt Monthly. What’s going on? Uh oh. Ooo. There is goes. What’s he doin’? Oh, he’s creepy peepin’. I gotta know what’s down
there. What is going on? (tires screeching and crash) What, what, what? I thought somebody hit the
side of my house with a car but apparently it was downstairs? What a weirdo! Look at him prancin’. (laughs) Oh, okay, there we go. Now
it’s time to play a game! The heck? He has a trolley on his house! (suspenseful music) Uh oh. Woah, hey. He saw me. I didn’t even try to
break into your house, why comin’ after me, bro? Oh no! He’s gonna try and touch my butt again. Okay, where is he? Oh there he is. Okay, there will be no
butt touching today, sir. I need to get into his house quickly. I thought I could jump through
the window but I can’t. They definitely changed the music. Oh, he’s coming, he’s coming. Oh yeah, ooh it was unlocked.
Can I get down there? Oh, no no no no. Okay, let’s go back
here, let’s go back here. Whoa! Oh yeah, this is all new. I haven’t seen any of this. Can I go in here? Nope, can’t go in there. Ooh. Oh, quickly. Oh, now it’s a bedroom.
It used to be a bathroom. Oh there’s the bathroom. Is this still the, oh yeah,
this is still the boiler room. Okay, I can just hide right here. Just gonna stay right here.
And shut the light off. It’s gonna be fine. Ah! No! (giggles)
He pantsed me! Sir I do not agree with that tactic of dealing with intruders
trying to get into your house. You don’t pull down their pants. There’s someone trying
to break into your house it’s one thing to call the cops, I mean that’s understandable. That’s something you definitely do. But you don’t run out there and try to pull their pants down. You weirdo! Dirty butt toucher is what he is! (laughs) Okay, oh no! I didn’t see it! Maybe he didn’t hear it. I think I’m o– uh oh. No! I can’t move! Ah he pantsed me again. Why? Why is that his favorite thing to do? Okay this game definitely got harder. Cuz before I could at
least get into the house and I didn’t have any troubles. But now I can’t even get in the house. Okay, before he was watching TV but he’s not watching TV now
so it doesn’t even look– Oh no, no! He saw me! He saw me! He saw me! Oh, no, no, get away! Oh, run! Okay, okay, if I can get in the house now maybe I can get in there and hide. Get in there! Okay, let’s go upstairs. There’s got to be something cool up here. What the what? What is even happening? I, I don’t even know what that was! There was a room upstairs with water in it and there was a shark that got me. This is literally the
weirdest house ever created. Okay, I see you. You tryin’
to lay some bear traps! Just gonna hit the pause button on that cuz you ain’t doin’ it. Ain’t gonna happen buddy! Okay, he’s not here. I don’t see him. Okay, let’s go in the garage. Uh oh. Did I hear him? Yes I hear him! Okay, close the door. It’s fine. Uh oh. What’s that? No! No! Don’t pants me! Ah! It’s either he’s pantsing me
or he’s grabbing my nipples. Either way I don’t like it. Red flag touch. Read flag touch! Okay, let’s just open the door quietly. Okay, I don’t see him. Oh, I hear him. No! You kidding me? Seriously, I can’t do anything! Better not kick my basketball. Okay, he’s, okay. Well he’s looking for
me but I’m right here. Okay, this is my chance. Okay, just get past the
bear traps. Here we go. Okay, ah shoot, he sees me! He sees me again! What the heck! What am I supposed to do? Oh! I thought it was a person! Get out of the way mannequin!, I’m seeing if there’s anything in here. Can I hide in here? I can’t do anything. Okay, where do I go? Uh oh. Uh oh. Uh oh,
he sees me. He sees me! What? What is going on in there? He buried someone! This guy is such a dirty butt
toucher, get out of here. Yeah, yeah, try and catch me now! Okay, okay, okay, I
don’t think he sees me. Uh oh, uh oh, he sees me. Uh oh, okay. Alright, which side’s he gonna go on? What? No! What was that? He
went right through the car! Okay, ooh, ooh. Alright, let’s go upstairs.
Let’s go upstairs. Let’s go upstairs. Okay, okay. It looks if I can jump
from that desk to the door. Think I can make it? Okay, wait for the shark to go over there. Okay, perfect. Now is the time, come on. Oh, come on! What is this? “You must be this tall to ride”. Oh no, “Hide”. It says “Hide”. I didn’t even see that. What the heck is goin’ on? Why’s he cryin’? This game is so weird. Uh oh, did he see me? I think he’s coming to let me in. Okay he’s now– oh what? What, come on! What is this? Okay, I’m going to run around him. Ah no! He pantsed me again. Okay, I’m just going to
run by him real fast. Ah! (laughs) That didn’t work. No, you can’t see me.
You can’t see me I’m– (laughs) Okay, what am I supposed to do? Oh, well there you go. I knew that! I knew that, you guys! I was just testing you. “Hide here”, how do I? Oh. Oh, okay. Alright, now I’m hidin’. Oh, I get it. I think the game is telling me
I need to hide under the bed. So first I need to find
a bed to hide under. Okay, maybe if I get him
to the back of the house. There you go! Alright, let’s see if
he goes to the back now. I just have to make
sure he doesn’t see me. It’s gonna be good. What was that? What was that noise? Hey! The window was like that when I got here! It was like that! I didn’t do it! It was broken when I found
it. I found it like that! (laughs) Okay, okay, it’s okay. It’s okay, I’m just gonna
run all the way around and then I’m gonna– oh, no! No! Get out, get outta the bear trap. Get outta the bear trap. Quickly! How many bear traps do you have? Apparently if you go on Amazon
and try to buy bear traps you’re not gonna be able to
cuz this guy bought them all! Okay, maybe I’m, no no
no, get out of the way! Okay, okay, Maybe if I go– Ah! You scared the bejesus out of me! I thought he was outside.
Wasn’t he outside? He was just outside! He was on the other side of the house. How did he get inside? I hate your windows! They’re such a pain in the glass. (laughs) That’s what you get! Okay, oh there he goes,
there he goes. Okay. He’s coming outside. Now I just have to wait for him. No, is he stuck on? He’s stuck. He’s stuck on the porch. He’s not moving! Well, he’s trying to move,
he’s just running in place. Alright, this is my chance. Maybe if he’s running
in place and he’s stuck maybe I can come around the backside? Yup, he’s still stuck, he’s still stuck. Good. Good! You stay stuck right there, buddy, I’m just going to have a
little looksy around the house! Oh come on! I should be able
to get inside like this! Apparently I have not mastered the nuances of crawling through a window! Okay, maybe if I throw the
basketball that’ll dislodge him. Let’s try. Oh! I made him angry! I made him angry! He didn’t like that. He
didn’t like that one bit. I think I tripped one of the bear traps and he was really angry about that. He’s like, “Hey, I set that bear trap.” Oh, there he is, there he is, there he is. Ooh, let’s go. Okay. Alright now he’s on the
backside of the house. Alright, I want to get
up to that stupid room and I gotta jump, okay. Let’s get up to the water room. You can make the jump, Orange. You can do it. You can do it! Oh, no! Oh! That shark is not finny. Get it? Funny, finny. Okay I’m going to take one
of these plants for my house. It’s my plant now. (laughs) That’s what you get. Oh crap! Oh no, he knows.
Take it back, take it back! I didn’t want the plant anyways. No! Hey, how come you can run through the car? Are you a Terminator? Come on, pick it up! There ya go! Oh yeah, now guess what? I’m gonna be taking out the trash. Here you go! Oh, that didn’t do anything. He just stomped on it. Okay. Yeah, look at that jumpin’ action! Oh no no. No, can’t go in that one, huh? Oh, where do I go, where do I go? There’s got to be a bed in here somewhere. I gotta hide under the bed. Okay, I’m gonna wait here. I’m gonna wait right here. Which ever door he comes in I’m going to go through the other door. Oh I hear him. Ooh. Ooh. Is he coming? Oh no! Oh please don’t touch my butt, sir. I don’t want to be touched on the butt! My nipples are fine too, you
don’t need to touch my nipples. I don’t need anything. Oh no, no no! Oh man! Well, I’m going to keep trying to figure out how to do this, guys. And then while I play the next episode, maybe I’ll have a better understanding of what I’m supposed to do, okay. I did not do well this episode. I’m sorry. Alright guys, well, thank
you so much for watching. Make sure to like and subscribe and do everything you can to make this the most popular
video on the internet cuz it’s always right, cuz it’s so good. And you know the drill, until next time later, hot potaters! Woo, ha, no! Are you kidding me? No! It just bounced off his groin. Okay, I’ll just go right, no come on! (8 bit music)

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