Annoying Orange plays Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning!

(upbeat techno music) (Annoying Orange laughs) – [AO] Hey, yo, it’s AO! Wow! What is this? – [Baldi] Baldi’s Basics
in Education and Learning. That’s me!
– [AO] Wow, that’s you! What is this game? Weird. I heard Grapefruit
played it and he told me I needed to play it so, um, okay! Looks like this is Baldi. He’s got the same
hairstyle as me. (laughs) Looking real good, Baldi!
Looking just like me. Alright, let’s see how to play. “Oh noes, schools is out but
your friend has a problem!” “He left all of his noteboos…” Noteboos? “in school but doesn’t
have time to get them” “because if he leaves…” Eating practice? No! Eating practice! Are
they gonna try to eat me? Okay, forget this. (cringe laugh) You have to collect
seven notebooks, weird. How about we just collect seven peanut butter bowling
ball sandwiches instead? “Story mode, collect all seven notebooks.” “Endless mode, collect as many notebooks.” Well, I don’t wanna
collect forever notebooks so I’m gonna go with seven, kay? (sings) Story mode! – [Baldi] Hi.
– [AO] Wow! (laughs) Baldi you’ve got noodle arms. (laughs) Woo-eee! Oh, wait, this is weird. It’s like old school graphics. What’s up Baldi, chest bump! (laughs) I don’t have a chest so you don’t have to worry about it, kay? (laughs) Okay, well, I guess I gotta
go in one of these rooms? What is this? “School rules!” “When you follow the school rules.” “No running…” Well, you
don’t have to worry about that because I don’t have legs. “No entering faculty, no
bullying, no drinking.” Okay, so I think we’re pretty good because I don’t do any
of those things. (laughs) It didn’t say anything about
not farting in the classroom. Oye! (fart noise) (laughs) Yo, what’s this bouncing
thing over here on the? Mm… math… mm.. I
don’t like math! (giggles) No! – [Baldi] Everyone’s favorite subject! – [AO] No! No! No! I hate math, ew! – [Baldi] Answer questions correctly, and you might get something special. – [AO] Oo, something special? If it’s a break dancing
velociraptor, I don’t want it, okay? Okay, Baldi? Just so you know. Okay, let’s just go then! Okay, six minus five? Oh that’s easy! That’s just a one! Now, where’s the one key? Oh, there it is. (screams) Got it. One. Eight plus four. Eight plus
four equals tomato butt farts! Oye! (fart noise) Okay, it’s twelve. (laughs) Woohoo! Do I win? What do I win? Oo, okay, I got one seven! Nice! – [Baldi] You did great.
– [AO] Wait, I did great? – [Baldi] Come here and get your prize. – [AO] Come get a prize? Oo, what is it? Is it a bowl of nacho cheese Skittles? Those are my favorite! Where’d you go? Oh, there you, whoa! Wow! Bouncing quarters, cool! I like bouncing quarters. Okay, what do you got? – [Baldi] Click on the object.
– [AO] Click on the object. You talk funny, Baldi. (laughs) Okay! I’m gonna go collect
some more notebooks to get some nacho cheese
Skittles if you don’t mind, kay? Sounds good to me. Oo, there’s another one! I’m gonna get it. What does that say? “Sorry was too lazy to add subject.” – [Baldi] Problem one.
– [AO] Ahhh, it’s more math! I hate math! Eight plus zero is elephant farts, Five minus eight is, oh yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s walrus farts! Everybody
knows that one (laughs) What the? What the? I can’t see the numbers, Baldi. Wait, what am I supposed to? (static feedback) Whoa, oh boy.
Baldi! I think it’s broken. I think you need a new You Can Think Pad. Okay, guess I’m just gonna have to guess what the question is, or the answer is. Um, let’s go 59, six, three, three, three, three, three, three. “I get angrier for every
problem you get…” Uh oh. Baldi! Turn that frown upside down! Um, okay.
(slapping) Uh, oh. Did you hear that? Why does that sound like somebody
slapping an elephant butt? I don’t like that sound! Um, okay, I guess I’m gonna go out here. What is going on? I don’t know what that slapping is. And I don’t see it anywhere. I guess I’m gonna go… What? Baldi?
(slapping) Baldi, what, what’re you doing? (slapping)
Um, Baldi. You’re kinda threatening me right now. What kind of game is this? I thought I was supposed
to be learning things. (slapping)
Baldi, all that I’m learning is you might be a
butt-toucher. I’m just saying. Baldi? Baldi, are you a creepy,
peeping, Baldi butt-toucher? (nervously screams) He
popped up in the window. Yeah, I think he might be
a butt-toucher, you guys! (nervously laughs) I was fooled. (whimpers) Oh, this game
just got so much worse. First they give me math,
and then they give me Baldi. (cries) I don’t know where to go, whoa! Oh, there’s another person in here. Who’s that guy, weird. (screams) He ran into me, weird. Whoa, oh, hey! There’s
another book over here! Whoa, we’ve gotta hurry.
Hurry, Baldi’s coming! Wow, okay. Six minus five. Hm… That’s tarantula farts. And
they’re small but deadly. Zero plus three, orangutan
farts and then, lets uh, oh boy. (laughs nervously) Six, eight,
blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. No! I got it wrong again (laughs) I think you guys need to
replace your Think Pads! K, I got three of seven,
doing pretty good! Okay, let’s get out of
here before Baldi comes. Where is he? Where is Baldi? Oo, oo, oo! Baldi! You stay over there, kay, Baldi? Okay, oh. Okay, looks like a giant cell phone. “Students, please refrain
from using this phone” “while Professor Baldi is in the…” I can’t! Because he’s right there! Oh, oh. Oh no, now it’s a dead end! (screams) (loud static noise) (screams nonsense) (cries) What just happened? Guys, Baldi’s a butt-toucher! You didn’t tell me! (cries) – [Baldi] That’s me!
– [AO] (cries) That’s you. You’re a butt-toucher. You touch butts for a living. What’re you doing, noodle arms? I don’t like it when you do that, kay? Alright, now we gotta go solve
some more problems again. Math problem, two plus six,
totally evil snake farts. Uh, one minus two, gerbil farts. I know all the maths. (laughs) Woo! I exist you guys! Woohoo! (chants) Orangey in the
house, Orangey in the house. Okay, so it must go the
same way every time. The first one, you get
it and it’s no problem but then once you do the second one, all the stuff is jumbled. Let’s go check it out and see, kay? Okay, hit me with the math. (cries) Math. (cries) Three plus two, snail farts. (laughs) Oh, four minus one, that’s
totally Justin Bieber farts! See, I know all the maths. Oh no, it’s gonna do it again! (cries) Baldi, don’t be angry, kay? ‘Cuz I’m just gonna put five. (buzz sound)
So, five wasn’t the answer? Was it potato butt farts? Oh no! (cries) Baldi. (slapping)
Oh, no, I heard it. (cries) He wants to slap me with his ruler! In the booty! Oh, no no no no no no no no,
nope nope nope nope nope nope. Okay, I’m gonna go this way this time. Hopefully I can find a better place to go than that last time. Now, if I see the cell
phone, whoop. (screams) What the, whoa! Can we not
play jump rope right now? I’m kinda busy! You look like scrambled
eggs, what’re you doing? Okay, here we go. Woo, that was close! Oh, okay, whoa, what is this? Giant mop? – [Evil Voice] Sweep, sweep, sweep! – [AO] What the, it’s like
molasses, I can’t get it! Okay, what, oh, I wonder what that does. (slapping) Why, why am I running so slowly? (screams) (loud static noise) (cries) I popped on the counter. Baldi, I don’t like
you, we’re not friends. We’re not, no no no no. I don’t care! I don’t care if we have
the same hair style, I don’t like you. You’re not my friend. I want to get out of here. You guys, I don’t want
to do any more maths. (cries) Um, Beyonce farts. Um, this one is, Six plus five equals dancing banana farts. It’s true, I heard it. It’s in the, check your
textbooks, that’s what it says. Six plus five, dancing
banana farts. (laughs) Now I gotta do it! Oh! (cries) It wasn’t five
thousand, four hundred twenty? It wasn’t? Maybe the problem is your
whole thing is (screams). Baldi, you’re a creepy,
peeping, Baldi butt-toucher. You know that? You should get together with the neighbor, The creepy, peeping, butt-touching weirdo! Yeah, you guys are gonna
start the Creepy Peeping Club! Creepy, peeping, butt-touching weirdo! Creepy, peeping, Baldi butt-toucher! Yeah, that’s your guys’ nicknames! You guys hang out together. What’d you, oo, whoa whoa, what’s this? What is this? Ah, I’m not going in there. I didn’t see a notebook
so I’m not going in. Baldi is not gonna catch me this time! Whoa, what’s this? Some signs on the wall! “Ladies and gentlemen, I shall open it.” Okay, looks like a mailbox. “Just in case this…” What
does it, what does it say? “This is a mailbox, with my teeth” Whoa, you’re eating mailboxes? Um, you’re getting the
mail wrong. (laughs) Oo, quarter! I’ve always heard
that if you use a quarter to watch a bad football game, not to expect your quarter back. (laughs) What was that? Oh, oh, oh boy, here we go. Two plus six, that equals trombone farts. That’s when you fart into a trombone instead of playing it the regular way. Yeah, that’s the way I play it. Seven hundred six, ta ta. Oh, no. (cries) Oh he hears
me every time I open a door? That’s cool, I just won’t
open any doors then. Okay, that’s impossible,
I have to do that. What’s this, what’s this,
what’s this. Scissors! Yeah ha! How do you like
that, safety scissors? I’m gonna cut your fingers, ow, woo! Wait, what the? – [Man] 15 seconds.
– [AO] Oh, no! It told me not to run
in the halls and I did and it caught me. Uh, oh. Okay, seven seconds. We just gotta get outta here! Oh, okay, so when I get
outta here, I can’t run. I hear other things, what is happening? There’s so many noises! Okay, okay, which way
to go, which way to go? Guess I’m gonna go this way. Oh, going around the corner (screams) (loud static)
(cries) He came out of nowhere!
What’s going on! (cries) I hate you, Baldi. I hate you so much. Oo, what is that? What was that noise? Okay, okay we gotta get three notebooks. (whimpers) I don’t know
if I want three notebooks. Four plus four, it’s obviously pear farts. I mean. (laughs) Okay, I got it wrong again. (cries) Oh boy, okay, we gotta
get outta here you guys! Oh man, I don’t know which way to go! (cries) Guess I’m gonna go this way. (sings) Boy, boy, boy, boy,
boy, please don’t eat me, yeah. And definitely don’t slap me in the booty with your stupid ruler. Oo, what’s that thing. – [Bully] Give me something great. – [AO] Oh, give him something
great, what is that? Oh, another notebook! Yeah, you got it. Oh no, I’m gonna have four notebooks. This is not gonna be good, you guys. But if I get it though,
I’ll be over halfway there. Okay, oh, yeah I know you get angry. You get so angry. I don’t
know why you’re so angry! Is it because you’re bald?
I’m bald! Get used to it! It’s okay! Oh, whoa, oh, oh, no! No no no! A bully and a Baldi, I
don’t like that combination. Bully, Baldi. Well even if I could
find another notebook, I don’t think I, whoa, I
don’t know what that was, I don’t think I could even go in the room. What is that thing? What is that thing? Well, whatever it is, stay in the, wait. Oh, there’s so many
people following me now. Okay, I don’t know, whoa, oh! No! No! No! What are you! (screams) Wow! Okay, you’re squishing
me, you’re squishing me! Stop squishing me. Wow, he actually helped
me! Thank you buddy. You got me out of the way of, no. No don’t push me any more. I don’t want to be pushed anymore. (screams) Stop it! You’re
getting me! Stop it! No, no! – [Evil Voice] Sweep, sweep, sweep! What the just happened, what happened? Uh, oh, there’s Baldi. No, he’s coming this way. No, you can’t, get out of the way! No, don’t push me in he corner, no! You’re gonna push me
towards Baldi. (screams) No, don’t push me at Baldi. (screams) (loud static) Baldi, you’re definitely not
a cut above the rest. (laughs) I don’t like Baldi. Creepy,
peeping, Baldi butt-toucher. Alright guys, woo, I’m gonna get going. Okay, I gotta clean up
the pulp, okay? (laughs) (cries) (upbeat techno music)

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