Annoying Orange Let’s Play! – MINECRAFT

-Hey, hey, hey, guys.
A to the O here with the number-one requested
game of all time, Minecraft. Let’s do it. All right. Let’s do it. Create new world. ♪ It’s a whole new world ♪ [laughs] All right, come on, load. Whoa! Wow. Look at those pixels. They’re the size of basketballs.
[laughs] All right. Let’s see.
What’s the point of this game? Let’s see. [yelps]
No! I’m in water! I’m in the water; I can’t swim! Oh, wait. Oh wait, I’m fine. All right. Poppy?
More like hoppy. [laughs] Whee!
Is this the point of the game? What am I supposed to do? All right. Time to smash things
with a flower. [laughs] Seriously,
what’s the point of this game? All right, maybe.
Hey, what’s that over there? Whoa. Piggies? What the… pig butt.
[laughs] Eat the flower.
Eat the flower, piggy. Come on. Where are you going? Come back. Pig butt, pig butt, pig butt. [laughs] Oh! What the? Pigs are made of clouds? What the heck is going
on in this game? All right.
Enough of the piggies. Now I think it’s time to… smash a tree with my bare hands!
[laughs] I’m gonna chop this sucker down.
Here we go. All right, almost got it. Come on! All right! Timber! What the he– okay. All right, trees don’t fall–
okay. Chopping down a floating tree.
Hmm. Yeah, I should probably go home. I’m “trunk.”
[laughs] Wow! What the? It’s a sheep. That’s some “baad” news.
[laughs] Here, let’s see. I’m gonna
feed the sheep a pork chop. Oh. I fell down.
Get me out of here. [grunts]
I can’t get out. Let’s create some stairs
with a pork chop. [laughs] All right.
Eat the pork chop, sheep. Eat it! Eat it! Is this the point of the game?
What am I doing? Come on! Eat it! Eat the raw pork chop! Eat it! Come on, sheep,
eat the pork chop. Waah! Whoa. Everything’s made
of clouds here. What is going on? Nobody wants to
eat the pork chop. Ooh! Whoa, look at that. Off in the distance,
I see a valley. Waah! Whoa! Aah! Oh! Ow! [laughs]
Oh, my spleen. [laughs]
All right. I should take a break
from all this chopping and maybe have
a little bite to eat. [munching sounds] [laughs]
What’s wrong with me? I’m like a bacon vampire.
[munching sounds] [laughs] Oh no, I’m almost out.
I need more bacon! More bacon!
[laughs] Come here, horse. Come on. You’re a horse, of course.
Give me a ride. [groans] [horse grunts] [yells]
Sorry, horsey, but I’m a bacon vampire… who also eats horsies! Aah! [laughs] It’s okay. Everything’s made
of clouds so it’s fine. [snarling sound]
What the? I’ve got rumbly tummy already. Yeesh, I was so hungry,
I even ate a horse. [laughs] Sorry, too soon, I know. I know.
[chuckles] Ah, the sun’s finally down. Now
I can do some mining for real. Makes sense, right?
[laughs] All right, here we go. ♪ Gonna do some mining,
gonna do some mining ♪ ♪ Gonna do some mining ♪
[hums] What the? Hey! Hey, who’s that creep? Aah! Hi! More like die! Die! Aah! Get away from me!
What are you trying to do? [yells]
Get out of here! What the? Is everything
here made of clouds? What is going on? Trying to– aah! Spider! [yelling]
I don’t want to eat a spider. Get away! Get away! I don’t like spiders! [spider snarling] Aah! Oh no,
I’m getting outta here. Aah, okay. Get in the water.
I bet they can’t swim. All right, I’m gonna get away. [chuckles in relief]
All right, I’m safe. Safe and sound. [screams]
They can swim! [screams]
They can swim! Get away from me! Aah, get away from me! [screams] Ow! Hey! Hey, don’t shoot arrows at me. There’s not “point” in that.
[laughs] You can swim too?
That seems kinda “fishy.” [laughs]
Get away. Get away! Get away! [groans]
What the heck? Aw, man!
[sighs] Respawn? What do you think I am,
a salmon? [laughs] All right, here we go. You want to see my
impersonation of a beaver? [munching sounds]
I’m a beaver. [munching sounds]
I don’t give a “dam.” [laughs]
Get it? Dam. I meant water-retaining wall.
Who needs ’em? Get rid of ’em. [screams then laughs] Time to build something,
finally. Let’s build the world’s
largest diving board. What do you guys say?
Let’s do it. All right.
Aah, get out of the way, block. Whoo-hoo! Block party!
[laughs] Wow! I can see my
house from up here! Just kidding.
I don’t have a house. The Creepers stole it.
[laughs] All right. You guys ready? We’re gonna do a dive
right into the pool. One… two… three… [screaming] [splash] Kaboom.
[laughs] Man, I bet my splash
radius was awesome. [laughs] Minecraft is awesome!
Minecraft is awesome! Minecraft is awesome!
[laughs] You want to know why
Minecraft is awesome? ‘Cause you’re always the middle
of a block party. [laughs] Whee! Whoo! ♪ Can you dig it?
Can you dig it? ♪ Oh yeah, look at this.
Look at how high I am. Aah! Wow. I deserve a “raise.”
[laughs] Nah, I’m just kidding. I’m just lookin’ to get
the “high” score. [laughs] Ah, sorry. These jokes
are pretty “square.” [laughs] All right, guys. You think I can
make it into that pool right about there?
I think I can do it. You think I can do it?
I can do it. Think I can do it? I can do it. All right, guys, it’s been fun, but I gotta FLYYYYY… Oh, man. Wow! That was actually fun…
for not doing anything. [laughs] All right, guys. Let me know
in the comments below what you want me to do and what you want me
to build in Minecraft, okay? Let me know in the comments
below. Do it now. Do it now, do it now… blockheads. [laughs]
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  1. You need to do some basic things orange they are get trees make a pickaxe and make a house out of your wood okay dude okay orange

  2. Take a anvil and a name tag and name the name tag jeb_ or _jeb try both and it will turn rainbow sheep

  3. I think you should play Minecraft again because I also have Minecraft and also you should leave the game because there’s a new 🐝 mad and that’s why you should always plan for 💻

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