Annie Smart Class: Now Live in 5 New Centres

Annie Smart Class: now live in 5 new centers 2 students, sitting side by side, each have their own yellow coloured Annies, and are using them to learn braille A young girl wearing headphones is feeling the standard braille display on a blue coloured Annie A student has their fingers positioned on the typing keys of a blue coloured Annie Annie says, “Good job”, in Kannada to a child. Annie displaying braille Annie the world’s first self- learning, early education, interactive, gamified, innovative, human, inclusive, braille-literacy device. (A blue coloured Annie is pictured) For Visually Impaired Learners A young girl is touching the typing keys on a red Annie. The Annie she is using says, “You are ready for your next braille adventure!” There are five students sitting at a table, 3 students on the left and 2 students on the right. The students are using Annies that are coloured yellow and red respectively. There is a poster that reads ‘Annie Smart Class, powered by Thinkerbell Labs”, that is stuck on the wall below which is a table that has 2 blue Annies placed a few feet apart. In between these 2 Annies is a white coloured box that is placed vertically and has “Thinkerbell Labs” written on it A young boy, sitting beside another boy is pressing the keys on a yellow coloured Annie with a look of concentration on his face A student is smiling, there is a man and a woman sitting near him, both from our team at Thinkerbell Labs. “Connected Centres of Learning” A young girl is using Annie with headphones on Pictured are two members of our team are giving a demonstration on how Annie works. There are 2 teachers standing in front of a table that has a yellow and red Annie on top of it. A young girl wearing spectacles is feeling the typing keys on a red coloured Annie. Another student is sitting beside her. A row of 4 students with their backs to the picture, are sitting side by side, each with an Annie placed on the table in front of them. “Powered by world class interactive content” There are 3 Annies placed side by side on a table, the one in the middle is red, while the other 2 are blue. The students closest to the camera had their finger placed on the typing keys of a blue coloured Annie, and then proceeds to feel the raised dots that are on the standard braille. display on Annie A student wearing a blue beanie and green jacket is feeling the large braille cells at the left hand corner of Annie. We can hear Annie teaching the Hindi alphabet, and the student says “ U se Ullu” A student’s fingers tapping the large braille cells on Annie Annie brings a smile to the face of a young boy upon receiving appreciation him for getting the right answer. The picture of an Annie smart class setup where there are 4 annies with headphones being used by 4 children of a blind school who are pressing their fingers against the braille cells in an effort to read A young visually impaired child wearing a blue and white t-shirt which matches the colour of the annie is seen smiling brightly as he uses the device. A girl wearing spectacles leans over Annie and runs her fingers over the braille keyboard “Bringing the Latest” “Inclusive Ed-Tech” “To 200+ Learners” Bengaluru, Karnataka Pune, Maharashtra Karimnagar, Telangana New Delhi, New Delhi Chandigarh, Punjab Get an Annie Smart Class Now! [email protected] +91 957-907 9973 Thinkerbell Labs

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