Anna Amrutha Hastham Scheme in AP | Women Development & Child Welfare Dept | Part-1| Mana TV

12 thoughts on “Anna Amrutha Hastham Scheme in AP | Women Development & Child Welfare Dept | Part-1| Mana TV”

  1. Sir, pregnancy time lo amount istaru ani chepparu Anganwadi kendhram. But ippudu varaku okka rupees kuda ivvaledu. Bank book chepinchukoni anni chesaru. But delivery kuda aindi. Anganwadi teacher are not working properly. They are not taking responsibility.

  2. Sir please observe and inspect east godavari, u. Kothapalli anganwadi staff not working properly and not giving benefits for beneficiarys they are choose on only staff benefits, motam pakka dhari padutunay sir

  3. Sir iam motivated with your words. I can't believe one ngo think about ordinary people like this. Superb sir.

  4. But unfortunately most of the anganvadi teachers are not working properly.. They are the selling stock outside and getting their own benifites. This scheme benefits are not reaching to destinies.. Its better to take inspections in villages at least quarterly. Then only benifites will reach to the destination

  5. Sir ,what you said in the press meet is different,what's going on at Anganvaadi centres is different.Most of the Anganvaadi workers at piduguralla ,Guntur district are hiding the stock what you sent for pregnant women and they are cooking cheap rice which is unable to eat ,even can't smell it also.Mostly they are not giving the allowences to pregnant women properly.If we are asking why you are not giving ,they are saying we are not getting stock.To be frank all the the workers at piduguralla are hiding the stock and selling how can you say that this is SUCCESSFUL PROJECT.This is only for Anganvaadi workers to earn money by using our names like pregnant womens names.

  6. అంగన్ వాడి సెంటర్లు వుంటము మంచిదే కాని అంగన్ వాడి టీచర్స్ కు జీతం తక్కువ పని ఎక్కువ వీరికి కనీసం ఇరవై వేలు ఇస్తే బావుంటుంది..ఏ గవర్నమెంటు ఉద్యోగి కి ముప్పై వేల రూపాయలు ఇస్తున్నారు కావున గవర్నమెంటువారు జీతాలు పెంచగలరు

  7. anni bagane vunnayi anganwadi s salarys penchithe baguntundhi thakuva jithalu pani vathidi ekkuva ayipoyindhi

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