Anki & Spaced Repetition System (SRS) for learning English

the problem is that people forget we related to remember you already listen about systems of spaced repetition I've never used repetition is important but not in this way not I'm not a fan I've never used it it's boring what about you yes I use a very specific program name explain this is a simple simple simple program that you put in this program some phrase specific phrase that you learn yes phrase I put I put phrase because it's very good learn word world new words in context in the next I simple simple repeat so giving example the last phrase going to uncle for example you see you see what I'm talking about you see ya okay let's the reason one of the reasons I'm doing this Skype calls so instead of me talking and explaining I want people to see okay so you had it in our key and you can't remember it you see I understand yeah try anyway trying to try to tell me any phrase it doesn't have to be the last phrase for example I I saw a new in YouTube one specific video about Steve Jobs he made he made how can I say he made a speech so this video this video had almost five minutes yes yes five minutes of speaking and there is a lot of phrase in that speech that I put in a key examples for example the initial phrase so this is your answer okay this is your answer bank so you should stop right after this Skype conversation stop using a key okay yeah how long it how long have you been using our key for one year this is yours okay this is your hands yes okay okay thank you for your advice no it's not my advice it's your advice okay it's your advice so now you have to realize it by yourself okay okay you have to realize it by yourself you will say you said you said that your main struggle was vocabulary remember in grammar this one one set okay okay remember quickly whether we are talking about writing or speaking we're talking about output right so remembering words and grammar doing it quickly in your case how can you overcome this struggle I mean that's what my book is about I can't give you a simple answer the book is 40,000 words you spend one year using honking okay but you didn't you you didn't read my book because this time this time on our key you could have used for your business and made more money so this time on honkies free is a free software yeah don't forget your time is not free

8 thoughts on “Anki & Spaced Repetition System (SRS) for learning English”

  1. Hello
    I'm Alonso from Spain I have watched all Vladimir's videos ,so far,
    I can say Vladimir is the best Teacher the best on youtube.
    I would like yo get you book.

  2. He he he its really interesting video ..but its quite obvious that at the learner stage before getting the good books or guru, we have to come across such types of so many things which divert our focus. And after getting results also we can say that it's useful or not.

  3. Mr. Lvadimir. Why dont you have a conversation with english teacher youtuber to confirm or discuss the best way in any approach or technique or method so that we have a comprehensive understanding.


  5. Why should I read more than do listening comprehension, and if I read more how can I improve my listening

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