Animal Crossing: New Leaf | Learning to Feel (Part 12)

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  1. I remember being able to buy the songs, too! Pretty sure it was in AC Wild World, and I think you had to have a certain level of the Nook Store to be able to buy them

  2. Another tip:
    So that trash bin you guys have can dispose of items when you interact with it.
    No need to pay Reese to dispose of fake art, rotten fruit/turnips, or trash pulled from fishing.

  3. To clarify some tree things you guys seemed surprised about:
    -Tool holding as you perform some actions such as tree shaking and diving into water were only added in the Welcome Amiibo update.
    -Perfect fruit trees always died after about a half-dozen harvests, but they will always contain a perfect fruit on that last harvest, permitting you to cut down the dead tree and replant a replacement.

  4. Everybody upset about perfect trees and rare flowers but I'm over here wigging out that they paid to get rid of something when they have a trashcan in their house.

  5. With the cassette player, you can try showing it to Cyrus at Re-Tail. He can customize furniture, and that usually means changing the color of it. I dunno if blue is one of them, but it's worth checking out I think.

  6. While I agree that the forgeries are really annoying, it's at least better than it used to be because you can at least figure out which of Redd's art is real without having to buy it.

    Also, I think Dr. Shrunk is a axolotl.

  7. You can plant as many perfect fruit as you want. It just if you shake the perfect fruit tree to much they end up dying

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