beautiful Saturday we're here at the Lybrand everly of course are you ready are you ready alright wait before we start make sure you guys go check out cool and Savannah's channel it's called coal and sad and you need to go watch the video the beige okay let's go ready all right shoes on I have my cheese uh cute perfect that's perfect how come here in that sweet outfit keeps you today I know we're gonna dance gonna dance oh hey but you're you're not gonna be like are you so watch the video first yoga yoga this would be easy I'm really good at Yoga no you know you don't even think about yuck I do think about yoga sometimes ya didn't down okay what's the hurry please forgive me good now my face I'm sorry all right give me a break I'm just trying here [Applause] hi I'm Teresa I like to wear pigtails and Fox makeup pooh-pooh that's a weird name hi my clothes it's time to pray juris now pray wonder let's dress like a princess Oh No yes oh I knew this was gonna happen put it together what do you got I just don't know if I like this it looks so cute don't worry you're getting ready for the ball those aren't gonna fit all right I hate this man goodbye okay so I really wanted to go somewhere so we're just not right I mean yeah you are let's go eat something okay I really did you get everything you ever want anymore come sit down what are you tell oh yo chill okay I'm sitting why did you need to tell us you know it's a lot harder w3 I have to play 25 Phyllis's to my parents back to clean my guitar you have easy-peasy hmm never really thought of it that way to be honest with you huh being a kid is super awesome so I don't know what you're talking about and that is today come on yeah we're gonna walk to it that's it what are you talking about fairyland we're almost to the fairyland there's our darris like you and like me so basically you make a wish and you have to blow them all out in one blow yeah so maybe you should wish something very good don't put it in your mouth either he started collecting little items and the fairies who see all these little things my friend the thirties found those things and brought him to their house and if there you show up around sunset every once in a while but does it look like today we should move on the fairies pull away they're in a different land and those are fairy chairs I'm excited to see Collins Hobbes video with the baby weight ice cream I really thanks for coming and hanging out with us thank you guys for watching I need to do kit sauce more often thanks for watching and make sure you subscribe to our channel if you like these videos and you know the drill give us a thumbs up and hit the well disband I'll watch : Savannah's video on their channel like the babies the link is in the description yeah you want to see them alive yeah I feel like this is clickbait no no guess you guys will just have to see could be a real treat check it out

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