Ancient Hidden Knowledge – What do Halos Really Represent?

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  1. Hey Gary..
    Love how Your presence..
    And Visuals ! 👍
    Now.. could You please make a Vid about The Book of Genesis and all its cryptically written numerical Truths about what is really GOD realms that are only for those among ~ Us ~ that know… how ALL ..above and below work's in the ether (of Energy..?)..that connects Us all..Like it or not..Time is a perspective of how are species exist..and…who knows maybe all others in Our tiny spaced univese..We may be closer than You think..
    👈 😳 👉

  2. I wish I could listen and read this book but as a christian I have to burn it for the blasphemous piece of trash it is because it was written by a woman and the bibble tells me that women should "Shut your mouth and know your role". I am paraphrasing but essentially, that's what it says.

    1 Timothy 2:12
    “But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.”

  3. All religions have a universal lie…. gods = demons… they are darkness portraying themselves as light… Hermes/Thoth was a liar too… The only truth within the Emerald tablets is that the souls essence is of the infinite light (not the sun)

  4. 2:00 forward : Moses never once mixed his Egyptian training he left it behind totally and that is proved by the bible he had no need for cheap tricks as The Holder together of the atoms of existing now was in his corner. And Jesus was this holder together so why would he need that fallen demonic training the demons already obey His word in terror …. So He would need magic ???? Right common sense always follows wisdom

  5. kemet is (anu/Black Horus/RA/ Haru)
    The cradle of civilization? Robert Kennedy once said "what if God was black what will we say then?"
    … and I'm paraphrasing treating the other inferior
    .. oppressors oppressing the oppressed rewriting translating you heard me… destroying and retell( his)tory/ Hi(story)…
    Literature books in other words others people stories or histories recruiting Christ in his own image knowing Christ was a middle eastern man and just for those geographical Scholars Israel is located Northeast Africa the blue Shore's peninsula is connected not broken.. before it was Palestine before it was Israel it was called CANNAN… now Noah had three sons do I have to get into it well amen peace🇲🇦🇺🇸
    Ra El ✌

  6. What do halos really represent? Well, the "gods" were ancient astronauts so they wore helmets, possibly glass helmets which look like domes. If you are ancient man who does not know what helmets are you will think it's a glowing spiritual thing spinning around the head, i.e. a halo. As all these stories were passed down verbally and maybe drawings they ended up as rings around the heads.

  7. A bit outdated. There's further available knowledge which can be disclosed. Reach in that bag of yours and pull out a whopper…

  8. Don’t really understand where you get the information from but the estimated death of the Cathars due to the hands of the Church was between 100,000 to 200,000 far from the 1000000 you stated. Not only that, the dissolution of Cathars was prmarily down to Pierre de Castelnau ( pope innocent lll legate.

  9. Great information except for: Na = Natrium = Sodium. Cl = Chloride. NaCl = Natrium Chloride. NaCl, represents a 1:1 ratio of sodium and chloride ions. In the periodic table of the elements, the second letter is always written in non-capital letters.

  10. The Bible talks about the future of humanity but God's past , the Quran talks about humanities past but God's future ..and thus the paradox and disputes's because in our minds we believe we are special but in God's mind we are just another animal …YHWH the serpent , our creator and He is really a She and she hates us not loves us and the Torah is what is trying to explain but we have concluded opposite !

  11. The truth is Halos represented a small group of people , humans, that were out of their mind !!! …and paradoxically it worked but only for a limited time …especially the Man Jesus and his Mother, family …they were crazy but another group of people painted them as Good people , the free masons perhaps but the gnostic knew the truth

  12. I love watching your videos, each time I glean a bit more information.
    I do not understand the current Lunar cycle. My whole life until maybe 3 years ago, the lunar cycle was always 28 days. It lined up with many women and their menstrual cycle. All of a sudden it is now 30 days for the lunar cycle and nobody can find the when or why it was changed. Now we get Super moons, Blue moons when they should not be and the moon is in our atmosphere.
    I'm grateful you are able to publish these videos and are not suppressed as in the dark ages and inquisition. Thank-you for being an amazing docujournalist and a voice easy to listen to and understand.💖😇🤜🤛👍👑😻💯💖

  13. I do know that sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium make an electrical spark in the heart called the electrical conduction system. And that’s what an ECG measures. But I’m really not sure what’s what beyond that. Interesting video though.

  14. If you came here to hear what halos really represent, be warned, most of this video is about other lost or hidden knowledge. Halos start at 7.30 and end at 8.30 – one minute's worth! If your into this kind of stuff you will probably have learnt all the rest before from other videos! I'll give it a thumbs up anyway as I appreciate your work in putting this all together. I'd be interested in having a transcript of this video and will check out Gary lite's website.. 🙂 Peace.

  15. Sorry, but the Knights Templars only killed in war or battle. They were killed by the king of France and the pope at that time for their supposed fortune.

  16. I've seen the halo around the head reflected in water. I was at lake in the poconos, me and a friend both slight bent over to see our reflection in water. Around my head I saw a halo fully engulfing my head and radiating. I didn't see one around my friends head. I asked her if she could see it and she said no. The difference is I have always had a spiritual eye since childhood. I believe certain people have a halo and it can be seen in the reflection of water. I was personally not looking for a halo I just was looking at the water and noticed something odd with the light patterns around our bodies in the reflection. Anyone been in a calm body of water in natural sun who look carefully can see light behaves differently in the water and can see light patterns around the body.

  17. Oh man that music peace is so good please send me the link. It took all my focus, was being a bit difficult go along with what were you saying

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