Ancient Aliens: Ancient Egyptian Frankenstein (Season 13) | History

94 thoughts on “Ancient Aliens: Ancient Egyptian Frankenstein (Season 13) | History”

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  2. The only aliens that ever stepped foot on this planet are Greek. Greek history has been stolen and lost. It will be found again..

  3. Tesla is sitting besides me right now and we're watching this from just a few easily reachable thousands of light years away and having a good laughing session as this video progresses. Yeah i reincarnated twice before this video ended because i live in this time dimension. Ancient alien theorists say: YES

  4. If aliens come thousand or millions years away from here rigth …?? Why they fear the name of Jesus Christ cause Jesus is the true or the gate of heaven even mufon said on aductions those aductes fear the name of the living God almigthy JESUS Christ that means there demotinal demons or falling angels nephalin that why noah was perfect on his generation aka genitic that was in God eyes he brougth glory cause all man had mix the genetic

  5. I about laughed my azztec off guys you learned people are way of those siralingum are not a device but space craft you ,,,,Dumas…….unum you will see soon

  6. This kind of lies !!! They wount just say the ancient Egyptians were Black African Nubians. Wat have this people become? Such lies wount help our children who need to know nothing but the truth.

  7. To the people of AA! You all know what is really going on. And you are keeping the ones who watch your show in the dark, telling them we have never been alone. You have proof of it, and your not showing because of ratings for your show! I think it would be even more ratings if you would show the real proof that's been offered to you. Show everyone! And the ongoing proof that you know your able to keep getting! That would put you in the top show, I'd say! Of the world?!

  8. Oops they mixed up games and reality "lekgolo" is a alien worm species that fuses together and form a beast called a hunter and the thing they showd here looks exactly like it "so one has to wonder if this is thrue or not"
    These people really think everything is a possible proof of something.. but not everything is a robot or a ufo and i wanna believe it so bad but it just doesn't work with these guys😂😂🤷‍♂️

  9. 3:02–They're able to stop him by removing these magic words…Dare I say it? I dare: Gort, Klaatu barada nikto. I'm sorry. I just couldn't help myself. I LOVED the original, "The Day the Earth Stood Still" with Michael Rennie and Patricia Neal.

  10. Too much now , in all fairness. Where is it written on stone that it has happened more than once . Collecting parts and putting them back together. Have you PHDs got jack all else to do with your brain. An Egyptian humpty dumpty ? Why was he put back together by the people ? did his race of intelligence leave him behind ?. If a person after a smoke says this over conversation there is not so much of a belief in it but when a PHD says it,…… we all go Mmmmmmm WoW, its on youtubes History. We could write another bible here.

  11. We all astronaut astraunamers should build a transformer robot gather patterns. Haha. That sounds cool many interpernereour ship motivation haha

  12. I quit watching this show, and for good reason. These so-called "experts" seem to be in a contest to see who can come up with the most outlandish theory possible. They stretch the boundaries of credulity to the point of ridiculousness. It's laughable.

  13. Stop seeing it only in a materialistic way. What if they were so evolute, phisically, mentally and spiritually, that they know how to create bodies and fill it with souls, manipulating it?

  14. Fascinating! So then if God made man from clay, then are we all spiritual golem robots of Jesus? I FEEL SO ALIVE LIKE CHRYSOLITE LIGHTNING!!! Daniel 10:6! Swwoooshh Whoopishhh!

  15. I say “ yes “ Egyptians did not build or design the pyramids . I Say “ yes “ the Pharaohs were Aliens … but You knew all that right ???

  16. I am Osirus. Kenneth Newberry is my alias. I am Robotic and soon i will become King of the world and have humans as my slaves like the old days.

  17. This is not what I wanted to see 😬. That’s terrifying to think this is even a possibility or probability. More may return ? Artificial intelligence is a very real possibility from another planet / system

  18. Eurocentrics can't accept that ancient Egypt were Africans, so they got that far to discredit them so they come up with this alien narrative.

  19. This entire show is absolute horseshit and the fact that it is aired on the History Channel hurts my soul as a lover of history.

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