Anaconda installation with Packages- Machine Learning Tutorial with Python and R-Part 3

hello guys so this will be my third session and we are basically starting in the practical application of the machine learning we'll be doing everything through programming that is by using Python and maybe are in the later series initially what all software's what all tools that we require to actually start with the programming first of all we are we will be currently using anaconda anaconda ID such that why you can also install other pythons ID but why why I prefer anaconda is because anaconda can help us get that all the packages that are actually grew involved that will be used for the programming section like various packages certain numpy mat plot and another packages like bundles and bundles to actually read the datasets from the excel files or from some other databases so in order to download it you just need to type it as anaconda and just go into the Anaconda anaconda link over there you can see a link called as download anaconda in the download anaconda you'll be getting a page like this you can download the latest version or with the python itself so python 3.6 version which is the latest one and you will also have final 207 version which is the most stable one of the previous one basically previous version so once you download it you will be getting the exe file that will be getting downloaded over here once you click it just let I think mind yeah I said it started downloading I have already downloaded it and I have already installed it so you can download this file to a PI 15 MB file and you can start the installation process once you finish the installation now your anaconda having it ever looks like this where you have all the packages that already install like spider this dis all are basically the IDs for where you which you will be using in order to actually execute your programs so most of the time like we will be using spider because spider let me just show you how spider looks it is a very good gun ID basically you can type the programs here and you can in the console you can see the output in the console basically you can see the output and you can also have another console over here where you'll get all the information of the variable Explorer about the FlyLo Explorer in which you are actually writing a program apart from that in the Help section you if you want any information regarding the functions that we are using from the packages will get all the information in this side I'll be also showing you the step by step process like how you have to actually set your workspace directory and how you where you have to keep your data sets actually basically the excel files from where you'll be reading it and how you'll be actually processing it and dividing to various kind of variables and each and everything over m so for currently here is spider this is the ID that we are going to use after it after installing the Conda what is the first thing that you need to do you need to click on this anaconda prompt you can find in the in the Start menu itself anaconda prom and you need to install three commands that is Conda install some packages you need to install like Conda install numpy so once you install this the this packages will get automatically installed in your anaconda IDs basically and you will be able to access it now you can see over here my package is already installed it will give the information about like number one point one point three one three point three is version is actually installed similarly for other like if you want to install if if you want to install kondal you can same way do like this and you can actually install all the packages that are required initially for initially will be using packages like numpy quand all now here also there's a new version that has come i can just go and say yes and it'll get automatically updated and this is the newest version that i'm getting with the kondal so similarly you can also in stall oh sorry can I install the other things like Seaborn so you can also install all the packages that I required through this anaconda prompt and you your packages or get already installed in this so if you want to you know I see an update I'll just click on by and I will install it yeah that's it so in the next class I will be actually taking after the installation process I will be taking how we can actually move to this practical thing and how we can program with the linear regression thank you

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  1. i have tried this over and over and it getting frustrating. Have installed Anacaonda, opened the navigator and all that. When I open the prompt, change directory and type conda install nunpy, i keep getting th error – ' conda ' is not recognised as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file

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