An Introduction to the Future Ready PA Index

Leveling the playing field. Focusing on student growth. Exploring career pathways. Reducing the reliance on standardized testing. Ensuring students graduate college and career ready. Promoting multiple pathways to future success. These are just some of the ways the
Future Ready PA Index would work to provide a more holistic measure of school success
in the commonwealth. The Future Ready PA Index – the proposed
accountability tool to assess school performance – would broaden the factors used to evaluate
school and student performance. Some of those factors include:
Measuring English-language acquisition among ESL students… considering how many students
at a school take Advanced Placement courses or take advantage of dual enrollment programs…
utilizing locally chosen reading assessments for select grades… meeting the needs of
each student… counting the number of students who earn industry credentials before graduation…
among other snapshots of student progress. The Department of Education travelled the
state as it developed the Future Ready PA Index, speaking to thousands of stakeholders
at more than 30 feedback sessions. From Philadelphia to Pittsburgh, Lancaster
to Lehigh, educators, employers, advocates, and others weighed in. The message we heard loud and clear? There is no single way to measure student success. PDE’s mission is to ensure that all Pennsylvanians
– whether children or adults – have access to a high-quality education system that prepares
them for future success – whether they choose college or career. Working together, we can help all students in PA
become Future Ready.

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