An Introduction to the CQI in Child Welfare Series

hi I am Jennifer hate from Chapin home and I'm Daniel Webster of the California child welfare indicators project and we're here today to introduce a new series on CQ our continuous quality improvement that is available through the communities of practice website on the Northern California training academy website so the deal here is that for the past several months Daniel and I and some of our colleagues have been working with staff from the Academy to develop a series of interactive video based modules that that focus on a number of topics that relate to the development of an effective CQI process so the topics that we cover so far include a general discussion of what CQI is and we talk about that as well as the plan do study act cycle which is part of which is often used interchangeably with the term CQ I and then we have another number of other topics that we spend some time on in particular we focus a lot on developing and sort of embedding in our audience the best practice principles in measurement because that is so fundamental to every aspect of CQ why that we think is worth spending a little bit of time on developing some information resources that folks can consult once or more than once to help undergird their efforts to develop really rigorous effective cqi processes in addition to those measurement modules we have one that focuses on case review that's a little bit more qualitative and we have another module that talks at length about evaluation and the ways to structure evaluation in your agencies and finally we have a module that's going to focus particularly on leadership and building a culture that is hospitable to CQI in our creation of these modules was motivated by the work that jennifer and i have been doing with our colleagues through the northern california training academy over the past several years in teaching the advanced analytics for child welfare administrators course and the data slam follow-up course the companies that and so we felt that these CQI modules would be useful as a resource for folks who have either taken our course and as Jennifer was saying we'd like to reinforce some of those concepts or perhaps for others who haven't had a chance to take the course and are interested in what pieces of information they might be able to find there or who should be interested or who should practice as well as those child welfare practitioners across the states who are embarking on their own internal CQI process and might find it useful to to cover this information as well so our target audience is pretty far-reaching it includes our former students who've taken advanced analytics those who would be interested in in in joining us for future offerings of the class as well as those practitioners around the state who with the growing CQI focus will be undertaking that process on an ongoing basis and I'd say one other piece that's important is that we feel that the information in these modules we intend to be complementary to the other CQI efforts that are ongoing across the state there a number of initiatives that are that are being undertaken and we feel that we'd like this information to be synergistic and complimentary to that work that's right so the way you can use this information when you go to the website you'll see links that relate to the different topics that I just talked about and you can click on the links and you'll have access to the video the workbook that accompanies it and then there exercises in the workbook that we think might be useful to sort of reinforce some of the ideas or methods that we think are so important and you can do the exercises and check them because we provide the answers you can do a full module or just sort of pick and choose those things that you think are useful to you the idea really is to provide a different different access to resources that are intended to be really useful in support of your ongoing cqi processes so the deal here is that we're trying to create various opportunities for those folks who are in the field in agencies and interested in figuring out how they're doing now and how to make some investments to improve we want to give them the resources that it will be useful to them so really this these modules and anything we add to it are intended to support in an ongoing way the efforts of both public and private agencies to improve outcomes for the children and families that they serve and so as you're working through the information in the modules and the workbooks and accompanying materials if questions do arise then Jennifer and I would certainly encourage you to contact us our information is on the Northern California Training Academy website so please reach out to us if you have questions and also we'd encourage you to check back periodically as we may be adding additional information over the course of time you

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