An Interactive Guide to Implementing an Integrated Child & Family Outcomes and IFSP/IEP Process

Welcome to this overview of the Interactive
Guide to Implementing an Integrated Child and Family Outcomes and IFSP/IEP Process. The Interactive guide was developed in response
to requests from state and local early intervention and early childhood special education programs
considering integrating the outcomes into the Individualized Family Service Plan or the Individualized Education Program process. They asked for a resource that would help
them think through how an integrated process might look, and to be a place to start when
considering the multiple factors that go into creating an integrated process. Going through the steps of the guide will
assist your early intervention or early childhood special education program take the steps needed
to integrate the child and family outcomes measurement with the IFSP or IEP process. The Guide is organized by the four stages
of Implementation, as described in the literature from the State Implementation & Scaling-up
of Evidence-based Practices Center (SISEP). These four stages are Exploration, Installation,
Initial Implementation and Full Implementation. Within each stage, there are several steps
that include activities, tools and resources that are critical when designing an integrated
process. The navigation pane on the left hand side
of the Guide allows you to navigate through each of the stages and steps. The tools and resources were gathered from
multiple sources. Each of the tools are specific to the integration of outcomes into the IFSP
or IEP, and each of the resources was carefully selected to represent the activities within
the step. Resources that represent both Part C and Section 619 programs are included in
the guide. All tools and resources are downloadable and
adaptable for state use. To view the tools and resources, click on “View List” to
expand the list. The Guide contains information about continuing
the cycle of program improvement once an integrated process is established. Information in this
section includes support for sustainability, how to include new initiatives within the
integrated process, and updating practices and processes after full implementation has
been completed. Throughout the guide, we have provided the
opportunity for you to give the authors feedback. Use this button to link to a survey to offer
suggestions and input into additional resources and tools that could support others to integrate
the outcomes into the IFSP or IEP processes. Thank you for your interest in the Interactive
Guide to Implementing an Integrated Child and Family Outcomes and IFSP/IEP Process.
We hope that you will find the guide useful.

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