An Extreme Calling – “Learning the Lingo” – EPISODE 3 | Horace Mann Insurance

(Announcer) Although inspired by true incidents
and responses provided by real teachers, the following work is purely fictional and comedic
in nature. No teachers were harmed in the making of this video. (Wolfe Kanine) Hello. I’m Wolfe Kanine. Join me and a group of dedicated school teachers
as they train to enhance the skills they need to succeed in a career that can only be described
as a true calling. In this training session, you will be tasked
with instantly learning and communicating with prevalent vocal and physical language
used in today’s culture. Your task is to translate this common phrase in 15 seconds.
What looks like the etchings of an alien encounter is actually the language they would be required
to comprehend in their everyday extreme career. (Coach) There’s got to be a decoding tablet
somewhere! (Ms. Davis) How do people speak that way?
I (Mrs. Mead) When I saw what Wolfe wrote, thought he had suffered a heat stroke.
Laughing out loud! (Mrs. Diaz) Be right back!
(Coach) Best friends forever! (Ms. Davis) For what it’s worth. [Celebration]
(Wolfe Kanine) Yes, these educators have cracked the cultural code of the students they lead.
Until next time…or as the kids say…TTYL. Sponsored by Horace Mann…the teachers’ insurance
company that goes to extremes to protect today and secure tomorrow, for those who have answered…[bird call]…the call.

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