An engaging education | DePaul Global Pathway Program

Coming to DePaul is a unique opportunity,
because DePaul is immersed in the culture and the business life of Chicago. Chicago is one of the world leaders in industry,
in multiple aspects of industry, whether it’s aviation, whether it’s operations, whether
it’s manufacturing, whether it’s high tech, it’s here. And so this is a great place to get embedded
in that, start building contacts, networks, so when opportunities come up like internships
or even some part-time work, they’re there. And then when you finish the degree, those
contacts are hopefully in place, so that when they start asking for employment, they know
who they are, or they know who the contacts in different industries are, and it gives
them that opportunity to launch into a career more easily. What I go home and I feel most proud about,
is when I’m working with a student and I help that student, or I do something, whether
it’s helping them find a job or whether it’s helping them figure out their course
or their score in life. When you can change somebody, somebody’s
life for the better, that to me is what I’m most proud of. So you can talk titles, you can talk publications,
you can talk awards, but no, it’s when I change the person’s life for the better,
that’s what I’m most proud of. That’s what I’ll go home and I’ll think
about. I like the interaction. My class actually, I do cases all the time,
so it’s very interactive, and I enjoy that a lot. What I enjoy about teaching is getting the
students engaged, and I know I do it, because when I get students yelling at each other,
or when I have to split up a fight that’s about to start, I know they’re engaged. And if I can evoke that type of emotion in
a subject matter that’s written in books, that gets me excited in teaching. That they can get into the theory so much
that they’re willing to invest themselves in it emotionally, that’s what I like to

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