39 thoughts on “An Education Official Trailer”

  1. So you're telling me her parents didn't care a man more then twice her age was interested in her? What a creepy hellywood movie.

  2. It is a good film, it makes you think of life and yourself in this world. This world teaches you to make choices. Education.
    We always learn who we are.

  3. All these hard fucks who say he's a pedophile… You're so fucking ignorant I don't even bother to explain you what pedophilia is. Fucking ignorant English people

  4. To be honest, Carey Mulligan seems too old to be a 16 year-old. Her voice, mannerisms and appearance appear to mature for someone of that age…their relationship is very creepy though.

  5. Love Carey Mulligan, and the bits of Dominic Copper dropped in was quite a treat. Excellent film, would definitely recommend.

  6. I thought it was a romance movie. And then I felt like as if it this was bonnie and Clide movie. And then it made me feel I'm watching a twist movie. and it became a sad movie. And finally, It became a very effective inspirational movie. The movie wasn't about pedophile. It was very good movie and I know why it is called "an education" now. In my true opinion, all those experiences this girl went through were worth every penny.

  7. i do not really know why but i cried watching this movie… and no it was not the ending, the ending disappointed me actually.

  8. this was a good film….but i am a little surprised to see no one say that how depressing this film was…i watch films often and this was the most depressing film i've seen…

  9. Beautiful movie, beautiful actors, Highly recomended I enjoyed very much, the best Carey Mulligan. Los felicito, gran pelicula, la recomiendo mucho. lo mejor de Carey Mulligan, Carey es demasiado atractiva. .

  10. I'm gonna make my daughter watch this film and make her get a degree instead of getting her virginity taken by a charming pedophile.

  11. I hate that this movie portrayed this is a cute romantic movie, when in reality it has a horrible and sad ending. I 100% HATED the ending. There was a ton better ways to end it.

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