42 thoughts on “An Education | Official Trailer (2009)”

  1. This is quintessential viewing for every teenage girl. Though teenage boys might wanna give this a watch as well, just in case.

  2. Beautiful movie. I loved the message very much, it might be obvious to us the adults, but it’s not for many teenage girls.

  3. what the fuck? how do people find this "romantic", this shit is creepy as fuck, this is pedophilia..fuck this movie

  4. she thought her teacher was a low life writing boring poems when she adviced her on continuing her education. She said she had been to great restaurants and concerts and lived. ha ! Bitch got what she deserved, a lesson !

  5. Remember this was the 1960s–long before the libtards tried to criminalize teenage girls making their own choices as to who to sleep with!! Even girls had rights to choose back then!

  6. 1st of all he is trying to say don't plan your future to much becaue you might end up being disappointed by what actually ends up happening. 2nd of all the man in the movie isn't very old. only about 5-7 years older than the teenager. and last of all most teenage girls do fantasize about meeting someone a bit older than them because they think the boys their age are immature.

  7. what teenage girl fantasizes about a old perverted man, ewww. if your a teenager and you consider someone in the slightest who is old enough to be your dad, you have problems

  8. Exactly. Emma Thompson is amazing, Mulligan and Winslet aren't the only two great actors Britain's produced!

  9. I love this movie soo much ..Everytime i watch it ,it brings tears in my eyes. Probably one of the only movie that teaches me great lesson. IF WE NEVER DID ANYTHING WE WOULD NOT BE ANYBODY.

  10. Cate Blanchette, Tilda Swinton, I could name many more, but must run to gym before it closes. Don't limit yourself on great Brit actresses, which are many.

  11. Tilda Swinton, Rachel Weisz, Emma Thompson? I agree that Mulligan and Winslet are fantastic actresses but personally there's so much British acting talent; I'd be hard pressed to choose just 2 and declare them the greatest?

  12. I agree with the first comment saying those two are great british actresses, but Emma Thompson can give them a run for their money!! All three of them are fabulous… <3

  13. carrey mullighan is a modern day audrey hephern you only have kate winslet and carrey mullighan as the greatest brithish actress of our time

  14. No. When I saw the film, I was unprepared for the big reveal, and this trailer gives no indication about it.

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