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three years ago we have started this community enjoying art on patreon and some of you have been following me for three years I want to thank you very much I always wanted a community so I can share my learning progress and I want the inspiration from you at the same time I want to inspire you to continuing having fun and making art now we not only have patron page we also have enjoying a learning center as well as the discord sharing Center I want to show you how to use these three websites they all have different functions first take a look at our patron page patron page memory is for me to upload their video contents as well as their reference image the reference image ever uploaded at the same time that I have their new video lessons you can find the reference and the video contents on patron as soon as I upload the new videos and the reference image you would get the email notification and you can come over here to view the videos if you want to find other previous videos at the top over here posts and a time over here you can go by different categories references and you type in the references you can find all the references that are uploaded to the patron and if you wonder looking for particularly watercolor lessons and you tap on over here you can find all the watercolor lessons if you want to find something even more specific and you can come down over here with a different text like for example and if the lessons is for cooties you can tap on the Kuti it has 99 quit these videos right here and landscape charcoal essence animals still like basic lessons the references for portrait and reference animal and so on even more you can say our flowers figures about color cancels fruit graphite pencil lessons perspective oil and so on this would make very easy to find the previous contents the other function that we use of the patron is communication if you want to send me a message is easier they are sending from patron if I want to make an announcement and I will also use the patron to send a message to you now let's talk about enjoying our learning center if this is your first time here tap on online learning center filled in your first name and your email address to log in it will bring you inside of the enjoying at learning center it's over here you can find the different libraries drawing basic watercolor basics or watercolor animals and so on you can find your library to go to imagine enjoying our Learning Center like a school your walk in the school has different classrooms you can choose to go into deep and roam to learn it on your own pace let's take a look one of the libraries if I want to go into watercolor portrait and our tap on go to library inside the watercolor portrait library you can find the lessons from easy to a little bit more and more complicated it's not about how much you already watched it's about how much you're the alone for example if you watch a lessons about how to ping a portrait of shapes tap over here and you can start playing the lessons you may have been thinking about what is the shortcut for portrait painting after you watch the lessons couple times download the photo reference that I use in this lessons and follow the step to do it step by step and then use your own photo reference and try again whether or not you can see the shapes when you're painting a portrait painting take whatever time you need you can progress really faster if you learn one lessons at a time this online learning center is always in progress some of the short video lessons they are also available for YouTube public but all the long video the full video version they are only available in enjoying at lon Center for our members now let's take a look at our discord sharing Center our discourse sharing Center is a website that help us to easy to communicate if you have time to help others in a discord this is great but if you don't have much time in the day how you would use the discord efficiently $10 and up silver members you should create a folder over here you will be able to upload your own artworks your paintings here you can look through it to see how are the people give feedback to you over the time you can look back so you can see your own progress over the time what issues you're only solve what you need to improve next and for the member in the gold level which $25 and up each month I will come to your folder to give you my progress review based on what you're in progress so far last month I have a video post over here telling you my suggestions how you will improve if you're not a gold member yet but if you like the features to have a progress review every month you might want to upgrade to this level the other thing you want to look at at the bottom over here that is the photo reference this is other photo reference that I'm going to use or I already done the lessons from for this month's I will suggest the member use this reference for this month's learning exercises at the bottom over here we also have digital stuff in this area we're going to talk to more about digital art experience for the members have not connected a patron account with the enjoying at this court sharing center there is one more reason for you to do that as soon as you can pencils our member challenge we're gonna suggest every month or every other month to focus on an area for us to study for this month I just talked about visual elements we're going to focus on how to use the line efficiently expressively to create drawing so if you want to stop me to a quark to share and also for me the Kuti by the end of the month you will need to upload your work in this folder you can tap on the share icon and then you can upload the image the purpose for the discord is for you to share your progress and also getting feedback from other and myself if you have any suggestions please let me know if you're not yet a member but want to be part of this community first come to join us you

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  1. I watched one of your videos and I drew the man where you had to draw the two circles and then the rectangle

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