Amy Poehler Shares Pro Tips for Faking Wine-Tasting Knowledge

-I know. [ Cheers and applause ] You know what?
-We love you, Amy! -I love you, too!
-I know a little bit about you. -I am the daughter of
two teachers. -You are. That's right.
-Yes. -What did your parents teach? -My mom taught — Well, she
ended up in special ed, and — [ Cheers and applause ]
Yay! My dad was a math teacher
in Boston. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Wow. -Yeah, and it is
the most important job. A good teacher
will change your life. It's an incredible,
incredible job, and we owe so much to you. -Yeah. Absolutely.
-Incredible. -Is there anything
that you always wanted to say to a teacher? You can do it now.
-Oh. Well, I know it's
a really difficult job, and there's a lot to juggle,
but I think one of the things you should remember is,
you can always pinch a kid you don't like. -That is very controversial.
-Is it? -Yes, it is.
-I don't know. I think you guys will agree. Just once a year,
just give them a good pinch. -How are your kids?
Are they good students? -They're so great. Like, they're in that great time
when they're learning stuff. and they're coming home and
telling me about it. And I have to pretend like
I don't know, you know, just to
get them talking. So, my son was like,
"Mom, there's this thing called the Great Depression." I was like, "Whoa!
That sounds intense." And he was like,
"Yeah, they cut open the cows, and there was sand inside
they were so hungry." -Wow.
-Sand inside the cows? -Yeah, those desert cows. Yeah.
-Yeah. And then he's also like — You
know, he's like, "Led Zeppelin. Have you heard Led Zeppelin?"
And I'm like, "I kind of have." Like, I want so badly to say,
"I made out to Led Zeppelin." But, instead, I have to be like,
"Whoa! They sound cool." And he's like, "There's a song.
It's pretty long. It's called
'Stairway to Heaven.' It's like eight minutes." And I have to go,
"Ooh! Let's check it out." And I had to pretend to listen
to "Stairway to Heaven" for the first time. It's really good.
-It's so cute. -It's so cute.
-You're a director now. -Yeah. That's right. -This is fantastic. -Yeah, I mean, I need to
reintroduce myself to you, like, "Oh, hello again." -Yes. Oh, hello again.
-I'm a director. -I'm meeting you
for the first time. -Yeah, yeah. -I think you would be
a great director, because I know you from "UCB,"
"Upright Citizens Brigade." You directed shows there.
[ Cheers and applause ] But, I mean, this is a big deal.
-Yeah, this is my first feature. I've done television, but this
is the first feature I've done. -Well, you knocked it
out of the park. It's great.
-Thanks, dude. -And you've got
a great crew of — -The best.
-What a cast. Maya Rudolph, Paula Pell,
Tina Fey, Rachel Dratch, Ana Gasteyer. -Yeah.
-Holy moly! -Murderer's row.
-Murderer's row. I mean, the funniest
people out there. -Yeah, it wasn't that hard.
-To make them laugh? -Yeah. No, it wasn't so hard. And they're just so funny
and so talented and so good. I mean, my job was just to get
them to stop talking to each other. -You're like, "Guys, focus up." -Yeah, I was just like,
"Hey, guys, that's a really funny story. Come on over here. Like, sit down over –" I would
just trick them. -I love that your voice
gets really high, too. -"Hey, guys.
Just sit down over here. And I'd go, "Action!"
-"Hurry it up." Yeah, yeah. -Yeah. But I was kind of
the buzzkill. I had to stop all the fun.
-Who wrote this? -Emily Spivey and Liz Cackowski,
our friends. -I love them both. Yes.
-Yes. Wonderful, amazing ladies. -It's based on a thing
you kind of did, right? -Yeah, we went to Wine Country
for Dratch's 50th. And we also went to Palm Springs
for Ana's 50th. And we just kind of smushed some of those
experiences together and then exaggerated
some other ones, too. -It's hilarious.
-Yeah. -And do you know anything about
wine now that you didn't know? -You know, I don't — I can't
claim to know, but I did learn one thing,
which is — if you describe
wine confidently, it doesn't matter
if you don't know anything. -Wow! -Yeah.
-That's a really good secret. -So, if you go —
And you stay really vague. So, if you're drinking wine
and you say like, "Well, she has
an interesting story." -Oh, so the wine is "she"?
-I don't know. -We don't know. Okay.
-I don't know. Do you call it — "Mmm!
Oh, this one's shy." Or, like, give me —
Like, all right, let's say you're drinking red wine
and you just go, "Now, oh, this one tastes
like recent history." -You just do whatever you want,
it will make it work? -Do you remember we did an "SNL"
sketch with Parnell one time? Antonio Banderas was the host.
Hi, Antonio! I miss you! And one of the lines was —
We were tasting wine. And I think it
was Parnell was like, "I detect a hint of swordplay." -Well, I wanted to show
everyone a clip. It's a very, very funny
film here. This is Amy Poehler and
Rachel Dratch in "Wine Country." Take a look at this. -Let me know what you smell.
There's no wrong answers. -Uh…green apple?
-Yeah. -Yes.
-Very good. Green apple. -I want to say…canned peaches? -No. -You said there's
no wrong answer. -Yeah, but, you know…peaches.
There's no peaches in there. -Okay.
-What else do you got? -Oh, lemon.
-Yes. Very good. -Oh, I taste the lemon, yeah. -You don't taste it.
You smell it. -Grapes.
-Well, yeah, of course. -Nice. That's smart. -Definitely grapes in there.
-You can't go wrong with that. -Dude, it's so fun.
-Thank you. -Congratulations.
"Wine Country." Amy Poehler, everybody.

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  1. Oh man she got to work with Antonio 😩 I'd keep forgetting my lines all the time because my eyes and mouth would be drooling on him😭😍😂 I don't know how she did it to keep focus lol

  2. Biggest dilemma I have ever faced. On one hand, it's Amy Poehler and therefore I really really wanna watch. But on the other hand, it's 5 mins of Jimmy Fallon's fake laughter

  3. Unless you know you're a bad teacher and you don't care about the needs of your students, but those teachers don't know or don't care that they're bad.

  4. Wow I wish my mom was as nice as Amy. I would show my mom remixes and new songs I found and she just talk about how it came from her generation. It always let me down "I already know and I know it better than you"

  5. Oh dear. I love all these women so much and I’m rooting for this movie but usually for these clips, they choose the pick of the litter . . . So this might not be a good sign 😐

  6. Wow how great us women want to be treated better but a famous woman is using her platform to promote child abuse at school! Were still at a point where we have to take it as a joke and laugh about it? Do we still laugh about women's abuse?

  7. "with a hint of a ravens bathwater" "i think we can all agree that all wine tastes the same, and if you spend more than $5 on wine…you are very stupid" thank you april ludgate.

  8. The most fake joke stealing bitch that has ever tried to be famous. It is truly sad that you are famous and some that are deserving aren’t.

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