Amruta Fadnavis in conversation during JAI HO Concert Tour Organised by APPIwith Rashmi Sathe

with you and today we have a pleasure talking to mrs. America pardon miss who is here for a concert tour jiho concert tour floppy and we have a pleasure here talking to her regarding her experience with the tour and her charities and the work she has been doing in her social activities so welcome here miss ji – thank you thank you ma'am our next issue of topic media is focused around fitness health and well-being the cause that you're supported throughout the concert aligned with it can you shed more light on why it needs more attention and what would be your advice on how to prioritize health and fitness of life I'm so happy to be here and which is being taken up by happy I think so it is very important in today's date to look into these hideous diseases leukemia lymphoma cardiovascular diseases these are lifestyle diseases with up growing and I think so we it is you and I taking a food good treatment right but there are people who just kind of put behind for this thing these people out second increasing the research activities upon these diseases to help in later or contigency is where if we can really come up come out of it because of this research is very important and RP is the putting in debt effort through this Jamo concert curvature come to use these funds which are connected through the sponsored into the research and awareness and also the cure of these diseases for the needy it's very important and I think so it's an example for us all of us to follow after how an organization coming together will make a huge difference so I'm here for the sponsor but for me as you are this is good so when health is lost everything is lost bring back the money but you cannot bring back your health and character of absolutely health is wealth yes and coming to another cause in honor on your agenda of women empowerment you are a vp of access bank and a social activist connected to a very popular political figure in Maharashtra you must be coming across various issues affecting women what is your assessment on where do we need to put in more efforts to make it a better place for men women and which area would you like to highlight I must say that women are coming up now into media so he's into radius what the quantities the number of positions occupied by women are very few if anything you name it and I feel that like example in internship in India I am talking about India right it is similar condition every bit of and we hear the same in here so I think so conducive policies which is taking into in the portrait nor in that a few ways like maternity things have been increased they have various facilities for the men who are starting up their business in India start of India right in a special cells for women then in terms of security the poor should lows which are there in the pocket is very important so that moment feel secure and on wireless right and then there are wrong various special finance schemes which I helped a multi business startup tubes what do you think for a long way for finally – that – you have to think that a woman equally class open also has to have that conditionally family thinking but education 100% I agree upon that that's well very well said so here many in our eyes are still emotionally bonded with their roots and we often see great support from NRI stores causes helping a population in the mood of India India is there any project you are associated I must thank the appeal circles or the Fujiyama attack soldiers there it is potential and for them also the immediate event a they are helping out to their mind bank in Ayesha Moncada thought so and there are so many startups where there has been abuses including equity market also so in Maharashtra the investment of NRI exceeds thousand the only state which exceeded thousand crores investment by analyze plus an equity market estate thousands of 500 crores around currently so you show strong support to India with your PD and that increases our confidence definitely but periods where I feel more help can be given first area is definitely health care may be our health care has been keeping improved it to be different or not there are certain things like manumission and all that should be catered by her training down and body workers nmn ANM say because that is one plate and secondary job in education we can come up together to upgrade values which are in the interior most area one more area is village development and one organisation a small group of doctor adopts one village and maddening that village can be brought to the levels of modern village for the modern village so that can also tell you how to cook slowly our maximum population – village – just a daunting one small villages for either 500 to 1500 people can make a mutation which will include everything sanitation education killing wonderful great ideas and great numbers that's very encouraging and I hope our NRI friends and brothers and sisters can pay attention to that and help in these matters coming to the next point where can you tell us about your initiative about motika satalia that sounds really really interesting this is my aunt Wingull initiative along with the Gates Foundation in power ready now chuckle not even again oh this this idea is about going to the slum and meetings lunches and having their auditions and Wow children and we are owning them into music that means it'll instrument so they have the final performances on 22nd June in Mumbai AHA very International and national musicians are going to support them and bounce their support through the videos or to some songs given to them so it will be a great form of a platform for them to perform and show give themself we are grooming them some plastics money uh-huh and the ones who did not get selected also be given their money people to give them a mental positivity training so that the next time they cannot in repair so there are these few talented children who don't deserve to go into a 9 to 2000 desert it is odd for the family to get yourself to be haunted he wondered cut so we have made all the you are also invited basic Thank You mspi dome 7:00 p.m. onwards we have this program super talented slam sure I'm sure that sounds really grand and behind a perfume a musician absolutely our education is equally important it helps the human being to develop and exactly yeah something that they're placed within something that you have nourished so yes absolutely under international France are there any charge is there any charity work that is happening there on the naturally internationally we have children again actually correctly I had a big nerve for eating the beef the national stats for this meal ticket pathetic and many of them for a minute it's important to keep this place better and make it better for the future generations absolutely absolutely thank you is there any specific message that you want to give to in our eyes I would perception about India has changed to positive the court and others as we working so hard in their given the areas of expertise I would just say that yes you have the gift bag attitude in your heart you please keep it up keep it a little bit and Biden either individually or two organizations will make a big difference it will need it absolutely thank you giving her this always good to be blessed yes coming to the last round y'all can interview me here we are with rush me rapid-fire so next I will say a few words and we would like to know your first thought as a reaction to each word are you ready for it okay passion you think kids peoria gender equality education schools dallas do we get to see you again back in talat sure we have a vmm convention coming up in July so I really hope to see you and Lucci there and the convention so yeah yeah thank you so much every is this lovely talking to you and thank you for spending time with

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