America’s education system is centuries old. Can we build something better? | Elizabeth Garlow

At Lumina, we are especially interested in
trying to increase the number of individuals with a quality post-secondary credential.
So, we want clear and flexible pathways to help individuals get the education that they
need to lead a better life. And for us, that means a few things. It means trying to help
individuals have their learning recognized wherever it may take place, whether it’s in
the military, or in the workplace, or in libraries. So how do we find ways to capture, recognize,
and validate that learning toward a credential? Second, we really want to ensure that those
pathways for individuals are affordable. It’s really hard to understand the true cost of
education today. And so we’re interested in helping people understand what a credential
really costs and what that ROI on a credential might be. Third, we want to move toward a
national competency-based education system, where what you know is more important than
the time you’re spending in a seat in a classroom. And fourth, we want a national quality assurance
system where we can really understand what a quality credential looks like, what are
the outcomes that someone is achieving with that credential. We need to make quality learning
opportunities available for millions of Americans who look different from those students that
our systems were really built to serve. So, our post-high school education landscape today
was really built to serve students that might be full-time, campus-based. And the reality
is today that we have a very different student demographic. Over 40% of students enrolled
in some sort of post-secondary education today are over the age of 25. They might be taking
care of families. They might be commuting to campus. And so we need to create educational
systems and pathways that are really friendly to their needs and what they’re capable of
achieving. Another thing that’s really unique about Lumina
is we are looking to better understand the systemic historic factors that have created
an unequal education system and how we can close gaps in education and educational attainment
by race and ethnicity. We will not be able to get to the place that we want to be as
a nation to be globally competitive in a talent marketplace unless we close those gaps in
attainment. So we really are interested at Lumina in what we call our equity imperative,
which is, how do we ensure that we create a more equitable post-secondary education
system that works for all?

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  1. The whole education system needs to be demolished and rebuilt from the ground up, particularly secondary education. It's nothing but a machine to create debt and indoctrinate students with Marxism, Communism, and Anti-Whiteism.

  2. The USA ranks below education heavyweights Slovakia and Hungary when tested by independent researchers (PISA). America is exceptional alright… exceptionally ignorant!

  3. It is not the job of the government to coddle students. If you want to build a better system, return to what was done in the 1940s – if you couldn't handle the pressure, you dropped out.

  4. Competency and quality all sound great. So why are schools pushing grading systems based on perceived cultural privileges?

  5. I am working on a project that will solve all or most of the problems this video is talking about. Currently it is in the devlopement stage as i don't want want to release it without it being functional. The only thing i disagree with the author is in regards to thinking of education from a nation state perspective. We need to look beyond just making the united states competitve in education. Education is a global issue and everyone in the world needs access to a free high quality education. Luckily with existing technologies this can be accomplished. The key is to realize thay algorithms can be replicated infintely to scale. Adjustments to the algorithm can be rolled out immediately.

  6. Nothing but junk here if you aren't going to discuss the 150+ year old prussian model that we still follow that was designed to produce factory workers and soldiers.

    Not to mention ignoring the fact that advanced learning in many fields(especially tech) is pulling away from formal school models and favoring certificates as these are updated far quicker and are more accessible than degree programs.

  7. From the same people who are currently destroying your children’s minds. I look forward to Jordan Peterson’s work in this direction.

  8. Another sales pitch… Big Stink really need to tone down the commercials disguised as content or they gonna get sued.

  9. Complete trash, if you want to really reform education you must get rid of the system in place instead of just trying to add more to the system.

  10. Whenever these silver-tongued Leftards say the words "systemic, historic and unequal" in the same sentence, what they mean is "anti-white male". It's feminism in bed with globalism.

  11. But WILL we change anything? Even if the education system was unbiased toward age, race, or whatever, this video still didn't address the main flaws. Like our grading "pass/fail" system.

  12. We could just rewind the clock by 50 years to when we had the best education in the entire world and get rid of government owned schooling.
    It's win-win for both sides.
    The California side will see a whole bunch of poor white people in the fly-over states lose access to education and they'll sink down to even more poverty.
    The everyone else side will see a dramatic boost as schools improve to keep up and compete with the rest of the world.

  13. How about hiring teachers who actually TEACH instead of just presenting powerpoints, or reading from a textbook?

  14. How about rethinking the class placement of our students? If a student still doesn't understand a topic by the end of the lesson, they should not be punished with bad grades.

    They should continue to take the class until it sticks.

  15. The goals you state are contradictory to each other. You can't make equality exist no matter what you do.
    If you want equal outcomes between races you will intentionally hurt the groups with the highest IQ's.
    If you want fair and equal opportunity you will end up with unequal outcomes.
    You also are very likely to hurt poor people of one group to help the richest people of another.
    Kids raised poor don't need you rigging the system against them even more.

    Stop trying to punish our best and brightest with your social bias. Let everyone just be an individual instead of grouping people by race.
    Grouping people by race is racism. Beyond 2:00 in this video you went full on propaganda.

    If you want something better than what we currently got let it all go private and end public education.

    It's mainly an indoctrination factory anyway and you seem to want to put another layer of indoctrination on top of it.

  16. You want to reverse ""systemic"" issues for certain ""demographics""? Revert the civil right act and school desegregation. The data unmistakably points to this action being absolutely detrimental. The entrepreneurship-rate just like youth unemployment was actually BETTER THAN in the "privileged demographics" and there were schools who would achieve outcomes far superior even to wasps average educational achievements!
    Let's not get bogged down by left-wing fairy tales, just focus on the actual records.

  17. I'm with Neil Degrasse Tyson on this one. We need to teach children how to think, not what to think. We need to not just fill their heads with half-useful factoids and quiz them on how well they remembered said factoids, then shove them out the door twelve years later calling them educated.

  18. When the federal government got involved in the school system is when everything went to shit. Anytime the government gets their nose in something it always goes to shit. I don't understand why some people never learn lesson and we keep letting the cycle continue.

  19. Last night I had the best conversation I’ve had in years with a 14 year old girl, over the difference between general perception and universal reality . Best conversation I’ve had in years mind you……… this girl was home schooled. Public schools are terrible

  20. I passed numerous IT certifications watching youtube videos. We need to think beyond the typical classroom environment, I agree.

  21. First proof that their education system is centuries old, is the fact that they don't even know the difference between a country and a continent, and are ignorant enough to keep calling "America" to a country.

  22. We need an entirely new school system from k12 and beyond. We borrowed our school system from Prussia and switched them in the 1850s or 1930s. I can't remember.

  23. Aside from lab work, there is no need to sit in a 1930's bricks and style mortar classroom. That formal education "degree" is most often an expensive joke, a terrible waste of time and money. Note: About 70% holding that BS earn a living in a field unrelated to their degree.

  24. The bit about equity is vague. Different communities achieving similar outcomes is a decent goal, but there are questions about what is meant by this. Is it purely percentage of degrees/grades per number of students, or would it be corrected to deal with pipeline (stressed communities, failing schools), or cultural issues. Given the radical variation in culture in humankind, the concept that values, beliefs have no impact on performance is just denial. If (let's say) city x has an excellent learning culture* and (purely coincidentally) a non representative makeup, it would skew numbers.

    It's difficult to solve a problem if you slice the data to rule out looking at some element of the problem or to miss granular details. So I think you need to be upfront about what techniques you want to apply to attain equity and what complexity of model you're using. Part of the objection to anything that sounds like affirmative action (beyond being philosophically horrifying or counter intuitive) relates to a perception of arbitrariness (where the devil is very much in the detail). If something is defensible, I tend to think it's defensible warts and all. I could defend practically anything by being vague enough. For instance, a Zeppelin sounds okayish if you call it something else and never mention hydrogen being quite flammable.

    * why not? two cities with similar demographics could produce different results. Different subcultures could have diverging outcomes. Cultural variation by generation might similarly prove the concept. (Anecdotally, you notice cultural differences. I moved from an area that prides itself on learning into an area more concerned with surfing. If there was any difference in demographics, you'd get some oddness with statistics)

  25. It’s generational. So due to how history developed in the US many discriminatory policies have been in place since the beginning. Social injustice perpetuated at such large scales for centuries causes a massive divide in wealth distribution, method of stigmatization, quality and quantity of incarceration, and representation in government as well as other factors. I mean even now gentrification and government policies are still geared towards such inequalities. In the end the result are families that have not been able to build the basic foundations required for a family to flourish in modern times. Many of them battle addictions that they are penalized for which further causes fracturing in the family structure. One could almost argue the system is made to keep certain demographics of people down. It’s my opinion that education will change the world but families can’t take advantage of that if they are constantly in states of survival mode that for many at the bottom begins at birth. Human beings require a lot of proper guidance and conducive environments in order to meet the demands of the modern age.

  26. It's really much more simple than that, just make primary and secondary education application-based rather than merit-based, and mandate funding for schools based on class size

  27. The only thing that needs change is we need to get rid of fake junk science and go back to our Christian foundation. It will allow our country to flourish and dominate once again!

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