10 thoughts on “America's Declining Literacy Rate”

  1. I’m sharing this,
    I’m not entirely sure what anyone’s problems with this are,
    It’s articulate and concise and it doesn’t just point directly at the problem, it offers ideas for solutions.

    Thank for you hard work here,
    This is a subject I am very passionate about.

  2. The background music is very distracting for someone trying to read the posts in this video. Softer music might be a better option.

  3. Very creative but doesn't tell people what they need to know. Kids have to start early learning the alphabet and the sounds, then the blends…Soon they're reading. (Parents with young kids, please Google "54: Preemptive Reading.")

  4. this is sad, its so so sad. I have a passion for reading and learing though I admit im not the brightest but to not know hwo to read at all? It sounds like..broken homes equal a broken education

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