America’s Biggest Issues: Education

. American colleges and
universities are failing in one of their most basic missions: to equip students with the
tools they need for a career. Many students graduate
ill-prepared to earn a living and pay off the debt they’ve accumulated getting their degrees. Forty percent of those who start college don’t finish within six years. Additionally, students are
often subject to indoctrination into socialist ideology. They face hostility toward
opinions that don’t conform to the predominantly
leftist thinking on campus. They’re also immersed in identity politics that pit students of different
backgrounds against one another. Despite these problems, colleges
continue to raise tuition because federal loan money is handed out with little scrutiny as to the student’s ability to pay it back. Colleges have had free
reign to raise prices, at levels often double
the rate of inflation. Flush with all that money,
their first spending priority often isn’t the classroom,
but the bureaucracy. From 1987-2012, America’s
higher education system added more than half a
million administrators, doubling the number of administrators relative to the number of faculty. To pay for these ever-increasing costs, students are borrowing more money and taking on more and more debt. And with federal loans accounting for much of the 1.5 trillion in
outstanding student loan debt, and more than a million people
defaulting on their loans, taxpayers are picking up much of the tab for this broken system. So what’s the solution? While politicians often suggest throwing more money at the problem, that will only make things worse. In fact, the surest way
to stop the sharp increase in both college tuition and student debt is to get the federal government out of the student loan business. That cuts off the open spigot of money that has allowed colleges
to increase costs virtually without limit. Restoring private lending
will make the loan market more responsible and cause
colleges to reign in costs, creating more affordable
choices for students. Private lending will also
limit taxpayers’ exposure to billions upon billions
of dollars in loan defaults. One emerging private lending solution is coming from the colleges themselves in the form of income share agreements. Such agreements allow
students to obtain financing from their schools and pay it back based on a percentage of
their income after graduation. That means their monthly
loan payments are lower when their income is lower, ensuring that loan payments
are more affordable, or that they can pay them off quicker when their income is higher. This system allows students to
see before they take on debt or choose a major what types of careers will allow them to pay
off their loans quicker and what kind of future
they are investing in. This kind of cost savings and transparency is a win for students, for taxpayers, and for fiscal sanity.

9 thoughts on “America’s Biggest Issues: Education”

  1. The problem isn't just University, it is actually high school and lower. By the time they graduate, only 27% is students are proficient in math. That's crazy! It's something I want to go into depth more and make a video about.

  2. But but but The youth of America! What if they actually learn to think while they are in high school and rationally decide not to go to college? Where will they complete their indoctrination? The Activist Industry may suffer a collapse that would take years to recover from.

  3. America's biggest education issue is women dominating education. It is women teaching boys to think like women. Teach boys to think through a feelings filter before they decide anything. It's a suspicion filter. They do not teach boys to seek truth. The masculine educator is the objective. The feminine educator is the subjective. Truth is objective. There used to be a balance between the masculine and feminine in education. Not any more. Women have no trust in truth. It requires them to be vulnerable while relying on someone else not to harm them and by extension, their children. Even if you make a sound argument, they will ask an appeal to an authority figure, a cite sources mantra for they cannot trust a sound argument without an authority figure giving them the green light to trust it. Women are prey to being emotionally vulnerable on a cyclical basis from puberty through their child bearing years. Being vulnerable emotionally makes you lean towards being defensive emotionally and triggerable. Anything that is emotionally suspicious is a potential threat. Now people being educated by women are coming out for hate speech laws and curbing free speech when they hear suspicious language, become triggered emotionally and perceive it as a threat because hate through words is an emotional attack where you are vulnerable. This is how our education system is programming our young adults to think like and it's all promoted by women psychology of defensiveness against being emotionally vulnerable. We are literally teaching subjective victim-hood and we wonder why our students are failing in objective studies like mathematics. They are teaching boys to think in a manner that is entirely unnecessary and extremely toxic for boys. It seriously messes them up mentally. The best of them see nothing wrong with Gillette commercials. The worst of them shoot up schools. Is it any wonder right when women are dominating the education of boys that there is an explosion of males actually believing they are women on the inside and gender is just a construct???????????!Women do not understand boys or men, yet try and change them to better suit their own needs, their own beliefs and their own narcissism. They are abusing males psychologically. Most are oblivious to it. Some don't care. Some know exactly what they are doing and don't care. It's an abuse that doesn't leave bruises you can capture on a polaroid and show it to a jury in a courtroom.

  4. Despite all these failures 🇺🇸 has produced more Nobel laureates in STEM than rest of the world.

  5. If colleges co-signed for private equity student loans gender studies and the myriad other ___-studies degrees would evaporate like alcohol on a hot griddle. Students would be encouraged to take on responsible debt only for degrees in which they have a reasonable chance of generating an income which would enable them to repay their loans as well as having a decent livelihood.

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