AMERICAN TEACHER REACTS TO SCHOOL IN AUSTRALIA | US vs. Australia Educational Differences 🇦🇺🇺🇸

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  1. Kinder (or Kindy in other states than Victoria) starts at age 3 and goes for 2 years. After that there's a year of Prep followed by 6 years of Primary and 6 years if Secondary school.

  2. in primary school we would say "miss smith" but u get to highschool and weve been at school for 7 years now so we cant really be fucked and we say miss or mr or sir

    also kindergarten is a thing … its the same as preschool but we call it kinder (pronounced kinda lol) prep is equivalent to first grade and then grade one is second grade etc

    also we say grade x until we reach highschool which is year 7 and onwards for us, from then till year 12 we say year x

  3. most schools have recess or "snack" which starts at around 10:30 to 11:00, and lasts about half an hour and then lunch starts at around 12:30–1:00 and lasts for about an hour. we dont have eating time in highschool but in primary school u usually do

  4. You’re a breath of fresh air. Most Australian teachers winge their heads off about low pay. We do have amazing education here In Australia. In Melbourne we have 3 year and 4 year old kindergarten then you start prep. The public system is great. You can succeed here if you want to. The reports are cut and paste politically correct rubbish these days. Sad really. When I was at school I’m the 70’s if you misbehaved or had a learning difficulty your teachers didn’t hold back on the school report.

  5. I am from Australia in high school and we eat outside with our own food. We do have a tuckshop tho were we can buy our food form the school. we also say Mrs Mr and miss and we wear hats all year. in my primary school, some classrooms were connected and had a microwave. One classroom had toilets. In QLD it goes kindergarteners the preps then grade 1. while in NSW its prep, kindergarten then grade 1. I say math, maths and for naplan its mathematics. I also say am in grade # and year #. with toilets, they are outside. I say the toilet and bathroom. I don't say I'm busting in primary or high school. I would hate to go to a school in America cause its only one building I don't know why you don't have sections. Not called canteen its called tuckshop. I am not a university student but i do know you can do tafe or uni.

  6. Might be late but the miss thing is just too accurate. In primary we did finish with last names as it distinguished your class and teacher from other children so you didn’t get confused. However in secondary school or high school miss was adopted because with every period or session there is a new teacher and remembering is difficult. So just saying miss is still respectful but takes the pressure off the children haha

  7. I live in Florida – it's a rare public school down here that isn't an open-air campus with portables. It's too hot to do otherwise.

  8. If you teach high schoolers in Australia they will break you, especially if they’re not the highest achievers
    In high school you get year 8s on their own or year 8s and 9s mixed or like year 11 and year 12s mixed (year 10s are usually on their own)
    So they split the year into two, so one half (the high achievers) will do a higher level version of science, maths, English etc
    And it’s the same for the other half, except it’s not as full on or “hard”.
    I was in the other half, and let me tell you, we weren’t bad kids but we liked to fuck around a lot and just mess with teachers. We made a few cry just from shit stirring a little haha

    But yeah idk how you would go with high schoolers here… praying that you get the high achievers hahaha

  9. we have kindergarten! its what you go to before starting school! prep is the first year of school (junior school = prep to year 6)

  10. A lot of this is stuff that isn’t across the board in Australia, like the open air classrooms are quite uncommon and in most states primary school is kindergarten to year 6 and high school is year 7 to year 8 to year 12. Also children tend to call you just miss because they have forgotten your name which makes sense because your a sub

  11. Some schools in Australia have the term Prep but I grew up in Australia and it's always kindagarten to me and I barely hear Prep

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