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  1. Dear Sir, I bow before you! Thank you! This is brilliant, I love these lessons… the easiest/most fun/entertaining method…
    I'm going to make this my hobby/sudoku&puzzle alternative/waiting-passing time activity/before-bed ritual… and also become a better person (I'm not deaf, nor do I know anyone impaired… or actually anyone at all. I'm a total recluse/outcast/isolated/introvert/anti-social/agoraphobic… and now I feel I need to take this further/evolve… take a vow of silence :|)

    You should do ASL Stand-up Comedy, you're very charismatic and entertaining! I'm picking these up quite easy (the sign order straight away, like German), and when it's not challenged enough, my mind always wonders to ridiculous things… though I don't mean to be insensitive/mock ASL… I find myself quite the comedian, now Mime-jokes in my mind, though the only audience are the voices in my head… I would really like to see an ASL Comedy show/parodies, maybe there already are some, this is new to me… so another good motivation to learn ASL… Comedy, like a silent film. I'm very empathetic, can't imagine how hard it is, and always tear up when I see people suffering 🙁 but people need some cheering up sometime, rather than sulk/cry and be depressed… Blessed be the ASL comunity.
    Anyway, I wish you'd been my teacher growing up… I've been so traumatized by all my elementary, middle and 90% of high-school pedagogues (communist regime/mentality)… 🙁

  2. I’m not deaf but I love to learn cuz my friends 3 of them are deaf in my country ( I’m from Iraq ) then I start talk and communicate with my friends Until I come to USA 6 years ago, also I met my neighbor a deaf couple but their son 5 years old he is not deaf, I felt happy to be their friend but I realized that Arabic sign language is different than American Sign Language, any way I start watching Bill Vicars videos and learn and I’m so happy to communicate with my neighbors, I think they should put a sign language class in schools for the kids to communicate with others and learn about them, I feel so special cuz my neighbors love me and happy to have them as my friends. Thank you mr Bill Vicars your videos mean a lot to us.

  3. Wow, this is amazing. I remember one summer between eighth and 9th grade probably, I watched some of his videos because I wanted to learn asl. Unfortunately I lost the motivation but I've come back a few years later and it's funny how much I can remember.

  4. I want to learn american sign lenguage so in the future i can communicate with more people.
    I also learned english and im studying some German, i hope that one day i can speak at keast 10 lenguages.
    (Btw, my first lenguage is Spanish)

  5. When I learned the what questions I would put the what at the end. Does it work both ways? So you can say your teachers name (down eyebrows) or your teachers name what (Down eyebrows).

  6. I watch a video a day. I mumble to myself in sign now. I dream sign. Mr. Vickars has really made an impact. He's so easy to learn from. I'm used to no sound and I can concentrate better. I can understand his questions, her answers with ease and I remember new signs. Then when I get filled up I process it then continue the same video.

  7. I don't know the first thing about sign language,is there anything easier than this to help me get started?

  8. I have lost my speech have a tracheostomy. Learning sign language is a way to get me back to work with my disability. Thank you for the lessons. Im ur new student

  9. I look level one ASL class about twelve years ago, but never got to take the next levels (unemployed, then moved, all the complicated life stuff). But I've had steady employment for about three years, now; I'm going back to take level 1 again in less than a month, and I'm using these videos as a refresher.

    Thanks so much for putting these online, Bill!

  10. i have been trying to learn asl since i was 13, and never really picked it up. i always had trouble finding a way to practice. even with three books on it, i found it hard to learn signs through seeing them on paper. now, i have a way to study a language i've been wanting to learn for years!

  11. I love this! I love this hands on experience!

    Took one class in middle school. Only the alphabet stuck. Had a supervisor at a job of mine that was learning it, he and a few who were deaf/hard of hearing would teach me a few words each day. A few of them stuck, after not having anyone to practice with.

    I don't want to keep passing up the opportunity to learn this language that I think is so cool and so useful. I really hope to be able to communicate with this fluently one day…

  12. This is looking for now i try myself to learn sign language if ever i met SOMEone he/she is deaf i will talk to them that i not be a shame..

  13. This is my first time learning ASL, and I find this teacher so funny. I can't hear him and I had no idea I would learn so easily and have so much fun without even hearing. I'm just amazed wow. Thank you so much 💛

  14. Hi Bill! I appreciate your videos and one-word-sign tutorials. I would like to buy you lunch but I do not like paypal, at all. Do you have venmo?

  15. I'm not deaf nor am I hard of hearing. I have speech problems sometimes so I decided to learn and these really helped me a lot at school. sadly only two teachers could figure out what I was trying to tell or ask them.

  16. My best friend is hard or hearing so im kearning to be an interpreter, im so lucky my teacher told me about you!

  17. I've learned over 1000 signs in the last few days with these videos and lifeprint.com. By far the best teaching tool for sign language that I've found. What a beautiful language!

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