50 thoughts on “American Reacts To HATEM BEN ARFA MADNESS, SKILLS, DRIBBLES & GOALS”

  1. I know that the video stutters….I think I may need a new pc but holy lord thats going to be expensive. I know that the stutters are annoying and I've been trying to get it resolved for weeks now. 🙁

  2. Ben Arfa once was able to go past every defender in the world. He looked like his capabilities were infinite.
    (Edit:) Pity that he wasn't a really good finisher.

  3. You haven't reacted to Aimar yet.
    Most ridiculous nutmeg ever!
    The same again:

  4. Can you react to davide moscardelli is too good for ballon'dor he is a really exciting player to watch and i think you would enjoy watching him

  5. 12:03 the move is called the inside out, it's a variation of the elastico.
    And here are four more elastico variations if you want to know more

  6. U should react to some England training vids on the England channel. You'll really be able to see how good the players are with the cameras close up.
    And great vid like always.

  7. As an Advice … when you check out a new player… why not watch a video on his career highlights rather than last season …this is less than 5 % of what ben arfa has showed us .

  8. Bro please react to "The Greatest Era Of Football Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo" by Magical Messi 🐐🐐

  9. Have you seen the Isle of Man TT Racing? That is a reaction must, you need balls of steel for that race….

  10. Ben Arfa and Pato both could have been the 2nd and 3rd best players after messi if they were serious enough
    they had the best natural talent after messi

  11. I know you like your sports so give hurling ago when you're bored and have a chance really think you'd enjoy it!! here's a taster

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