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Hello everyone! I’m spending the day with a real ambulance
today. We’re going to be having a look inside,
then going out on the road with the Ambulance crew, and visiting a special garage JUST for
ambulances. Ambulances are one of the most important vehicles
on the road. They are used to pick up people who are poorly
or who have hurt themselves and get them to hospital as quickly as possible. An ambulance really is like a mini hospital
on wheels. Everything in the back is here to treat people
on the way to hospital. Let’s meet the Ambulance crew. This is Terry, the emergency medical technician
and he’s just checking the ambulance to make sure everything is working properly before
call out. And this is Paul – the Paramedic. Paul decides how to help the poorly person
on the way to the hospital, and can give them special medicine. Paul lowers this special ramp by pressing
a button. The ramp makes it easier to get patients on
board the ambulance. If a patient needs to lie down, Paul and Terry
will use this stretcher. They can then wheel the patient up the ramp
and into the back of the ambulance. These special seats can fold out so that a
member of the patient’s family can stay with them on the way to hospital. Paul, the paramedic can use all of this medicine
and these amazing tools to make people feel better! There is a special hatch so that Paul and
Terry can talk to each other. Over the radio, the crew have received a real
call out. It’s time to go to work. When a call comes in, it’s time for Paul
and Terry to turn the lights on and drive quickly to their patient. That means they’re even allowed to go through
red lights! Paul and Terry’s aim is always to get the
patient to hospital as quickly and safely as possible. The crew and their vehicles work really, really
hard with these ambulances doing hundreds of miles per day. This also means that sometimes things can
break. but luckily a garage has been built specially
for fixing ambulances. Have you ever seen so many ambulances in one
place? The expert mechanics in this amazing workshop
can fix around 25 ambulances per day! Hey what was that… Blue mechanical! How on earth did you get in here? You better stay out of trouble! It looks like there’s something wrong with
one of this Ambulance’s flashing lights. So it’s up to Tim the mechanic to fix the
problem. There – that’s better! Good as new. We can’t have an ambulance without flashing
lights can we! After travelling hundreds of miles, Ambulances
also get very dirty so this is where they are given a good wash. Blue Mechanical – you better watch you don’t
get wet! Uh oh, too late! Thanks very much Paul, Terry and the whole
team at the North West Ambulance service for teaching us about the important service that
you provide. For more videos from me, just tap here! Byeeeee!

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  2. The British ambulance literally looks like a Scandinavian ambulance
    Even the siren is almost accurate

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