Amber Portwood "Learning More" about Andrew Glennon

you good morning everyone it's Friday TGIF hope you guys are having a really good day let's get started so there's been a lot of going lots of stuff going on with Amber Portwood and I have been doing my best to deliver you the tea and the information as quickly as it comes in this story came from Us Weekly but I've been tracking a couple things related to her just to make sure I could get some more information and I'm starting to feel like maybe some of these leaks that are coming out of Amber's camp are either from her brother or her mother or even amber to be honest because the spin is starting you guys the spin is literally starting so amber and Andrew obviously are in a little pickle right now because they have you know this no contact order because of her cucumber wielding incident in July earlier this month and it's making things a little bit more difficult for them to communicate and apparently that separation has led to amber learning more about her boyfriend that she might be a little bit skeptical about which I'm like did you really expect to know much about him when you started dating him and got pregnant in 32 seconds Andrew yeah Hamburg try to make this less serious than what it is or tried to deflect or try to put some blame somewhere else because you know in this case who I mean you can't take responsibility for your actions Kenya ambi all right so here's what they have I've got a couple of little I've got a couple bits of information here and one comes from Us Weekly and the source says that this is the quote directly from the source they love each other but as things intensify it's becoming a bit more difficult situation to navigate and come back from she's learning more things about and with time she said that she's been very supportive of Glennon but also very sensitive about potentially being taken for a fool in her life men have taken advantage of her she's very sensitive to repeating that like part of me wants to be like Oh Andy I am so sorry but then the other part of me is like how are we gonna feel sorry for this girl that literally like started dating this guy when she was on a show with her ex-boyfriend or her who was they weren't even I don't even broken up at the time because they were doing it in the on marriage boot camp and then like we're supposed to suddenly feel sorry for her because now she's learning more about him after she's been with him for two years I don't buy this this sounds very spinny all right so then the source goes on to say that oh is this really hold on let me check my are you guys seeing me blurry I want to make sure here hold on one second let me get rid of some stuff so you guys can actually see me better here all right sorry about that for some reason I am at a lot of stuff open and I just need to close that all out all right hopefully that will improve things let's get this close and that closed all right so all right good I'm just getting a signal on my end that the stream is having a tough time so I just want to make sure that everyone has seen me okay okay all right so here's the deal you guys um the source goes on to say that some of her friends also have doubts about Andrew because it says some of her friends don't trust him and his intention they did get together so fast which some of her friends that almost sounds like her brother because her brother has been very vocal on social media that he doesn't trust Andrew and just wait everyone there's more to this story seriously so with that said I'm still believing that this is coming from her family because her family is an is her best enabler all right so then we've got this is all on the heels of that tweet it or that deleted the deleted message that she put on Instagram that said cheating is a choice not a mistake so I think what they're trying to say is you know amber did this to him but you know she's learning all of the stuff about him and that's why she did this to him and if you guys knew what we knew you would be like whoa she Andrew totally deserved it like that's kind of the the sentiments I'm getting here now they also said that now this is the other thing so a lot of lot has been in the media about this is related to Amber's um a fight over what was it fireworks and she said yeah the source says she wasn't just upset out of nowhere there were things going on between her and Andrew that to this and they can they said that cracks in the relationship we're starting to form for the most part part it's been good but lately a few issues have popped up for popped up that have made her question things and challenged her trust in him and that she has been through a lot she just wants to be able to trust someone and there have always been major issues and the source also said that even though amber has mental health issues she takes her health very seriously really so while you're on marriage boot camp ambi and you're not sober and you're lashing out and fighting with renee Graziano and Brandi Glanville and every single person on the show you are in a good place and that would have been the appropriate time to meet a boyfriend and get involved and get pregnant in two seconds that actually to me doesn't sound like someone that's taking care of their mental health or taking care of themselves because when you're not in a place where you're not sober and you're not in your recovery the last thing you should be doing is adding a new relationship and then you add into it a pregnancy which is just even more stressful and then if you just remember like even this year these two were talking about adding another child and she was so convinced that he was the one because when you have a good man this is what you do why would you use protection like amber is clearly not using her best I don't buy it source aka Shawn Portwood or Tonya or maybe its Amber's um distant cousin Krystal who maybe it's matt baer oh my god what if it was matt baer that was the source I would love to know who the sources this would make me so excited to know if it was Matt because Matt also said nothing happened here and I was never in a relationship that involved anything abusive mm-hmm so um they said that the the entire fight was Miskin misconstrued you guys misconstrued there wasn't certain aspects like a wielding cucumber that might have been a part of this fight there might have not been a lot of things that might have not been part of this fight so this is spin spin 101 start start blaming the victim and maybe some parts of it didn't happen maybe some parts of it were a little bit more fabricated but the police are not going to do an entire investigation and prosecutors certainly aren't going to add the specific charges that they did without evidence and they're not going to just like go off somebody's word that literally isn't how the criminal justice system works they cannot you it's so if you know anything about the criminal justice system it is entirely difficult in today's justice system to prosecute it simply based on word and hearsay because there's always two sides to every story because they they almost always need to have supporting evidence to back up those claims so then obviously Amber's spinning everything but then Deborah Danielson weird Farrah's mom was spoke to the ashley reality roundup now I don't know if you remember this but Deborah and amber apparently we're like besties for a point in time I'm not sure why or how but you know Deborah's weird and Amber's bizarre and maybe they wanted to be best friends so there was also rumors at one point in time that Deborah was inviting her to be a maid of honor in her wedding which we all know is not true that didn't happen but oddly enough amber was amber was invited to Deborah's wedding to her Stage three Klingon husband that she I think is married to now now if you're ever on dip deborah's if you ever find yourself on Deborah's Instagram I will say it's quite the kick it's quite the messiness the other day she actually uploaded a video Bowl video about making BLTs in the morning like seriously that was her video and she sounded like she was on something she was kind of slurring her words a little bit and seemed a little out of it and she's like and then she's written a book and she's like seriously like who's like in her probably late 50s is trying to be an influencer on Instagram I'm not even lying so then there's Deborah now Deborah of course using her influence or using her influence or techniques and her skills of course needs to drop some information and talk to the Ashley and you know what she said isn't actually terrible I mean she said that she said first of all I feel super bad if Amber feels so sad that she wants to kil L herself there are so many people that would love to help her myself included that's nice Deborah way to insert you enter yourself into the drama and then she said that Amber's indicate Amber's actions indicate that she needs to take some time off and get some serious help well that's not something obvious Deborah way to point out the obvious you think wielding a cucumber on your boyfriend and kid might be an indication you need some help but you know Deborah's not the one not one for like profound thoughts so her quote to the Ashley was I think it's time she takes a timeout to learn to love herself and really fully concentrate on herself and not have to do whatever she's feeling bad about I don't know what the problem is I think she deserves the time to take care of it maybe she's got severe anger problems but there's nothing down inside of her there's something down inside of her that she needs time away to get to fully explore and get out right I'm pretty sure all of us have realized that amber needs some serious help and has probably been using doctors for medication rather than actually using therapy as an option but she continued by saying that in order for her to really get through this she'll need to do the work and that's not easy to over it's not easy to overcome and you guys I noticed that on marriage boot camp when dr. ish tried to tell amber that some of her behavior is really just learned from her childhood and that she's needs to really learn skills to manage her anger amber immediately was like well I'm BPI borderline so that's why I'm like this and and and I'm gonna be like this all the time and I have bipolars so that's why I'm like this – but dr. ish also noted that during marriage bootcamp he didn't think that she was taking her medications he thought that she might be on and off of them he said that he said in his professional opinion her mood instability seemed to be a factor of like whether or not she was actually using her medications because had she been on the proper medications her moods would have been more stable and she wasn't showing that her moods were stable and that's from a psychiatrist that works with addiction so I don't really particularly enjoy dr. ish but dude knows what he's talking about all right so then um oops I keep opening this one all right then she went on to say it's not easy work it's painful and it takes a lot of time and maybe the cost is high maybe she can't film for a while but in the long run I think it would be better for her she said I pray for her and I want her to be happy and healthy everybody slams her for sitting on the couch and laying in bed for however four years all the time we filmed everybody slammed her okay I get it you want to say that she had a job and she wasn't just sitting on her couch but at the same time I think it didn't help her or motivate her to do anything beyond I'm sitting on her couch and she said that Deborah continued I think she sort of gave up on herself at some point and maybe she's depressed about something and maybe she doesn't even know what she hasn't gotten the help or attention to know what's going on and she also blamed MTV because producers know that each of the girl has a weakness and they exploit those weaknesses so she said I know the producers know the girls have have weaknesses and they think they're helping other people by showing the girls stories even their struggles but it's hard on the people in front of the camera it's hard very hard to have your demons play out in front of millions of people in real-time each week so yes obviously but at the same time you know amber you know what you're signing up for if you don't like it get off MTV and get a real job I really get upset with these people that put their selves put themselves out there and then get when the negative aspects of their lives are shown I'll tell you what I work in I work as a writer and I could write 35 stories about good things every single day and get 120 people to write it but today I wrote a story about a midwife in Indiana that made a really bad choice and it lot resulted in a baby not making it and that's blowing up on my blog right now because that's the kind of stuff people want to read about people don't care about happiness they go to the internet for drama so she said amber and then so of course after Deborah makes those statements Farrah made statements which says amber doesn't have custody of her daughter and I'm pretty sure even though she's trying her hardest to be a great mom and have a new opportunity to be a great mom she's probably gonna lose custody of her new child she's just not in a good relationship maybe being on Teen Mom hasn't made her tougher or made her learn her lessons I think being on Teen Mom is probably half of the problem oh my blog let's see I can get that up for you I write I cover a lot of stuff on birth you guys it's one of my specialties and I cover a lot of stuff related to midwifery and a lot of the issues that are going on with it so I will pop the link over in the live chat for you right now all right there you go so now in relation to Amber no matter what the spin doctors say she can't get out of this by blaming Andrew and even if there were things that came up and even if things happened in their relationship even if she feels like he deceived her or he's taking advantage of her or he lied to her she's responsible for her choices she is 29 years old she is not 14 years old she is not a child and every single day we have the opportunity to make choices or to like make good choices or bad choices in this case she made the choice to get involved with a man while she was still in a relationship with another man and then within only months of knowing him decided to have a child with him move in with him and create an instant family now I know a lot of you will say that that's a part of her personality disorder which is fine but at the same time if there's people in her life that know that she has this issue they should be able to show her like this is a red flag you are making this decision and you are doing this and you are you shouldn't be doing this this is too fast this is too quick and they should be encouraging her to be seeking help and talking with doctors rather than like seeking validation through a man and also on top of all of that none of that explains her using a wielding a cucumber against her child and her boyfriend or ever resorting to a DV situation that none of these even if she's angry is an excuse ever she is a 29 year old woman we do not use our fists or our hands to solve issues we do not resort to that to being to DV when we're in relationships when we have problems we discuss things in a rational way even if it's painful or hard you have to have those tough conversations you need to have coping skills to manage those skills it's just unbelievable to me that on all at every single turn and every single step she is going to deflect and blame everyone else but herself and unfortunately at 29 years old when the history continues to repeat itself you get a couple free passes when you're younger and you make mistakes I'll give you a pass when you say that you've changed and you demonstrate that you changed I'll give you a pass but when the pattern continues to repeat itself and the same mistakes are made it's getting to a point where nobody trusts or believes there anymore most fans are just like amber you are you're done and now on Twitter people are demanding MTV say something and you guys all mind you it's July 19th today and this happened on July 5th we are 14 days removed from this incident and MTV has not once said a single thing about this entire situation nothing nothing they reacted faster related to issues with Janelle Eason and than they did to potential TV against a child that's really concerning and I'm not okay with that so this is the T related to Amber I will be back later this morning we've got some tea related to Mackenzie and Ryan Edwards and if there's other stuff that you want me to look into please let me know now I've gotten some requests for some of the shows I don't watch some southern charm and I think that show's been on for a really long time so it would probably be super hard for me to catch up on but I can continue with 90-day fiance if you guys like that and lol after L if you guys like that too I'm having some issues with monetization with L after L though because of the name and because of the the content of it I don't know why YouTube is so weird but if there's other things that you want me to look into I haven't watched almost I haven't watched all of the new seasons of 90-day fiance but if there's like a specific couple you want me to look into I can certainly dig otherwise I will be back later this morning with some more tea about Mackenzie and Ryan Edwards and I want to know in comments what you think about amber do you think it's time for her to take responsibility and stop spinning this in her favor and making herself the victim or do you buy it do you buy that there's more to the story and that we're not getting the whole story and that this has been misconstrued I want to know leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts have a great day everyone bye

48 thoughts on “Amber Portwood "Learning More" about Andrew Glennon”

  1. Amber is the centre of her own universe and everyone orbits around her. She has zero self awareness and is always so shocked when it all goes to hell

  2. When the moms went on vacation and she skipped her meds she even made the statement that Andrew would be upset if he knew she was skipping her meds….. so sounds like he does care for her mental health & her getting her life together and being happy! Just saying, otherwise he probably wouldn’t give two shits if she took her meds or not. Evidently in the past when she has not taken her meds, he has made it clear to her his stance on that. Otherwise she would have never made that statement.

  3. I can't believe MTV has not said a word yet. Its past time for Amber to take accountability for her words and actions.

  4. Key words used "Proper Medication". With her mental diagnosis of a couple different disorders, never should be prescribed any benzo's (ie. klonopin, xanax, clonazepam etc.) as this class of medication is known to cause severe anger mood issues. When they first became a popular prescription several decades ago they were nicknamed 'blue meanie's ' for that reason. Blue because of the colour of the 1mg pills and meanie's because they made a person mean when abused. This medication is an 'as needed' medication to help with onset of severe anxiety or panic attacks. Also should never ever be prescribed to anyone on pain meds. Time for her and her doctors to wake up before it's too late.


  5. Ashley has control issues she found a boy that did what boys do Fuck; but she sick so her fuck game is off so he out there doing him. She can’t be mad about it just let it go! I bet if she has a boy child she wouldn’t let him go with some one half his age…bet she would raise hell! He was 17/18 when she decided to chain him to her.

  6. Amber doesn’t have bpd. She’s a full fledged narcissist with extreme rage issues. One day she’ll pick the wrong target and get put on her backside. Might be the best lesson she will ever have.

  7. 90 day happily ever after (?)couple Ashely and Jay. Or Pedro and Chantel, oh my goodness those two and their families. What is true, what is scripted 🤥🤔
    I am a big fan of 90 day: happily ever after (?) and the spin-off “the other way”. I would definitely keep up with videos you make of those shows

  8. Amber always makes shit about herself! If one of the other teen mom's has a panic attack, she will have one! If someone gets migraines, Amber has some and can't get up out of her filthy bed! Andrew pbly got tired of waiting on her hand and foot, like when he was sick and Amber was HORRIFIED that she had to watch that baby all by herself, PLUS she had to cater to Andrew, since he was incapacitated!! WOW!! lazy ass…poor you!! She got what she deserves!!! Hate watching her!

  9. I think she gets a pass because she uses the mental illness card. News flash Amber.. A lot of people have shitty childhoods and mental illness. It is absolutely not an excuse to be a dick. I feel like MTV is waiting dor the trail before they say something because this would make a good story line and they let her get away with it once before. Hell even gave her a a little follow up spin off before lol all the attention has been on Janelle because she makes 1 horrible decision after the other, never really giving us a chance to forget about her or see that she's changing but Amber can go under the radar for a while. If any of that makes sense lol idk I think the show is a mess anyways and they need to either have new people or bring back the other 16 and pregnant members. None of them will willingly leave because the money is good but at what price? I'm not trying to have any video proof of me being an idiot for my child to watch later 😂😂

  10. I keep seeing in the comments that Andrew doesn't need her $ he has a career. I know they met when her and Mr. Irrelevant were on marriage bootcamp and he worked behind the scenes. I didn't realize he has been working since they got together. Didn't he also have a past DV on his record?

  11. MTV must have a requirement for Teen Mom shows you have to be emotionally and or mentally unstable. The majority of the cast has issues but not one will walk away from the money.

  12. Her family approved of Andrew until now. We have seen Amber's anger and control with him. It's time to grow up and take time to build a relationship instead of basing it on a baby. Poor James has a big job keeping his mom and dad together and sane.

  13. If men are the reason for every problem you have then the solution would seem to be get yourself some sex toys and leave the men alone. These girls can manage to pop every mind altering pill they can get their hands on, so you’d think it wouldn’t be too difficult to down a contraceptive pill or two at the same time.

    And anyway beating your baby daddy about the head with your oversized “cucumber” would get far more social media attention than using a shoe

  14. Debra should have several seats and STOP worrying about Amber and take a good hard look at Farrah. She could also use major mental help

  15. Can’t wait to see your 90 day stuff… Colt-eeee and Larissa.. there’s so much.. she was big in prostitution I think from Brazil been arrested 3x for dv in months in USA & the list goes on and colt-eee and his mom are a whole different kind of different.. love your videos ❤️

  16. Is it just me or didn’t it seem Andrew was creepily w her all the time.. like constantly 24/7 at times inappropriate and odd.. now all of a sudden he’s a cheater and has a 2nd life??? Hmmm 🤔 seems rather suspicious….

  17. Andrew knew what Amber was all about, not that it's okay BUT Andrew had NO business sneaking into Amber's bedroom on MBC!! THAT made me sick, he made his bed,, let him sleep in it!!

  18. In a nutshell, Amber is a complete SHIT SHOW.
    She makes Jenelle look like a saint.
    And fuck her OG bullshit. This show can and would go on with or without her.

  19. Amber is a wonderful example of the downfall of American morality.. Not gays, not trans folk or immigrants…. fucking unstable straight men and women who pop out kids like its nothing

  20. Men don't take advantage of Amber. She holds the purse in the relationships she willingly pursues She's just a mess

  21. You are to hand on her she had the right to habe baby she learned that going have baby that not right

  22. MTV is sick if they are replacing Amber with Mackenzie mkee just because they want to film that girls mother struggle w/cancer and possibly death to come….

  23. For the first time Amber found somebody who does not need her money. I just think she think she doesn’t know how to handle that. She’s just grasping for straws’s

  24. Newsflash…You get to know someone THEN you have kids. Not meet someone have a baby then "get to know them"
    Second Newsflash…Its called a rubber or birth control. It takes 2 to make a baby, nobody forced her to open her legs (bam 9 months later you got a instafamily) Then wonder why your realtionships dont work out, when you get pregnant just after basically meeting them.

  25. Amber needs to stay single and needs mental health and parenting classes and garry needs to stop holding her daughter from her and needs to co-parent instead of kristina co-parenting.

  26. Maybe she needs to slow down and learn more about her self instead of jumping into relationships so fast..he seems caring and very attentive to her but she dident date him long enough to really get to no him and visa versa.

  27. Let's not forget that while on vacation with the other teen moms, she admittedly quit taking her medication so she could drink.

  28. Yeah popping pills like M&Ms because God forbid you be allowed to feel any emotional discomfort whatsoever even though you create 100% of your own problems…that's taking care of your health, Amber? Also finding out things that make you distrust a person is one thing. You could just confront that person about those issues and say "Could you get out of my house now since I can't trust you anymore, please? By the way thanks so much for using me to be on tv!" And then they exit your life and things move on. You don't chase them with a machete!

    Also if you have diagnosed medical and/or psychological problems you follow the advice of your doctor and or therapist and take the recommended dose of the medication they prescribe to help with those problems! For example, I have hypothyroidism. So even though I don't like taking my medicine I do take it because if I don't I'll eventually get very sick and die! I take my medicine and I don't use my medical problems as an excuse to act a fool. I do what's necessary to treat my problems. As should Amber and everyone else.

  29. Amber and her enablers need to stop, there's NO excuse for what happened at all! Amber could of asked Andrew to move out but instead she did what she did. I don't believe Amber didn't know about Andrews past history either, Gary has always looked into the men that are going to be in his daughters life, since Amber is so incautious and tells her the info,

  30. Please this man did not need her he has his own job his own career his own money this b** needs to stop

  31. The news is helpful. Any chance the sarcasm, shade and hate of the Teen Mom OG's and Teen Mom 2 somen can be toned down? I'm not sure why people make videos, but don't like the women on the show. Yes, Amber, Jenelle etc are awful. We all know court = circus or party. We know cucumber means machete. Other people report on this information. I don't think the code names are needed. I know you explained why. New people might come to your channel and be confused. I've given up on Grace Report. She's down right mean. I'm about to give up on this channel for similar reasons. I don't have to like the Teen Mom women, but I see no reason to kick them while they are down. Maybe it would be easier for youtubers to recap and share news on shows they like and stay away from ones they don't. That will save youtubers time and save people from listening to people on tv being raked over the coals.

  32. If a guy working for the show sneaks into ur room for sex, u tell him to get out or his job is on the line. If u just want him that much, he had better bring protection. Had she told him that, his lust would have waned.

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