21 thoughts on “Amazing fried eggs skills”

  1. OMG! They took the egg and then they WTF put it in a frying pan and then OMG put it on heat and THIS CAN'T BE REALLY HAPPENING cooked it. Amazing.

  2. Raw omelettes? Julia Child would be rolling over in her grave if she saw the way the Asians cooked eggs on an assembly line.

  3. Love the skull. Very cut… Amazing. Can't watch the rest of the video. Busy music is too stressful but thank you for the video

  4. Get Pan. Cook eggs. Eat. Just saved you 8 minutes. If you like my comment, please donate to my gofundme account. #Ifyourstupidenoughtosendmoneytoastrangerwhocontributesnothingtoyou'rewellbeing.

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