Allied Universal Police Goes Crazy!! Tyrant Alert!!! Arrested FIRST AMENDMENT AUDIT: High Point, NC

Hey let's go sir I am Mariam here under a constitutionally protected activity sir let's go are you out your mind fam three I'm 12 news for aunt of social service to see if they my team is not to you know feel me public private citizens but you know there is no right to privacy we go got some sighs do not use earphones or figure I do all right was looking for which is gathering information for story the video recording if I says unless you spoken with the director my head is down recorder unless you conduct business we can't be here recorded sir this is my business yes well with the sword you're gonna have to go man come on sir please don't that's dare to be right there sir you go ahead sir that's better yeah no I'm not gonna share this battery come on man let's go let's go it's battery sir let's go sir let's let's you know I will there is charges unless I'm here unless very peaceful okay you cannot going sorry that is battery that is battery sir no sir what's the name my badge number sir officer Mize and who are you with – officer minds a lot police if you don't I'm let's go up the property nothing sir you need to come off the property sir officer – what's your badge number nine it's right here you got that no sir no sir I don't see that no one six eight one six eight come on so you just battered me that's embedded my equipment this is my right to be here you know the First Amendment sir you need to counter police you've been I'll put your hands on me so you know the First Amendment let's go look guys let's go no sir hey I'm not listen do you know the First Amendment listen look do not do that to me what are they doing here Tesla Oh sir I am here under a protective activity sir let's go are you out your mind I come here for peace he's sitting here tussling with me guys High Point North Carolina the Department of Social Service what's your name and badge number sir I don't have a badge what's your name sir Blake said are you a supervisor okay I'm gonna need your supervisor sir immediately cuz I'm sorry I'm just a little shaky but I just got just got bad it right here folks in High Point North Carolina at the Department of Social Services Josh come on what are you here for I'm what I'm here to do dumb to do what sir to do I'm here to films to do what a story for what story unit sir I'm not gonna compromise my story by this is making pleasing you sir unless you are communicating with the director this building you cannot come in here recording and weather always but what are you here for what long story yes sir you don't have your press badge you do have a press bag let me see that's the cast first yes First Amendment the First Amendment what did you notify command me what is it would you recite it please sir you put your incited please sir that's okay could you recite the first minute please sir I guess you'll be going before sir you just better me and I'm not here to press charges I'm not here to do anything out the way but you cannot put your hands on clothes just come into a public building sir because I have a camera in my hand you just batter I mean they're just listen to all this don't waste any learner property you cannot be standing here recording anything on anyone well you're right sir do you not know what today is the day is June 19th sir these guys I just walked in and was battered by the security officer from allied Universal I mean he just can't put his hands on people folks he just came what's your name ma'am are you a public official it is your policy to give me your name in all right man well guess what I will for you that information and we will get that information ma'am so either way it goes I will have that you have a public official right here refusing to identify her cellphones because she was agreeing with the officer the security guard who put his hands on me who battered me I didn't come to for no ill will and come to have to make charges on anyone I just came for a peaceful story and now he is the story so I will compromise my story if I tell you to information so I'm not going to do that so you know so what do you why do you don't educate him saying just educate them in with this this um this delay the whole situation sir could you please the educating please sir he's saying he know that I have a right to do this the what's your response today sir the Oh you don't be seeing your whole life real soon sir you're my new best friend with all due respect because that's all I have here's respect sir you just really disrespected disturb anybody I walk through the doors and it's all documented right here sir you must don't know you here you're right sir ma'am home tonight you a question how do you feel about the security guard saying that he knows that it is my right to be here ma'am also you were looking good Saturday it's gonna be thousands of people viewing it sir it's gonna be thousands of people viewing this you were looking real good sir you were tracking that you say you see it on YouTube out of town if you see it on YouTube are the times that you see the outcome correct allied universal security guard Myers your police opposite sir let me tell you this if you were a police officer you wouldn't know your rights just like you about to get educated right now sir you're about to get a free education today sir you do better on me the only way I will not press charges on you if when the police come and you apologize once you know that this is my right that's the only way I won't press charges if you apologize to this camera so you're just the private citizen here ma'am just witnessed the situation or are you getting paid just to stay in mmm god this is where I text money is going and how Point North Carolina folks trying to take a deep breath and calm down but I just can't believe I was better right here as soon as I walked in the door I suppose I stepped foot in the door and was battered by high point live Universal Security Force sir is he your mouse so why did you take orders from you I'm sorry ma'am I'm not because I was just bad in here and I will be pressing charges ma'am this is now I know man but this is the crime scene ma'am you go ahead and call Hotpoint PDMP he battered me ma'am you won't be saying yes because he better ma'am I will not because this is a crime scene and I was better than now yes it is are you are you a public official man what's your name ma'am to make Allen to make it that's kind of all respect ma'am I can't okay thank you ma'am I can't we have a seat over here I might have a seat ma'am I'm just can I please explain myself ma'am you're not try came here wait can I please explain myself I came here with full respect ma'am I walked in the door it was bad at me this is my this is my right man hey how y'all y'all want to be filmed obviously you're standing here y'all public officials also like I said I came with no disrespect man but obviously you know my rights were very disrespected today ma'am I walk to here I'm just a very seldom holding God I can well he be put his hand on me tried to remove me out the building because I said I'm not gonna leave I can be here ma'am I'm a regular citizen and pay taxes in High Point North Carolina I'm here to own story I'm publishing the story possible publication and I come I come to get footage for story that I'm possibly gonna publish sir I'm following the rules that's the First Amendment of the United States Constitution do you know the First Amendment of the United States constant sir do you know the law sir it's against alone you don't you've just a dumb as a doornail brother I'm gonna call the how I see it sorry I had vicious baby but good grief you can't actually believe what you're saying right now ma'am if they're in public ma'am is no expectation of privacy in public you sir you're violating the bank egg right now said you're violating the bank egg right now sir yes sir yes sir yeah you can't you can't record the clock sir I'm here on the United States protected activity Hey obviously you making contact can I get your name and badge number please Joe what's your badge number 290 thank you sir for your professionalism your name and badge number sir right here right here says that what you tell the judge all right so we got officer Logan badge number 115 I'm here on a palpable publication of a story ma'am and we have administrative offices that you have to speak to in green offices could you please describe her do I have a right to be here as a taxpaying citizen to come and document my public building sir and coma public official officials accountable for what we're paying for without tax money could you please educate him sir and he battered me sir he physically I have it on video right here he physically tried to remove me from the building but Sir before you today no sir he cannot so you wanna tell me you can touch me right now to put me out here for no crime has been Mason so you're not giving me an opportunity to do anything I'm giving you up to your brother's out to the camera charges on their policy doesn't Trump my rights of the United States Constitution no it doesn't sir no it doesn't it doesn't and I'm gonna stand on that ten toes down sir and I know for a fact you guys will get you violate my rights you will pay for it simple is that but I will not be going anywhere until five o'clock and that's as simple as that sir and you will be bound with charges since you don't want to act professional now sir I'm not leaving it's simple as that I'm telling you the rules now I'm not leaving service since you want to disrespect me I'm gonna disrespect you sir i'ma tell you the rules I'm not leaving did you understand that sir ma'am I came here to get footage for a story that I'm possibly ma'am I have credentials that's the First Amendment do you know the First Amendment of the United States Constitution ma'am I'm not disturbing anybody he made a disturbance I come here to hush my mouth don't talk to anybody and just document everything here I can't just walk in here I'm a public citizen man what do you mean any personal business here on business this is not I'm gonna stand man my business is to get footage for a possible directly hit you're gonna have to go mad but actually one more time sadly I'm not leaving what crime have I committed to make me either yes please please please do that man because the officers are here they have the authority could you please inform them guys do you need can I talk to your supervisor I'm sure your supervisor knows did you come for your supervisor please no I'll talk about to the pipoint Police Department sir I need to speak to someone if you're not gonna be speaking with them and their supervisor why would I need to speak to their supervisor when you're here on a call and you need to upload uphold the law sir that's what you need to do and if you're not going to do it that's why I'm asking for your supervisor sir because I'm pretty sure your supervisor is educated or he wouldn't be a supervisor now this guy here you're gonna be you have retarded you nobody spoke with it like I said you're gonna be found with charges her and she and she's actually believe the properly you say someone looks you how to float here so here you see the director right there but that's the woman is actually to leave the property right there you don't win the band room you want madam you say did you not put your hands on me yes did you not put your hands on me sir because she's gonna educate you ma'am ma'am I would not actually do for any information ma'am yes I can ma'am I will not actually for any information ma'am my purpose is for possible publication and this all I'm telling you men that's all I have to say I don't have to tell you anything but best of courtesy – he needs to lead our director has brought down he unless he's happen services done they please get that out of my face unless he's having services done he needs to leave the building she said he can videotape outside he likes but not inside well like my writer being a record you're gonna violate my right what ass can you just step out you can record outside of the building as current ma'am whoever gave you that authority to say that guess what axiom are they gonna come down here and actually uphold it because they can't do that from the phone I don't know who you talk to me that I know for a fact I can be here and that's as simple as that and if you want to fight don't touch me again in front of the other field you come look the director has set ourselves here come on I'm here on official are you touching me he's touching me Goss said alright there you know legally pertain to me sir sir sir they're legally they just sit here does obviously Logan look he's still pushing me sir he's still pushing me right now I'm sure Logan badge 115 just put my hands behind my back guys you just did this am I being detained why did you listen why this Christmas though look guys ho I am NOT leaving sir what are you doing alright what are you doing are do you cannot touch me guys it's 11:00 p.m. 11 p.m. I'm just getting released I was illegally arrested folks illegally arrested I'm just can't release they got all my stuff in the bags you see right all my stuff so they handcuffed me for over two hours because I've refused to identify myself bruh they violated me today man y'all stay tuned film 12 News I'm just getting out of jail brother they charged me with a trespassing and some other thing refused to leave just be in charge that's not gonna stick I got my lawyer already on top of it y'all messed up today High Point Police Department and a la Universal allied University whatever you how you say it guess what y'all messed up today and you will pay for it I can't even hardly hold my arms up right now get ready go to the hospital my arms are so weak from being a handcuff for over two hours my hands are so weak guys I'm getting ready to go to the hospital right now let's just say I guess people these people have to learn I had to learn the laws and learn our rights because this was just unlawful today like I said I've been arrested for hours hours it's 11:00 p.m. all this took place at freaking what 4:30 bruh I need everybody to please share this video man please share this get all the ears and eyes possible that can't watch this man we cannot continue to be in America and let the police violate our rights man we just came and it's just unlawful I need everybody to stand up for me if you want Hotpoint I'm gonna be going out everyday I don't care if I got it lock me up I'm going out everyday to fight for our rights and I see on the next audit man film 12 News we have got his film 12 news here for the first time I'm doing my very first First Amendment audit today today is June 19th 2019 we're in High Point North Carolina we're known for the furniture market people from all over the world come visit just to buy some of our furniture we know you care but today is an important day man today June 19 and more importantly man we just got to keep our public officials accountable I'm coming with all respect until disrespected not gonna try to get any you know just regular private citizens in the video even though they don't have an expectation of privacy in public but that's not my intent my team is to uh just check up on our buildings and to make sure our public officials are doing what they supposed to do but I'll be back with y'all

28 thoughts on “Allied Universal Police Goes Crazy!! Tyrant Alert!!! Arrested FIRST AMENDMENT AUDIT: High Point, NC”

  1. Wow! This is amazing guys. Thanks to the Awesome First Amendment Auditing Community, I love you all so much! I woke up Wednesday June 19th not knowing I would conduct my first audit, but something in my body kept saying now is the time so I just took a deep breath and said I’m doing it! I was consumed with watching Audits from the whole community big & small channel. I knew then that I would take the risk of this so dangerous duty that needs to be performed by someone in every City & State. Thanks so much for 1000 + Subs! I’ll be going Live sooner than later and look forward to seeing you guys in the chat! This means the world to me 🙏

  2. Who is this so called "Allied" security … Acting like a police officer and not knowing a dang thing…..SMH

  3. "Are you out jour mind?" Speak English, or did you not make it through Elementary School? Or did Grams try and teach you. Let me show you what battery is douche

  4. That chicken lil pce of shit is a lil punk he really think he is a cop I hope u learnt sum,n today u lil tyrant wunna be u might grow to b one Sumday lol but as for now ur a nobody chump 🖕🖕🖕🖕 and fuk them ignorant Pigz don’t kno shit taking orders from a security shows ur nowledge of ur policing dumb fuks retards

  5. Dude, I will share your case with my peeps. I used to be a Welfare caseworker her in California (retired) and what that director did was not only wrong, it was a violation of Public building law for photography and video recording. I am glad you have lawyers and hope they are really good. May want to use this case in my thesis; would that be okay with you?

  6. Such crap seeing a older black man violate another black mans civil rights. After everything black people had to put up with to get rights and this happens. Hello From Granite Falls NC

  7. Hey man you did an excellent job. I called the allied universal security department because they’re not a police department and I called Department of Social Services and left messages on both let them know that they just can’t go around by Violating peoples rights and battering them. we got your back bro

  8. Fkn pig told that faux "police" security guard to tell him he's under arrest, and without question, those pigs violated their oath.

  9. Impersonating police, Allied Universal is security. Full stop. Policy enforcement is not Police. LEO's speak up.

  10. Lil fake ass LL Uncool J bitch security guard
    Too bad he wont go to jail for this, im sure theyd love for him to be licking his lips

  11. San Joaquin Valley transparency sent me here from the West Coast. I've already called the security guards manager Miss Honeycutt. We got your back

  12. Sue that lady for lookin mean at you. Then sue that so-called “public servant” who rolled his eyes at you. Then sue that security guard in the light blue shirt for not wearing the proper dark blue shirt. He’s straight up confusing us. I can see that you are emotionally traumatized by this egregious violation of your first amendment right to use your iPhone 6 video camera while make loud verbal arguments in public. The framers of the constitution had this very situation in mind when they typed that amendment.

    Btw, I’m also suing the aforementioned along with the framers of the constitution for my feelings being hurt too. We constitutional scholars need to stick together. It’s not like we’re doing it for the money or anything. I mean the framers could have foreseen Adsense revenue streams and our right to annoy people in order to partake in those revenue streams. I wonder if they knew that we both like Nike’s?

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