All Tenses – English Lesson

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  1. Hmm, I'm a little confused if this sentence is correct based on Present Perfect tense that is used when expressions like already, so far, recently, etc. are present.

    'I recently went to Japan.'

    Should it be 'I've recently been to Japan.'?

  2. J'y arriverai jamais… ;-;
    Je vais avoir 20 ans et c'est encore difficile pour moi ahhhh
    Pourtant je comprends tout dans la vidéo, elle explique parfaitement bien mais je crois je suis un cas désespéré x)

  3. THANK YOU MINOO! I PASSED MY COMPETITION! It was constructed of reading conprehension (a one-page-text with questions), and grammar part! I did really well, on reading everything right, but on grammar 4 mistakes, but i passed on state competition! I want to thank myself, too, for finding time to watch all these priceless videos! Greetings from Serbia! You can do whatever comes to your mind, if you really want it, nothing can stop you. I hope Minoo will read this!

  4. Hi, in the future simple example “dan called. He wants you to call him back” .. I was wondering why use “wants” not “wanted”?

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