All city schools now have high-speed internet: Education Dept.

Dial-up days are done at city schools.  All of the city’s approximately 1,300 public school buildings now have high-speed internet to keep up with advanced programs, like an initiative to expand computer science classes, officials said Wednesday Advertisement  ”I’m thrilled to see we’re making significant strides towards providing all of our students with the 21st century, high-tech classrooms they deserve,” said schools Chancellor Richard Carranza  Officials said school internet speed in 2015 was just 10 megabits per second, which allowed only five computers on the same network to simultaneously stream videos Speeds are now 100 megabits per second across city schools, allowing 50 video streams at a time, officials said The upgrades didn’t come cheap. The city has already invested $650 million in wireless improvements since 2014 and plans to spend another $750 million over the next five years  But Carranza said it’s worth the price.  “Our New York City public school students need access to high-speed internet and WiFi so that they can engage with the newest technologies, learn computer science and robotics and be prepared for the careers of the future,” Carranza said

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