All about Turkeys Thanksgiving for Kids | Professor Besser Learning Knock Knock

Professor Besser: Yow! Hi, everybody! It is I, Professor Besser, back, once again, with some really amazing stuff. Right here behind me, I have – Male: Knock, knock! Professor Besser: Who’s there? Male: Lettuce. Professor Besser: Lettuce who? Male: Lettuce take a moment to talk about turkeys. Even though a turkey is a bird, only the wild turkey can fly. The domesticated bird is too heavy to get off the ground. The turkey is so well- known in America Ben Franklin wanted to make it, not the Bald Eagle, the country’s official bird. America has more than 45 million turkeys every year at Thanksgiving. Male turkeys are called toms, and female turkeys are called hens. And if you hear gobble, gobble around a turkey, it’s probably a tom because they gobble, while the hen just clucks. That hunk of skin under the chin is called a wattle, and it can turn to a bright red when the turkey is excited. Professor Besser: Oh, that’s who! Hey, everybody! Thanks for watching, and please don’t forget to share, comment, and subscribe to our channel for more knock-knocks. See you next time! Bye! Captions by

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