All About TUMO: Self-Learning Activities

Self-learning is a never-ending process at TUMO. Ah! Why can’t I get it? Self-learning is a pillar of the TUMO educational program that takes place here in the educational quadrant. You come to a TUMO Center and sit wherever you like in the quadrant. Because, you can access your TUMO account from any computer using your username and password. Students get to know TUMO’s 14 learning targets through self-learning activities. After completing an orientation around 10 learning targets, you move on to round 2. Where, you choose the 6 learning targets that you want to dive deeper into. Our smart software, the TUMO Path, creates a hyper-personalized learning plan based on your selection, that you navigate to get through the program. Self-learning activities are pre-requisites for participating in workshops. The longer you take on self-learning activities, the later you start workshops. Self-learning is never-ending at TUMO. Today, you learn how to learn, apply that knowledge and filter information for the future. At TUMO, Learning Coaches help us navigate the program. So, what do I have to do now? I’m not sure. Me either. Just talk. Ask me questions. Ok, let’s go.

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