Algebra made Easy. Math concepts for kids

A famous philosopher once said, “Wherever
there are numbers, there is beauty” ….. One of the first things we learn as children
is how to count. As time passes, we move onto advanced math
topics. So at any point you could be learning Geometry
or Trigonometry or Calculus or Algebra or even a combination of these topics. In this video I will talk about Algebra, a
KEY mathematical topic. First, let us focus on the word Algebra.
What does it mean? Where does it come from? The word Algebra has its origins in Baghdad
and this was many many years ago. The word algebra comes from an Arabic book
whose title is: Al Kitab al mukhtasar fi hisab al gabr wal
muqabala. This title is the source of the word: Algebra So what does the title mean?
The English translation of the title is : The book on calculation by completion and balancing. Now let us look at a few more definitions: Algebra is putting real life problems into
equations and then solving them. That does not say much does it? So let us
take a simple real world example: A clown was invited to perform at a birthday
party. The clown arrived in the party with 18 balloons.
On the way to the birthday party 7 balloons got blown away.
So how many balloons did the clown have in the beginning? Algebra helps us arrive an answer. Let us
see how? Let us denote this unknown number with an
alphabet. You can use any alphabet but a common one
is the alphabet ‘X’. Now X gets reduced by 7 since 7 balloons were
blown away. Let us write this down: After this happened the clown was left with
18 balloons. So X -7=18. What we have here is an equation with 1 unknown
number. Using a bit of mathematical magic , we can
now say: X=18 + 7 Or X is equal to 25. 25 IS THE NUMBER OF BALLOONS THE CLOWN HAD
IN THE BEGINNING. Since this example is fresh in our minds,
let us look at another definition of Algebra. Algebra is about finding unknowns. It is the
branch of mathematics that substitutes letters for numbers. Finally, Algebra is the beginning of a journey
that gives you the skills to solve more complex problems. So play with Algebra and you will surely be
rewarded. Thank You.

68 thoughts on “Algebra made Easy. Math concepts for kids”

  1. wow… I think I finnally get it… why couldn't they explain it this way? they had to go through all sorts of rigeramole while explaining it…it just got me more confused…

  2. The clown has 18 balloons, 7 flew away, now the clown has 11 inflated balloons. How many did this clown have to begin with? Well the clown obviously began with 18 inflated balloons.

    Yet you're answer is the entire package of balloons, 7 of which were defective or unwanted/not needed for some reason. But how do you know the clown had a package of 25 balloons to begin with? Did you sneak into his truck? Seriously where did these 25 balloons come from? No wait I could be wrong…

    …It was a single pack of 18 balloons, we're just not counting all the other packages of unused balloons back at the Clowny-Headquarters. …Or did this clown actually have 25 inflated balloons to begin with and you're just messing with us by saying he's only holding 18 followed by another time and energy consuming distraction of a question/paradox? There-are-four-lights!

    Algebra is best left to the robots, not humans who will use it for scam artistry in college. Sorry my experience in math wasn't the best. …Or was it? All a matter of perspective and how much you really want something to be.

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  6. Hey, I will just ask something. Can you help me think of what will I tell or ask to my students after they watch this educational video? Its for the introduction of algebra.

  7. here is a link to nice algebra videos for kids and beginners.

  8. I don't understand the letters, do they have specific numbers for each one or is there a bunch of different numbers for each letter? Can someone tell me please, thanks 🙂

  9. I am in 5th grade and I am in richment or richmond idk but I have to take a quiz tommorow ad i didnt understand the things the teacher thought me i am so nervous

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