Algebra Introduction – Basic Overview – Online Crash Course Review Video Tutorial Lessons

37 thoughts on “Algebra Introduction – Basic Overview – Online Crash Course Review Video Tutorial Lessons”

  1. I would like to thank you for all efforts and time you spent on making this channel. it is amazing, every class is so complex yet so easy to understand. thank you very much. Blessings.

  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU ARE THE BEST MY math teacher this year taught us nothing except to copy and we have finals coming up and I'm really just not learning anything but Thanks to this video I final figured everything out THANK YOU SO MUCH

  3. i appreciate his help with the algebra refresher but also his voice sounds a lot like the voice you hear in conspiracy videos lol.

  4. People in college take algebra 1? I have just finished it and got my algebra 1 credit for high school and will be taking geometry in 9th
    Edit: In class we’ve just finished doing trigonometry and it’s so easy I’m not sure how people struggle

  5. I’m in the seventh grade and the only reason why I’m here is because our school is a GT school (Gifted and talented) so everything we learn in middle school is high school level and I have a test on this tomorrow so thx for the refresher

  6. Best teacher ever. I'm a dumb. I don't understand algebra. Today I understand it.
    Credit: Organic chemistry tutor

  7. I’m still in 6th grade
    Beat this Miss broccoli

    (6x -5) (-7x + 6x)=
    42×2 + 36×2 + 35x + -30x=
    I need help figuring this one I just made up, do I add the like terms or just leave it?
    It would be 42×2 + 71×3 + -30x right? I feel like I’m wrong lmao

  8. @40:19 why didn’t you just move the 5 to the other side… and you could have done the same thing in the last equation

  9. i have an eoc coming up for algebra one and painic attaks have been attacking me heavily. my mind learns very diffrent from the way most people teach i learn best when the concept is explained then taught examples of were i need to use which equations or wht steps i need to take for that concepts problems. this weekened i studied hard af like crashcoarse 10fucking1 and my test is tommorow during bio my teacher made me lose confidence in my abilty to pass the test i watched ur video it filled in so many blanks god bless u. pls keep doing these great things for people if i get rich n shit promise im funding u like swear also ur doing perfect but i think u should do a lil prescreen or write the new concept like polynomials vs changing slope inter for to point slope form with a bit of writing like just write the concept out this will hive people who only struggle with certain things easier axcess to find wht they need but i rlly fuckin love u bro u a real one

  10. For someone who has never learned any algebra, you lost me when you used a term I don't know the meaning to. The was when you wrote the first thing. What is a cophesent, I don't know even know how to spell it right.

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