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the outer field is growing and industrialization follows algae bark educates professionals for microalgae based production processes I work as a PhD student at the University of Iowa in Spain and I have been doing an internship here the beginning in university for three months so now I'm attending the course owned by a process design to learn a bit more about how photobioreactors work I am learning a little bit more about microalgae about all the process symbol in micro algae cultivation of microalgae growth I don't know about process engineer so I would like to learn about that part to improve my work when we are learning here the theoretical basis about how far our reactors work we are learning how all the different parameters affect to the cultivation process so we can predict how a change for sampling Newton's or right it will affect the productivity of our production process students learn to describe microalgae metabolism to apply basic design principles for photobioreactors and to cultivate microalgae I think will be very interesting to use microalgae for many different things we know a lot of ways of using it now but I am sure there are more ways of using I think we have to the society has to understand what they are you can make for us I think that there is the point of this course is that every day we go to the lab we practice with a reactor and we apply the knowledge that we have been learning during the lectures so after this course I hope to have the the basis to start working with photobioreactors from both theoretical and practical points of view at algae park we educate a green generation with energy for the future you

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  1. AlgaePARC is a large multidisciplinary research program based in Wageningen, Netherlands, which integrates the entire microalgal process chain. AlgaePARC educates professionals for microalgae-based production processes. Students learn to describe microalgal metabolism, to apply basic design principles for photobioreactors and to cultivate microalgae.

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