Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Stuns CNN With Complete Lack Of Knowledge

you know she's so cute and people keep writing to me is telling me what a sexist I am because I keep pointing out the fact that she's a very attractive young woman and I know right-wingers right-wingers think that everything goes the way they like it so if they don't like her what she stands for they think she's unattractive but she's not she's a very pretty girl and it may be sexist but here's the thing women and men have different strengths and different weaknesses different powers and different weight vulnerabilities who can deny who can deny that a pretty young woman has a sense of confidence and entitlement that other people don't have including women who are not as pretty and certainly including men whoever turns to a beautiful young woman and says you know what you're kind of an idiot nobody know but he does that maybe other women but no men does it and you can tell she radiates this confidence while she is so ignorant of anything that she doesn't know how she would pay for any of her plan she doesn't know the traditions of America she doesn't know the laws of America and where do you get that kind of confidence if it's not from the fact that she is young and pretty and vibrant and like even I find her likable I just find her a complete idiot if I met her I would probably like her she was awesome Anderson Cooper had her on just this incredible softball interview the kind of thing that you would expect but he asked her about the fact that she doesn't know anything but everything she says is untrue this is a cup number which one is this is cut number four one of the criticisms of you is that your math is fuzzy the Washington Post recently awarded you four Pinocchios for misstating some statistics about Pentagon spending if people want to really blow up one figure here or one word there I would argue that they're missing the forest for the trees I think that there's a lot of people more concerned about being precisely factually and semantically correct than about being morally right but being factually correct is important absolutely important and whenever I make a mistake I say okay this was clumsy and then I restate what my point was but it's it's not the same thing as the president lying of out immigrants it's not the same thing at all first of all I don't know what lies she's referring to it seems to me that Donald Trump has got the immigrant story pretty much right I mean criminals come in through the border terrorists suspected terrorists come across the border we need border security we all know it everybody except miss occasional Cortez but you know what she just said there was what what difference does it make if you've know the facts as long as your morale but of course the whole point is you can't be moral without knowing the facts so these are our new Congress women our new Congress people from the left you can't be moral if you don't know the facts because how can you get the right result if you don't know what the facts are you know it doesn't it's it's ridiculous I listen I have this problem on the right as well I have this problem when people start talking about that they want a country that when they people start talking about fixing the problems in a country that doesn't exist when they start talking about how morality should be the same as it was before there was birth control that maybe that's all well and good to say that but it's not going to happen because birth control changes everything it changes the consequences and the one thing the founders knew is they knew human nature they knew its weaknesses they knew its sinfulness and its excesses and its greed and they played to that and if you can't play to that because you don't know the facts of life you can't be a moral person you can't you can be a moral person yourself but you cannot work toward a moral nation and you cannot work toward moral solutions if you don't know the facts but it doesn't matter because she is Alexandria and everybody loves her and you know that's that's gonna be you know that's what gives her the confidence that she has

29 thoughts on “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Stuns CNN With Complete Lack Of Knowledge”

  1. Next time I do my taxes I guess I dont need to be so precisely factually accurate I'll just pay what I think is right….

  2. Concerning OC. Is this what she learned from a College education. I'm disappointed. Look at history. Your just uneducated OC. Your ignorant and I'm not paying for your college debt, no one paid for mine, except me. Get it stupid.

  3. Comrade AOC doesn’t care about facts; she told you so. You can present facts and reason in response to her ignorance ; however, that is not the plane on which she operates. Like the self proclaimed socialist, Adolf Hitler, der Fuehrer, the current self proclaimed socialist, AOC, the Boss, operates with images and symbols. She operates on emotion; she plays to emotions. So much so, that is how she actually defines her morality. Christianity or even Catholicism are not the basis of her morality; it’s how she “feels in her heart”, her emotions. Given her narcissistic personality disorder, she is extremely dangerous like past socialists.

  4. she is the clearest example of a person who feels moral superiority over all people, a dangerous combination when mixed with ignorance. Take care of the need and ignorance these two together are the worst evils of a society. She has both.

  5. My wife keeps telling me she wants to pluck her eyebrows and scrub off her ugly red lipstick!! It might improve her!! LOL

  6. who's this bald dishonest clown shrilling for the elite?
    Men don't call beautiful women stupid?? except tor all the fucking time.

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