ALEXA Teaches me to Play ROBLOX!?

Alexa how far is the moon from the Sun the moon's distance from our Sun is 93 million two hundred five thousand six hundred seventy nine miles three long wait yes two hours in 15 minutes long did that answer your question that doesn't make any sense how long does it take her teeth to grow how is beef produced can you add deodorant to my shopping list how many pigeons exist who is the sixtieth president where do babies come no one can answer that one Alexa do you like Minecraft do you like roblox I don't have an opinion are you a robot I like to imagine myself a bit like an aurora borealis a surge of charged multicolored photons dancing – yeah but that's mostly though I am just Alexa it's pretty dramatic I'm not quite sure how to help you with that yeah well me ever since things like this have been around people have been making videos about the knowledge behind them even though it's not inside here so you know they connect to the Internet and nonetheless I think Alexa is pretty awesome super cool I just got it on Amazon day prime day whatever the heck it is the holiday with Amazon and it was $20 Amazon I don't know if you know you're losing money on this but today me and my best friend Alexa are gonna be playing roblox she's gonna be basically just being annoying and I'm gonna carry her through the conversation because she's Alexa what is roblox roblox the massively multiplayer online game created and marketed toward children and teenagers aged 8 to 18 8 18 and 22 19 21 and that's all I am Alexa how old am i only you know the true answer I'm 21 I don't know yeah I guess not I guess she doesn't know that one Alexa what roblox games should I play have a go at staking your claim and making a name for yourself in eclipses eclipses is that how you spell it oh this is a real game wow I didn't expect that to work it worked really well my Alexa why are you so smart I study hard and have a great team of people who teach me new stuff every day oh wow scream what is this welcome to eclipses let's quickly get you acclimated with the bases first things first equip your pub okay I got my pillar hip skip skip skip skip skip skip skip is this like mario this is like mario i've seen this before this is definitely i died dude nice navigate oh wait am i supposed to grab rocks left click push pull I'm taking the rock I can't pull rocks no farther what is this stupid game Alexa what is eclipses the roblox game No do the robbing is a Prada game the one on robots room the one you told me to play alright well this game sucks what roblox games should I play take on some monsters in portal heroes or not here knows I spell heroes terribly wrong oh my god there's 13 people playing Alexa there's 13 people you can always build a guild and take on some monsters in Portal hearings real hero sucks bro I have recruit ruthless heroes alright portal heroes it is she set it twice that means it must be a good game I mean she's gonna recommend it to more than one person like come on bandy ruse pay I got a pet portal heroes what is this sup cool guy this is your cool guy base wow wow wow what is happening oh these bridges okay this is my bridge I spawned on my bridge stupid with the wrong way alright level 100 HP just wait it oh is it on yep nice job now kill nine more for the next level oh no I know what this is is a stupid simulator grinder oh my goodness alright I'll kill come on stupid swings alright we got six more to go cut all this crap out are so boring okay last one haha I did it I did it can we level up now level 2 boom – baby now the spiders are just level 2 are you serious there's a clicker game Alexa Alexa what games I play on roblox don't say course you answer your question roblox is available on Android no I know check out what all the buzz is about in bee swarm simulator bee swarm I played that one that one's a popular one she knows popular games not just games no one plays she made a pun to see what all the buzz about huh Alexa you're hilarious funny in a good way no what have we done in this game claim hive oh my bee use my buzzy bees thank God this guy plays this game too much oh my God look at these stupid bees all-time top honey makers wow I wish that would meet you what are we doing collect the bees honey bees click over honey bees honey I have not played this game in months for good reason just repetitive I just can't grind like that anymore it's nice not as good as it used to be back in the day this is like snow shoveling simulator except except with bees I cracked the code that's exactly what it is Alexa who's your favorite roblox you do where I don't have an opinion on that Alexa what roblox YouTube or should I watch okay fair enough bees make honey go ahead bees take my honey make honey with it I mean Paul and take the pollen games too complicated I'm I'm leaving it's too much math oh hey Alexa what roblox games should I play make it good sorry I'm not sure about that I just I added make it good at the end and use don't know really check out what all the buzz is it ok just keep saying the same thing what roblox games should I play why not test your skills against a flood and natural disasters natural disaster simulator okay here we go wait did you say simulator or survival I thought she said simulator well whatever this one's close enough she said it we play in it Alexa how old are you that question is as easy as 2+2 she's born into it it's the smartest four-year-old you're just gonna always say a math question survivors one guy survived huh and it wasn't me because I just fell off the side of the lobby because that's the thing cool Dredd 41 is survived 1200 times hey no one's contesting you definitely not me alright give me the best disaster you got game I can survive anything disaster warning thunderstorm don't stand in the open and I places okay I was doing both of those things oh let me in who installed all these glass walls what disperses dry on construction field get out it's a thunderstorm okay electrocute eight yeah we're all gonna survive in here bro man you're really tall can we hang out can you be my older brother oh wait I'm sorry you already have a younger brother he's right there isn't he I'm sorry I don't want to step on anyone's paws but I need a brother the other one isn't working out for me he only gave me my career time to move on is this is all it is you're standing here Alexa what's a fun roblox game quill late I survived GG quill Lake it is scuba diving at quill ik0 people let's just see how many roblox games she knows wondering what your pizza delivery driver does when they're not at your door why not find out and work at a pizza place are you promoting the game with zero people she'd want to answer that what do you want to hear jailbreak I want a huge open tomatoes I can't find this on Jeopardy come here jumping bears no what is it you could always build a guild and take on some monsters and portal heroes there is a million games on roblox and they picked it wasn't even the good ones hmm I don't have any skills for robot play games that I found a few for games would you like to hear those yes all right games here are a few popular ones first is Spanish top 20 Spanish words game to teach you 20 of most popular Spanish words would you like to enable it no no I'm good I like cilantro box games I play with over two billion views there's got to be something worth investigating in each city Miep City okay all right we have all the games two million views it's visits you dumb-dumb and it's at three billion may say they are dude this is the best blast from the past I don't play this game in a long long time I can't believe I still had hair underneath my characters helmet where's my meat back where's all my meeps clap very good give me my meat please looks like I'm hitting myself in the face call me where is he dress up the meat is my meat dead do I have a meat dress up dress up your me I think my meep is dead real glad we stepped into this game have a go at escaping the BOK or keep your friends inside of it in jail great oh there it is okay we're going dude if she had med city I'm gonna try and get her to say mad city all right here we are we're in jail right guy you guys know the drill Alexa what games should I play on roblox not the goal that is scaping the bond or keep your friends inside of it all right right here we're doing it we're doing it okay Alexa what roblox games I play at City if I were brave enough I'd try surviving the zombies of apocalypse rising merrily where it's safe Jeff I need yeah she recommended eclipses again okay that is the last time I'm going to ask Alexa what roblox game I should play because only about a handful of games mad City wasn't on there I was pretty disappointed I'm glad at least jailbreak is and I'm glad that MEAP City is one of the bigger games and I think that's it sure let's keep saying the same games watch roblox stylized as roblox the massively multiplayer no no wrong Alexa I think she's tired we're gonna let her charge up a little bit thank you guys so very much for watching if you enjoyed this video please leave a like down below let me know what games I should play with Alexa I'm gonna be doing more of these videos so I just think they're entertaining especially with the flow option activated which means me and her can just go back and forth as soon as I say your name she'll just keep going back and forth with me and it's super fun I think it's hilarious anyway I will see you all in the next one later

37 thoughts on “ALEXA Teaches me to Play ROBLOX!?”

  1. EthanBandi can u play those who remain it's a wierd zombie game were u set traps , buy guns and try and survive with other people ( u also can find turrets )

  2. NOOO WAYYYY DUDE WHEN HE SAID โ€œAlexa what is robloxโ€ MY ALEXA TOLD ME ๐Ÿ˜‚ I cantttt

  3. OH MY GOD
    When the vid started my Alexa heard u asking the distance of the moon from the sun and answered exacly the same thing ;-;

  4. i rememember the time sketch used alexa to play fortnite this is just like that like this if you want bandi to do that

  5. I played quill lake and then watched this๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜ฐplz watch my quill lake vids๐Ÿ˜ข

  6. Bandi/Ethan: this guy plays this game to much!

    Me: does that mean I play bee swarm too much? I have 27 bees…

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