30 thoughts on “Alex Lopez – Drum Lessons #1”

  1. Alex your my inspiration to play the drums again after almost 7 years of not playing! Please make as many videos as you can!💯

  2. Started playing drums when i was 4, now 28. If u can't do what is in this video then sorry to say u should just give up the drums, this is basic 101!

    I play on a digital drumset beacuse i live in a area where regular drums arent allowed….
    Is there any difference of how fast i can play on a digital or a regular drumset

  4. @q34r34t if u use ur fingers more and less wrists it becomes alot easier eventually and also eliminates any risk of getting carpal tunnel syndrome 🙂

  5. Where on Earth did he get the names for those blasts from?!

    First one's a Traditional blast and the second is a Hammer blast.

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