39 thoughts on “Alanis Morissette – You Learn (OFFICIAL VIDEO)”

  1. Esta canción cambio mi vida… escucharla me lleva de nuevo a mi adolescencia. La mejor cancion de todos los tiempos!!!

  2. These are words to live by. Everything you go through in life is a learning experience. You learn and as you learn you grow and as you grow you mature. All of these steps are necessary for human development.

  3. Hi.Can someone help me?I have a frame rate issue when playing this video.Really low frame rate/laggy playback.All other videos and even video games run smooth but not this one.I tried rebooting pc,updated flash,updated graphics card drivers.Finally reformatted hard drive and reinstalled Windows.Still no luck.Weird thing is the sound is fine…Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.PS I'm running Windows 10.

  4. This music is time less, what's great now will still be great years from now, I came home and found my teenagers playing this song.

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  6. If Sansa Stark had a favorite song that she can relate to, it'll be this. Because she may be a slow learner, but she learned.

  7. U dont know … wont even try to find out if I do or dont. U rather support fake mother fuckers.

  8. i remember alanis from when i was 12 yo. today i'm 35. she came to brazil in 1996 and did a live presentation on this tv show: https://youtu.be/ij0xqM3-5dc?t=153
    taylor (foo fighters nowadays) looks like a kid…

  9. just love the freedom! Haven't had in years OH yea! 34 years and no MAN ! Wow ! But still LOVE Everyone! thanks GOD

  10. The soul-baring emotional lyrics of the songs on Jagged Little Pill have their roots in Alanis Morissette's series of panic attacks after being robbed on the street in Los Angeles by a man with a gun.

  11. I’m so nostalgic for the 90’s I miss it so much. I remember hearing this song all the time on the radio. Wish this newer generation realizes what they missed out on

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