AKU National Education Conference 2019 Highlights

if we continue to teach like we currently do we are teaching for a past that is gone we have to be realistic about the future because these children today are competing and participating in a global world and not a localized environment the reality is technology will solve a lot of geographical barriers because it will allow education to be equal like truly equal a child in Marana can get on the web and do a class in Stanford the same way a student at Stanford attends that class and so when we look at that reality I think it would be very careless of us to say or not to recognize the power of technology in education and why it is absolutely necessary how well do we understand the problem around which we are throwing all kinds of interventions which we call curriculum reform what are we trying to change and how well do we understand the needs of future generations there with in this prescriptive mode legislating inscribing curriculum that will then inform their future I think that being prescriptive and putting so much hope in curriculum as a set of interventions that creates and education outcome and Chris educated people is in my view a very limited attempt to begin to grapple with the fundamental change that we need to think about we're quite active in the education space so you've been discussing some of this but the network as a whole touches education in a variety of ways so we we have the augur kinetic asian service with the nursery primary and secondary schools we have the agakhan academy mombasa which has a special curriculum we have the AG econ university and you've heard a lot about it but we've got you know postgraduate education in medicine and nursing we've got the university hospital we've got the Institute for human development ie D that you've heard about the school for media and communications the East Africa Institute and other programs that are under development the idea that we have a clamor curriculum reforms in a country is not a mistake and therefore we should not apologize about it in fact literature currently written curriculum indicates that curriculum is a living thing that you don't finish today and keep in the locker come back ten years later and say that UN trivia reform it institutions are expected to be improving on a component or several components of the curriculum as research keeps coming on equality in of teaching and learning in institutions of higher learning has been an area of concern for many and for quite a long time the the basic is that most faculty that you find in higher institutions did not necessarily go through a teaching background so you find that when it comes to their classroom the delivery of information is hindered with because of the kind of strategies that they used in order for students to engage with them the material that is supposed to be learnt they need to be actively involved in their learning in a manner that makes the learning deep so that they can you that learning that they've required that is referred to as deep learning in their future in their future and also in their practice in daily life

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