Ajarn Gae: Muay Thai Master Roshi – A Legendary Monk Trainer in Real Life

42 thoughts on “Ajarn Gae: Muay Thai Master Roshi – A Legendary Monk Trainer in Real Life”

  1. Enjoyed the video
    He has a Heart cares about the sport and students this is what sets him apart from other trainers. No Excuses!

  2. Not sure how but I found myself following this dude on Instagram and Im always watching him kick peoples asses in training. This is a different side of him I had never seen. You should have had him speak Thai man.

  3. Dude, Should totally do one with Dieselnoi – Check out Sylvie von duuglas's Kiamut Diaries with Dieselnoi and how he trains them. Man, would LOVE a documentary with him

  4. What I wouldn't give to have had this man in my life when I was 8-10 years old. I would've fought and trained hard for him. He seems hard, and caring at the same time. The balance that we all need in our lives.

    *Bows in respect*

  5. นี้ใช่ที่บับแท็คซี่ แล้วไปจับนมลูกค้าป่ะ

  6. I really wish I could go over and just spend the rest of my days training with him. He seems awesome and I always see his students having fun and learning.

  7. I have no idea who this man is. YouTube recommended this video and I've learned to stop questioning why. Sometimes, you find something like this. What a fascinating story.

  8. Truly a different world. 10 years old and 40 fights with no training. Now just stop and think of any five year olds you know that you could bare to watch have 1 fight, let alone 40… but I guess that is what forges the Thai fighters into the legends that they become. Massive respect to all fighters, wherever you're from. Lions!

  9. Great master, humble person… As a kid, I had to fight every day and I hated to fight… It was so awful… After some time I got stronger and stronger and I started to train Judo with 7 years… Judo is not useful, the best Marschal art is Muay Thai…

  10. You can see the fire and passion in his eyes when he talks about Muay Thai. Struggles to express himself in his limited English, but the message he gets across is no less poignant. Really, if you don’t do what you love, life hasn’t much meaning.

  11. "I make everything for people "… this video is a good motivation for young children. Children that maybe have lost many things. If these children could see it, I wish so, maybe it could help them a bit to see that nothing is impossible. Great content as always

  12. Hello Kenshin, thank you for making these videos, as an American born Thai trying to become a fighter, I really love watching the insight from old Thai trainers, it makes me miss visiting Thailand with how passionate everyone was there, Gae sounds just like my Grandpa hahaha.

    Do you plan on covering Muay Boran or any of the more ancient fighting styles in Thailand?

    Great work brother, keep it up!

  13. É tocante ver alguém com uma história de vida tão dura ainda ser tão humilde e gentil com suas palavras, de certeza um mestre/professor incrível e uma pessoa melhor ainda.

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