AIS Netballer – Jacqui Russell on Athlete Career and Education

My name is Jacquie Russell and I’m in the
Netball Program with AIS. I started playing netball in about grade five and I’ve played
ever since then. I finished high school in 2005 and went on to do a Bachelor of Journalism
at uni and was offered a scholarship to come to the AIS. I was training while I was studying.
In the final year I was with the Firebirds Program up in Queensland and that was quite
a busy time, particularly in the last year of my degree here. I was in contact with the ACE Program when
I was in QAS, when I was in grade 11 and 12 at school, and they helped me get through
that; I was quite busy all through the senior years of school. The ACE Program was really
helpful in getting me some work that was relevant to the degree that I’d just been given and
I worked for the AIS website doing stuff like writing articles and results and athlete profiles,
so that was really relevant to what I want to do when I finish here at the AIS. It can be difficult at times balancing work
and training but the place I work at is very flexible with when I can come in and work
and that was ACE that helped sort of set that up, so that I was able to put in 100 percent
at training every day, as well as go and work. After sports I would love to have a good steady
career, something to do with sport would be great because it’s been such a big part
of my life. I’d like to sort of work as a media liaison or a media rep with a sports
club, so I think ACE would be good at helping me to sort that out and get on the right path
for that. I would recommend ACE to athletes; it’s
very helpful just helping you sort out what you want to do and how you’re going to do
it with fitting in a career and sport because a lot of athletes obviously are going to be
needing a career as well as their sport to help them in life, yeah.

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