AirAsia Economy Class A320 In-Flight Experience

MAX 2003: Hey guys, it’s Max 2003 here. Today we’re flying on an Indonesian AirAsia flight QZ535. * BEEP * * FAST FORWARD – UKIYO * MAX 2003 (V/O): On the day we left, it was pouring down with rain which caused some delays with the flight. Now we’re on the plane, on the AirAsia A320. Here we are on the seat, you can see an advertisement on the back of the tray table, and a seat pocket with magazines and water. Here is the legroom, there is not much legroom between the seat pocket and my knee. This is the tray table. It’s quite small and comes quite close to you as the clearance between each seat is quite small. Here is overhead, above the seat. You can see there is air-conditioning, lights, speakers and the seatbelt sign and no smoking sign. There were a variety of magazines in the seat pocket, such as AirAsia’s magazine, an inflight magazine, safety magazine and much more. * FAST FORWARD – UKIYO * So overall, it was a great flight from AirAsia. We really enjoyed it and we’d love to fly with them again. Thanks so much AirAsia! This is Max 2003 signing out! * FAST FORWARD – UKIYO * * CAPTIONED BY MAX 2003 * * WRITTEN BY MAX 2003 * * SCRIPT EDITED BY BRENDAN HODGE *

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