30 thoughts on “AI learns to play snake using Genetic Algorithm and Deep learning”

  1. Hey guys
    I've uploaded the source code for my second video
    Its the same as this videos source just with a few added functionalities
    check it out here https://github.com/Code-Bullet/SnakeFusion

  2. You fucking nerds are impressed with this shit? This isn't artificial intelligence, the game Nibbler from the 80s did a better job than this.

  3. And people believe AI Angel it's a real AI lol. Btw, am i the only one finding this video a bit creepy? Knowing an Ai is playing that and after 25 tries it start to make it almost perfect…kinda scary.

  4. eh, it's kinda of a systematic algorithm, stay to the walls and you should be safe. I'd considered amazing if it was was able to dynamically calculate route based on where it's body is in the least amount of time.

  5. ok, so for why it went to like 2/3rd of the game and stopped. i think the AI was scared to go to that side because it got trapped the previous 2 or 3 generations on that side.

  6. Wow

    It’s actually amazing that AI can learn from its mistakes now…. that’s insane! This one feature can let AI practically learn anything. And that’s so…. bewildering xD

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