AI in Education and KOTESOL International Conference – Hagwon Startup Podcast #28

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right so welcome everybody to the 28th episode of the hagwon startup podcast my
name is Jack your host for this evening and with me is sitting down sitting down
with me is Wayne Finley once again who agreed to come on the podcast and
Rangers recently held a presentation in in Busan on the topic of AI in education
which is what we’re gonna talk about today and so we’ll start off with that
topic and then later on we’ll we’ll move over to will ask Wayne a little a few
questions about cotizo conference that’s gonna be happening later on this year so
yeah welcome to the podcast once again Wayne thank you thank you for inviting
me made a great time last time the time just flew by so I will see if that
happens again yeah hopefully savor every moment yeah yeah well as long as it’s
not dragging I think there was a few people who kind of expressed interest in
in topic cuz I think it’s kind of an interesting topic especially rail if you
remember I was kind of building up to my workshop in Busan and it’s one of those
times when just there was a natural interest that started building up I kind
of just left it there you know the page hey come check out the presentation it’s
about AI is it gonna be the death of English language teaching and quite a
lot of people got involved and shared their own opinions and it was the same
on the day as well everybody you know had a lot to say on this topic sure I
think there’s you know particularly for people like us who are
in the educational industry right it’s I think there’s a lot of fear-mongering or
kind of misinformation whatever is in the way and you know the first thing
that comes to mind when when talk when the talk of AI comes up it’s you know
teachers will be losing our there are jobs yeah I think it’s not just you know
language teachers but there’s home so many sectors so many lines of work that
feel under threat I think teaching not so know some of you have to be too
concerned about right now but certainly on the horizon as people like Scott for
Murray have said English language teaching could be one of those jobs that
does you know get automated does get taken away do you think that AI poses a
serious threat for to the industry of educated education industry so good
question I’ve for my workshop I did a lot of reading upon it at various
different people I first got interested in a YouTube video by Scott for Murray
he presented at the Cote stall international conference last year and
one thing that really stood out to me is that he doesn’t know if he would
recommend let’s say the next generation to become English language teachers
because he feels that maybe there’s not going to suddenly be robot teachers in
the classroom you know like you know Schwarzenegger in there but just the the
need for English language teaching might start to disappear especially if it
starts to become replaced by what is called simultaneous machine translation
which I guess if anyone’s tried using Google Translate they’re already
somewhat familiar with it’s kind of a bit basic at the moment it doesn’t work
that well it kind of goes basic stuff imagine one day a bit like on Star Trek
or Doctor Who where we could have very you know fluent chants in different
languages that are being translated in real-time at that moment would we still
need to study a language if we can you you know a bit of technology to do kind
of instantaneous accurate translations yeah but so you’re talking about devices
that literally would be translating the spoken word and also the listening part
I think that’s what Scott for Barry was talking about that the yeah maybe it was
say in a business setting where we would normally need to learn the language just
to conduct business or maybe even now we have the rise of Skype calls online
video conferences imagine we’re just at the click of a button those languages
would be translated in real-time and so would I need to learn Chinese or in this
case English if the technology does that very effectively the good news is right
now we can’t do that but do we still need English language teachers if
technology can translate back that quickly yeah right
so I’ve been digging through some articles and basically for the most part
most of the articles kind of stated that AI will not replace teachers and this
wasn’t specific to ESL teachers this was kind of like a general reference to to
teachers in public schools or whatever in educational settings and for the most
part the articles agreed that you know AI is already present to some extent and
and rather than replacing teachers AI would serve as a as a tool I guess it
would be kind of a way of helping teachers to free up some of their time
so they could spend possibly a little bit more time focusing on individual
students so it wouldn’t be a matter of AI taking over teachers jobs but
basically turning up to be a sort of a tool that teachers could use to you know
to improve their teaching or to improve the quality of education that the
students received I think that’s right i watched a presentation on youtube by a
professor my university called dr. david kent he did actually recently a whole
conference kind of on this topic and he doesn’t see AI or technology just
replacing teachers or even let’s say you know tech-savvy teachers replacing
teachers who can’t use computers he just sees it as getting maybe a better
integration of technology understanding which ones add value which ones engage
students more rather than just one day you know teachers are not in classrooms
anymore right and yeah and Scott for Murray in is in a short YouTube video
that he where he talked about it he said English language teaching is not just
necessarily about the language the act of communication as so many other
reasons students would take English language classes sure yeah well I think
for the most one most part but part of it is just the human contact the human
interaction I think a lot of a lot of the aspects of
like language teaching a learn language learning are just children for like in
Korea for example kids being exposed to you know people from other cultures so
it’s not just the linguistic qualifications of people seeking but
parents are also hoping to have their kids exposed to you know people from
other nations okay yeah I guess yeah I think that that was actually my argument
in my workshop in Busan that even if technology advanced is quite rapidly and
we can do a lot of tests without teachers I still think that human
element it’s gonna be a very long time before we know that we’ll be replicated
by any sort of AI I think that would be a very different world would be living
in and yeah I don’t know if you can you know replace that electricity that kind
of spark you have between teachers and students that kind of rapport that you
build between students student or teachers student I did read a little bit
that children who are very young actually they are a little bit more
motivates that if there’s some kind of let’s say robot or AI in the classroom
but with the older students actually without a human presence a lot of
students start to lose focus they find difficult to you
know maintain their concentration levels so think with the human in the classroom
should be the teacher I think yeah at the moment that we still need it yeah
very much to just the quick heads up not heads up just the quick I guess
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that’s it very simple yeah just a quick introduction alright yeah so hmm there
were a few things I was looking at the only internet there’s you know like I
mentioned for the most part the article is like talking discussing AI in
education are you know leaning towards the idea that AI will be supportive but
there are also some kind of a few articles I think there was one posted in
Forbes yeah that was quite heavily stating that let me just find this quote
here quickly okay classrooms still serve a vital
purpose and introducing students to new ideas and developing critical
problem-solving skills that are hard to replicate in a machine setting but the
one-size-fits-all nature of compulsory education will almost certainly change
as AI becomes more prevalent so I think that quote kind of says that the the
present classroom that we have with one teacher in let’s say 20 or even 10
students now these classrooms will kind of dwindle out of existence and there
will be more they will be replaced with I don’t know how you would imagine that
having students sitting in front of computers and interacting with AI while
the teacher circulates and kind of you know is more of a mediator figure the
the kind of the AI will be leading the lesson and the teachers facilitating
yeah in some sense so I guess the idea is that because well the idea behind AI
is that it’s you know it learns as it yeah or evolves and learns and just you
know it’s an ongoing process right so because of its nature I think it’s
supposed to be able to tune into the different methods and different ways in
which students solve problems whether it’s mathematical or linguistic and as a
matter of fact there are already some ái programs that are implemented right
now for the purpose of teaching maths and I guess they’re you know they
they’re able to follow the thought process of a student and how they solve
problems and basically adapt to that and and help the students with solving
problems and maybe even figure out the steps that students or the mistakes that
students make in their steps towards you know finding the solution so I think
maybe one criticism somebody might give would be lets say the classes where you
have classroom management problems like you might get students on cell phones or
sleeping or you know asking to go to the bathroom every five minutes so whatever
it is which we all experience how would a computer handle those problems doing
yeah so this would be so this can sorry Alaric no just
messaged me quickly yeah so I think like discipline you’re talking about
discipline basically right yeah cuz when I was giving my presentation I was
thinking teaching is such a complex profession at the moment where there are
so many facets that kind of involved the human mind whether it’s creative
thinking during the lesson planning or critical thinking during the lesson
itself when clearly the students not engaged by a particular activity or it’s
too slightly too high level for them and I think some of these things are what
may I will struggle it for quite a long time I think but I did read some
research regarding let’s say classroom management may I now can of course pick
up on people’s emotions and so it can detect maybe if you’re feeling bored if
you’re happy if you’re interested and so perhaps I guess you could have let’s say
some kind of machine at the front the classroom that does read the students
emotions and no adjust accordingly on the day yeah and I guess we get a so
alaric just mentioned that he talked about AI at a Cote School conference and
okay so the point that he was making was that it can only be a supplement and you
also mentioned the parents show a great distrust and leaving young children
alone with robots and I think on that point I think we’d have to draw kind of
a line or distinction maybe between what AI is going to be like are we talking
about computerized AI in in the form of a
screen our students typing in the AI is kind of picking up the patterns or are
we talking about like humanoid type presence in front of the the student
that’s like actually interrupts interacting with you know humanoid type
form so I think the latter is something that would probably say that happening
but in a very far distant future the former something that’s a lot more ice
viable right now particularly when it comes to the cost of that kind of
technology because I could see that like skyrocketing yeah you know yeah I
think so yeah when you think about the the humanoid robots I think that’s gonna
be quite a long way off but just as we see already in classrooms now maybe not
so much the AI but just the apps or replacing so many of the functions of a
teacher this past semester I’ve been teaching I was teaching one class to
adult learners and just the way the classroom was set up I kind of was
forced to use the whiteboard which I had not been using in quite a long time I
got so used to using the projector in the computer and yeah because my not
used in soft now so used to using let’s say Microsoft Word on the projector
screen and there were times I was writing on the whiteboard and I was kind
of asking myself have I spelled that wood correctly and these weren’t you
know extremely long words and so these functions now it is so automatic so
automated by technology we kind of don’t realize we’re losing them right there is
a interesting piece of machinery that I’ve found that is being developed by
Microsoft and it’s something that I could see creating a bridge between the
two types of AI that we just mentioned like the humanoid type and just the
computerized form and one that could potentially be threatening to to the ESL
teacher I don’t know yeah I don’t know if you heard of let me just check it out
here it’s the microsoft hololens maybe I heard that what is that well it’s it’s
and it’s apparently already it’s in use so it’s a it’s a set of glasses
basically that with you know whatever put in lenses that create Holograms I
don’t know how the lens functions but it’s it’s a holographic holographic type
device that you place on your eyes yeah on your head and it’s available right
now you can purchase it for three and a half thousand dollars just the device or
you can rent it for $129 a month with like additional whatever stuff but the
way they’re showing it on on the website if you just go to like or
just or just type in hololens into google search and you’ll be able to come
up with this thing which is it looks really cool like it takes kind of the VR
experience to a different level because it’s almost like augmented reality right
and in the classroom how would it how would it help well that’s the thing
like it probably wouldn’t even have to be a classroom like if you were I don’t
know I don’t know if you if you were able to create a hologram of a teacher
that function on an AI you know principle and you hit the whole
experience the visual and the the hearing experience and possibly even a
tactile experience right yeah if you could incorporate all that then you know
you’d be able to interact with a with a hologram but an image that was in front
of you and responding to you wherever you would happen to be so you could do
that you know anywhere it’s problem yeah I guess that could happen but we do have
so many apps already that kind of replace the need for a teacher
especially you know a lot of English language learners they they mainly go to
English language classes just for practice just kind of that natural
experience you know natural conversations there are so many apps now
that I see my students using all the time
I remember one students sitting at the table just kind of texting someone I
thought he was texting his friend he was actually doing in English it was one of
these global apps he was always texting young women for
some reason but it was he was practicing his his English skills on there but we
know the reason why right sort of profile
there it looked like we’re not exactly related to English learning but yeah you
know that’s kind of a natural way to learn English I don’t think he was
paying for that and yeah as you might know I think it’s a I guess it’s
technically called a multiplayer online game called Second Life I’ve heard of it
yes yeah they people create avatars and then
they kind of I guess enter this world connected to millions over people you
can be whoever you want and people have had conferences and classes classes
inside that game yeah and so I wonder if that would also work let’s say for an
English language learner got a microphone there in that classroom I
guess they could kind of be talking to avatars of teachers and students game
and I I imagine it will be this possibility for maybe it may be it’s
already happening VR or AR where you kind of put on your your glasses and
you’re transported to a classroom anytime you want it yeah absolutely
it’s happening already dr. nod stopped by and he’s asking the futures digital I
believe so and one of my students apparently Kevin is here hey Kevin I I
see you you’re here yeah what you just mentioned about the Second Life
absolutely I remember using the software the website years ago and it wasn’t
really my thing I guess I imagine I would imagine that right now it’s a lot
more developed and I don’t know if you’ve heard like a few years back
watching last year during the Bitcoin the cryptocurrency craze oh yeah you did
some videos on that yes yes they’re kind of shoved in I’ve dismissed the part
that I was doing it but I’m still involved in cryptocurrency like just you
know I’m not unfortunately I believe in cryptocurrency it just and I got into it
at the very unfortunate time my office at the moment he’s I don’t know his user
name but he’s like an expert in Bitcoin people pay for his advice so
during that time there was and I forget what it is now but but there was a
certain type of cryptocurrency created that yeah had digital assets not sir
digital land plots for sale so basically you could invest into this
cryptocurrency and you know when you invested you purchased the
cryptocurrency you immediately owned a certain kind of digital part of a world
that was created by the company these land slots that were purchased for you
know a couple of hundred dollars were selling for hundreds of thousands of
dollars just six months later here and to this day you can go online and
purchase plots for a couple of thousand dollars and some are selling for two
hundred excuse me for two hundred thousand dollars what why are people
paying that much something I never really got into I guess I don’t know the
demand and value and additionally I think what a lot of these plots were
purchased by developers so you basically if you purchase that plot it allows you
to and so they continue to develop these plots and they they created games and
like virtual reality worlds in these plots so it’s not just you know an empty
thing you can actually I guess enter the VR world and enter these these
environments and kind of like in the Second Life you can use them and yeah
that way and you know you can have people come in and basically use your
land and charge them for a you know charge them cryptocurrencies for it so
all these I like the way I see it you know most of the technology it’s it’s
manufactured it’s created by different companies in different parts of the
world in different pockets and at one point in time all of these things kind
of come together and I think that’s where where the technological explosion
happens when all these small parts you know all of a sudden find a common
ground and find a way to work together you know and well yeah if it works it
works and people will pay for it yeah perhaps one day in the future when
people say they’re going to university and paint for it well they actually mean
is they’re you know they’re putting on their VR headsets and they’re going to
university in in the virtual world yeah absolutely
for the textbooks you know in front of them in in their living room they don’t
even need to leave the apartment exactly and I remember one of my friends she was
studying online she had a virtual so there is a virtual reality not an actual
VR but there was an online classroom and she would go inside and basically sit
with the professor and the other students and they would do that do the
classes online in like this virtual classroom you mean like like a chat room
like no no it wasn’t a truck and it was like an actual imagine a game right
you’re playing a game and you have a character and you basically move that
character into position and then yeah yeah you plant yourself down and then
you enter a chat room but so there is that 3d kind of feeling 3d environment
so you put that into connection with a VR setting or the hologram for the
holographic setting that Microsoft is creating and you know you’re you like
start actually we’re very close because I looked into VR headsets and one thing
I thought was interesting is you know we all like watching movies with friends
you know we you know sometimes you just want to watch by yourself but sometimes
you want to have people around then there are quite a lot of people now
every day they put on their VR glasses and they they go into let’s say a
virtual cinema with you know 50 other people all connected its VR world and
they all watch the same movie at the same time yeah have you ever have you
ever tried of your headset well actually I have a cinema headset I bought one
last year I’ve not been brave enough to try it on an airplane yet but it is kind
of cool you put it on and suddenly everything is dark and you’ve got a huge
screen in front of you HD screen and I always found that interesting that you
could be sitting on a bus put on a headset and you’re in
you know a huge cinema yeah yeah I had an experience there is near my house
here across from the university is in VR kind of arcade and I went oh and so yeah
I went in with my son and so this is like VR that I guess last year was
top-notch this year there’s a new technology new new piece of equipment
that’s being developed that’s even even you know further down the development
line but even with the one that I was using then as soon as I put the glasses
on or the the whatever you call of the VR device yeah yeah it comes with the
headphones and like your brain just shift gears I was in there I was
shooting at the zombies because that’s what I was playing and I was moving
around and and because it’s not just sitting down you’re not just sitting
down when you’re in the VR world you actually physically have to move up or
down reach up reach down and the motion sensor your whole body is yeah like
you’re using your whole body it’s not just a joystick in a keyboard you’re
sitting kind of passively just using your fingers you’re using your entire
body like and so you’re your brain suddenly perceives it as like you know
reality as a reality in someone’s like as any gamer or you know when you watch
a movie you get into the movie right but you’re still in the present but as soon
as you start using your body in order to make things happen something happens to
your brain and it shifts gears so like you said when you’re in the movie and
you’re interacting with 50 people I bet the experience is a lot more
closely related to what it would be if you were actually in a physical movie
you know yeah I think I think that’s the the appeal of that because you know we
can just watch a movie by ourselves that’s no big deal but I guess to go
into this kind of 3d world and watch the movie together and it’s a very unique
experience yeah like it yeah so while I think that you know leaving a I think this is gonna be is
still a far way from it’s still far away from like replacing teachers I could see
that though yeah I think there will be I don’t know I guess even in the the
virtual world you still have some kind of teacher there at the moment until you
have some kind of AI avatar that could yeah do that job which I can’t do at the
moment but I did have a I teach your facilitators I guess in that instance
yeah but I think at least for the foreseeable future it is like you were
saying I think one word for is CA ll or call computer assisted language learning
which you know of course I do it and probably you do as well in your classes
or maybe I don’t know with University students all the time you know it rather
than let’s say explained vocabulary law the time I’ll say you know let’s have a
look at the dictionary use your smartphone’s takes in about 10 seconds
I still have English language teaching books where they talk about you know how
to make use of the dictionary most effectively words now it’s it’s almost
redundant in a way because everybody has these smartphones yeah precisely I was a
friend of mine I was just shooting a video for his app he create an app which
was quite impressive called Kevin’s Pro bubs and so he created that for his
students and that’s that app test students from CA ssin so they will see
pictures they have to guess the proverb and they also have to get the the clear
pronunciation on it as well so yeah vocabulary pronunciation there’s a lot
of things technology does very well now hmm yeah it is Alaric was just saying
that translation software and even Google Translate is giving students more
confidence absolutely I found that yeah a few years ago Google was a complete
horrible mess and it’s shaped up quite nicely it’s a lot better these days
that’s true I actually use it because I’m my Korean language skills and I
admit not the best so even now for order delivery food to my apartment I will do
a Google Translate yeah it’s probably not the most accurate a lot of the time
but it gives you that kind of gist translation where you you get just
enough to figure out what’s going on yeah so I can you know I can order food
all in Korean language just through Google Translate these days because you
know one of the big upgrades recently is the translation images and I believe now
it also yeah it does it in real-time as well you can I believe you can walk
around with your smartphone now and as you’re walking down the street Google
Translate will translate the street signs and where that wasn’t possible
just a few years ago like you mean using the camera okay I believe so I’m sure I
did that when I’ve been traveling where before you’d have to take the photograph
and then wait for it to do its little I guess algorithm it’s a little
translation thing but now it does it instantaneously you just kind of hold
the camera in the right position right yeah yeah see that’s pretty impressive
I didn’t even realize there was there was an option right now apparently yeah
yeah and I think it is just a matter of time until we can kind of just click
that button and the voice that speaking to me in Chinese will sound like English
to my ears how far away there is my parrot right there is a device that I
saw being advertised on Facebook or wherever it was and somebody saying is
it Google glass to video I’m not sure but there is a device that I saw being
advertised I don’t know if it was just Japanese I think was specifically geared
towards Japanese clientele or people communicating with Japanese individuals
or people who think Japanese only but it was like an instant little kind of as
you be a USB size device that would translate immediately so you could say
something in you know whatever language Spanish or English and it would
immediately translate into Japanese and you know the advertisement was showing
how how surprised the Japanese speakers were with the accuracy accuracy of the
translations yeah yeah I think most of translations
as you’re saying a very very good still a little bit too literal I think a lot
of the new ones that say euphemisms or these kinds of expressions would still
be quite difficult yeah and I think that’s the point where AI will have a
hard time as well with right like that’sthat’s basically where where we
can say this is the reason why a I will not replace teachers at least for the
foreseeable future because of these things you just mentioned the nuances
and whatnot yeah and he mentioned even if we did have this app where it could
do this instant translation so many language learners would still actually
want to learn the language especially let’s say if they’re Korean and they
want to move to America they wouldn’t want to be relying on this app 24 hours
a day just to get around they would actually want to learn the language
itself right absolutely I thought it’s kind of my contention as well I think if
you’re going in a quick business meeting that’s one story but for someone who’s
actually interested in like moving to another country and you know living
there having a device like that might be a benefit to begin with I guess maybe to
get them a leg up on you know on communication but I think with time they
would want to kind of incorporate themselves into the fabric of the
society so you’d assume so yeah you know at that time is just wearing these VR
headsets and it might make any difference anyway yeah so your
presentation yeah and just took place I missed it I was I was going to I really
wanted to and then family came in their way in blab blab but you you you did a
presentation for the chapter the Busan chapter of Cote so right that’s right I
guess it was June 22nd I think that was the date and yeah this was initially
started on this topic ai and
essentially I went into kind of what we’ve been talking about saying at least
for the time being humans are a little bit irreplaceable in the classroom and
then we talked about strategies for building rapport which I don’t see any
robots doing anytime soon you know just connecting to students on that very
personal level where if you sometimes you get a class at the beginning when
you first have them you can tell they’re not motivated to learn English so I
don’t know how an app would help a student who doesn’t want to study
English whereas because teaching is such a human profession we don’t just look at
a language but we’re looking at the people and saying well gang looks a
little bit tired today hey wait a second he’s been coming late the last free
classes what’s going on I’ll talk to Jack and so much so teaching is not so
much about the content you’re teaching but just working with people
understanding people motivating them inspiring them helping them solve their
problems and so yeah I really focus on that in the presentation yeah so so but
that’s more of a the human aspect of teaching and it does not necessarily does not necessarily involve language
teaching so I think that’s right yeah although yeah I do find myself doing a
lot of Cote Sol presentations but no teaching is is an art in itself and I
think you know teaching any subject can be quite similar in some ways of course
language teaching is its own animal but yes so much of what we do in Cote so I
think wouldn’t just be useful for language teachers but just teachers in
general right Alaric is saying teaching is a human profession wings 200% correct
correct me if I’m wrong but there isn’t a 200% right
I was thinking 300 percent you have to check the right okay so I was looking at the cotizo
website it seems like there is a pretty interesting lineup of people being added
to the overall list and what I’m wondering is let me just have a look
here do you mean the international conference list yeah yeah yeah they want
upcoming this is gonna be in October as I correct that’s right 12 to the 13th
it’s gonna take place at this song so how do you pronounce onion soup young
women’s universities and women’s university are doing will say sook day
super date yeah okay alright so yeah it’s a whole
weekend there’s gonna be a lot of speakers there last year we were quite
happy to have two very famous speakers stephen krashen and scott for Murray
this time rod Ellis Andrew Coyne and we also have a very big speaker called
Alaric Nord no dates oh really doctor dr. nod is coming as well with us he’s
coming and he’s gonna be on a panel discussion with dr. RAM Lee ready doctor
yonder beer and moderator for that discussion is me so fantastic we’re
looking forward to that we’re gonna be talking about the perceptions of foreign
faculty in Korea okay so I’m just looking at the featured speakers there’s
Thomas Farrell from Brock University in Canada Boyan Lee from me so uh which
universities add me saw em is not sure after chat but Boehm Lee is I don’t know
if you can say household speakers but I’m told pretty much any Korean English
teacher would know who she is she’s quite famous right there’s gonna be
Curtis Kelly Kansai University Japan Kara McDonnell Defense Language
Institute in the USA Bodo winter university of birmingham UK people from
turkey Japan Korea and Australia and I guess
will you be expecting a few more guest speakers coming in or future speakers
coming in well they have the featured panels women in leadership in ELT and
women in leadership in Korea so I guess the people on those panels will be
announced in due course and of course what will be announced soon and I think
registration for presenters you know the not necessarily the ones who are flying
in but the hundreds of presenters were regular teachers in Korea they will be
announced soon as well I guess in the next few weeks so the good thing is
because it’s the international conference you have so many
presentations and we have what are called streams these are kind of the
different categories of presentations and so you might look at the featured
speakers know about reflective practice or whatever it is because there are
hundreds of presentations you can kind of be really selective and say you know
what I just want to study the psychology of teaching and you can circle all the
presentations that match that interest right yes okay and I’m still hoping that
uh that our discussion from the earlier than national conference is still in
effect the discussion yeah the I’m hoping that I’ll be able to swing by something I want to see for sure
yes fantastic how was your experience at a national conference the one that we’re
where we met up yeah yeah it was good I really enjoyed it actually a friend of
mine was presenting here is for presentation a little bit before I got
there Stephen Hogg he presented I forget what
his topic was economist educating what to do with autonomy in a
classroom students autonomy in a classroom I believe in education so he
was presenting we we were teaching together at youngji University he went
on to teach at another university and I went on to open my own hog one I’m not
sure which one of us is the wiser I bet when you’ve got your own YouTube
channel now as well yeah but that’s a lot of work man I’m not sure that’s but
yeah so he was there so my the cote solar national cookie so was it was good
it was very very it’s like I said at a time the National Conference is kind of
a taste for the International Conference I guess it’s about 20% the size of the
International Conference I think if anyone visits one cotizo conference
should believe International one just because of how big it is we have all
these big names and it really does I think there’s probably no other
experience like it in career in terms of English language conferences just you
over you have over a thousand people there every year yeah and then I would
stay yeah I would say if you’ve been to one the international conference I would
suggest go again because honestly the first time I went I think it was 2011 I
was working kilju Young University yeah Kangnam sorry kelan um University and
they sent us over to the international conference and it’s a haze like it was
so long ago it was my first experience there was my first year teaching
University as well and yeah I just wanted was it was a pretty impressive
experience yes I guess I know you’re saying it can be if you don’t especially
if you didn’t know anybody at the conference could be a bit overwhelming I
guess that’s the word yes in the past you know we’ve made a lot of effort to
try and help anybody who looks a little bit lost or dazed and I’m sure that’s
the same with a lot of great staff there who were there to help but it is it is a
good conference I mean whether you are let’s say you know an extrovert you
of networking getting to know people just you know sharing stories as that
there’s all the the networking aspect there’s the wine and cheese event they
have every year but even if I guess maybe a bit more like me a bit of an
introvert you go to these conferences you talk to people but you also like to
enjoy a bit of a long time just enjoying your professional development you can
easily do that as well so you can go into the conference and you could spend
a whole day just in going from one room to another room you know just enjoying
these these great presentations you don’t work that we have to get
involved too much right what are some of your interests like which which way are
you leaning personally in terms of I think that’s a good question I guess it
would depend on the presentations on the day I do kind of like the general as we
mentioned oh the general teaching ones I guess more to do with psychology so you
have Curtis Kelly there he’s talked about neuroscience before alaric he did
a presentation at the conference remember National Conference the theme
was about neuroscience and I thought neuroscience was what does that got to
do with English language teaching sounds you know it was off the wall but I
watched some of these the workshops and you know all the stuff they said made
sense I think most teachers knew it already and we we know is not with we
know we’re supposed to engage students personalized materials you know keep
their attention but the neuroscience workshops kind of gave you that
scientific explanation for how learning best takes place so I thought that was
interesting I guess a I I have a natural interest in
so if there’s anything on that and also how to teach speaking since most classes
I teach revolve around communication skills if there is a presentation on how
to teach public speaking or conversation skills then those would naturally pique
my interest as well how about if you anything you that will stand out for you
well my background is in psychology in now linguistics so anything related to
that would be great I would very much welcome anything related to the business
of hug ones at any capacity because that’s kind of my thing right now yeah
yeah well I guess we’ll find out you know we do get presentations mainly a
lot from universe teachers public school teachers but hopefully there is
something for hug one teachers on there as well yeah very very slim chance of
that happening I think but they’ll be great yeah and the location the
conference is very good it’s one-stop from Seoul stations so yeah you can
pretty much walk I I’m pretty sure I walk from the station to the University
myself it’s not a very as possible yeah Google Maps yeah
and and also yeah you can just ride one stop and right there essentially has the
call for submissions been put out or is that not really looked after right now
or is that finished submissions ended a while ago and what happens
well what happened two weeks ago is the accepted presenters and they received
their notifications and then they are given around one month to confirm that
they are presenting the ones who don’t confirm of course they will not be
presenting and then they will go to the waiting list so there’s yeah there’s
usually I don’t know how many people are on that list but there’s usually a
waiting list of teachers presenters we’re just waiting to see if somebody
drops out and so I can tell you in previously as two times I was on that
waiting list and both times I managed to get in so I was quite happy right
what is a promotional session application I think that’s for let’s say
book publishers who have a series of books they want to you know try and sell
or advertise and so at the conference as you walk in they’ll have the ready
tration desks but not too far away you’ll have a whole row of tables of
different publishers for example Cambridge and if you have something you
want to sell you can submit your application and you might have one of
those tables at the conference ok could you possibly just run past us here the
the cost involved for those who have never been to a Cote civil conference
like how much does it cost pre-registration post registration
membership and all that stuff all that good jazz well you got good questions
there I can tell you here I have the leaflet so I can tell you what is
written on let’s have a look so if you’re a member and you register online
I think that means pre-registration so you have to pre-register by September
30th it will cost you 50,000 won that’s if you are a Cote Sol member if you are
not a member it would cost you 75,000 one that’s for pre-registration
pre-registration so that means you go into Cote so log log in register ahead
of time if you go what is called on site on the de 60,000 one for members 85,000
one for non-members it’s sound I guess it sounds a little bit expensive but if
you compare it to other conferences that take place over two days particularly in
the world of English language teaching you might be paying let’s say four times
more than that so I think it’s I think it’s quite a good deal for two days
hundreds of presentations or the networking opportunities it is I think
I’ve said an article before like our world cup of English language teaching I
was super bowl so I think it is a good deal yeah I definitely would say it is
if you’re if you’re able to spend 50 bucks on on a night’s drinking or dinner
then I think even eighty five dollars you know eighty five thousand won for a
two-day conference of this caliber definitely worth it and from my own
personal experience I know I enjoyed it like I said it was kind of a haze
thinking back now because it’s been so long ago but it’s definitely a memorable
experience like I still remember certain parts of it and it’s definitely
definitely worth it yeah and I think it’s just good good to get away for the
week and meet people who are in the same profession and you can really relate
because you’re one of them so just nice to connect to a people I think yeah
absolutely and like for my from my experience with
the National Conference I was surprised to see so many familiar faces like I ran
into red Burt yeah Nene Joe and there were so many people that I knew
Oh Steve LEM like Steven LEM likewise by the way he we had a little chat and chat
down interview I was interviewed on Steve lemon lakes podcast it’s I don’t
think it is yet I think I can’t remember I can’t recall I think he asked me to
send him a head shot of myself and I didn’t and I think that’s probably what
he needs to include in the thing but it’s supposed to come out sometime what
kind of things did you talk about on that we just talked about my life so I
think he’s creating a series about you know kind of what I do in some way about
people that are in Korea and are teaching or have been working like
living in Korea for you know elongated periods of time and but here’s a
different platform so his videos are not in this form they’re not life to
pre-recorded yeah but that’s what he’s doing so right now I think he’s posted
two interviews with Rhett and another teacher and it’s him and I guess Hal
yeah they’re they’re working on their own thing creating ESL materials and
whatnot so yeah look forward to seeing a link when that’s available oh yeah
listen yeah same here all right well we’re coming on to the
hour I believe we started a little bit late but I don’t know is there anything
else to add on your side Wayne I guess not as we kind of ended already
yeah please check out the international conference if you are if you’re thinking
about coming everyone is very friendly there please don’t feel like you would
go and you have that kind of feeling of being a new kid at school you don’t know
anybody know for example I’ll be there say hello to me if you want to and I’ll
be happy to make help you feel welcome yes we’ll post a link alaric I’ll post
it I’ll attach the link below actually I guess I could do it right now if I can
find find oh yeah and if you really want to have a great experience check out me
alaric in that panel discussion absolutely
if you’d like to free book the tickets you can go to Korea t-cell dot org
so that’s ko te s oh no sorry ko re8 TESOL org again I’m gonna post a link
below for people who are interested on going in going and you can go there and
register get your tickets yeah Priya save that ten thousand won if you can
meeting from anywhere within Seoul that that’s pretty much that’s your ten one
that you can you know you can invest into your commute yeah I’ll do it yeah
okay well Wayne thank you again for for coming on I hope we can come up with
some other very interesting topic so we could cover in the future will be really today all right and for everybody else
please make sure if you’re first-timer here if you haven’t subscribed to the
channel yet to the living Korea channel make sure you do
if you haven’t checked out the Olsen online community the also an online
website make sure you do that as well you can go to Olson and it’s
a very good resource English resource for anything and everything to related
to Osan it’s a good website if you’d like to advertise with them you can do
that as well have a look and help the expat community so to speak to stay
afloat and that’s that thank you all for listening we’ll see you in the next one
I don’t know what that was

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