Aging Wisely: Brain Health for Everyone, Part 1

Aging wisely:
brain health for everyone. Are you interested in learning ways
to help your brain age more successfully? It turns out there are things you can do
to improve your thinking, and reduce your risk
of memory loss and dementia. But it’s a journey and it can be hard
to know where to begin. To get you going, neuropsychologists
Robyn Migliorini and Maureen O’Connor will guide you and introduce you to the key milestones along the path
to a healthy brain and successful aging. The first step is to learn about the brain,
aging and dementia. The second is to understand what
lifestyle changes can improve brain aging. The third is to develop specific skills to improve attention, memory and
functioning in daily life. It’s never too early or too late to start! You can focus on your brain health
whenever you’re ready. Next, in part two of this video series, we’ll discuss what happens
when the brain ages.

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